Our Next SCPN gathering will be:
Aug. 16, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.
Luther Burbank Art and Garden Center
2050 Yulupa Avenue, Santa Rosa

**Wheelchair Accessible**

Donations of $15.00 to $5.00 suggested at the door.
No one is turned away for lack of funds.

The SCPN Presents

The Fourth of our Elemental Series - Earth
Blessed Mother Earth Our Home, Our Only Home

Join us in sacred space as we explore the wonder of our Mother Earth from her iron core to the thin blue atmosphere and beyond. Discover why She can sustain life and the wonderous bounty She so willingly gives us. Attenedees are invited to bring any bounty you may have from your own gardens such fruits, veggies or flowers and herbs to help create an altar to The Mother and to afterwards share with the community.

Benn says of himself, "My love for Mother Earth is what inspired me to study Geology and Oceanography and other Earth Science disciplines. The beauty and mystery of our little blue planet is truly wonderous and magical. The study of Earth sciences only enhanced that sense of wonder for me rather than lessened it. Learning about the Earth is a big part of how I worship her and is a big part of my spiritual practice."

Leeanen says of herself, "My love for Mother came first to me when I was a child. I spent many hours walking on grassy hillsides and observing the animals and plants around me. I have always enjoyed being in nature or in my own garden and often felt the spirit of Our Blessed Mother fully present in every living thing around me. It was this feeling than led me to learn more about Paganism and to become a Prietess in the Wiccan Tradition."

Potluck Feast:

We ask that you bring a dish and/or non-alcoholic brew to share that serves 4-6 people. Let's treat ourselves to a good meal. Please bring your own place setting. There will be hot water available for tea.

See You There!