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In Memorium

Sadly, it has become necessary for us to include a section of remembrance pages for those who had been part of our SCPN community and who have passed beyond the veil.
They are as follows:

Article Submission Information and Legalese

If you would like to submit an article for publication, we ask that you keep the it fairly brief (400-500 words) and to please run a spell-check. The web mistress prefers that there be no formatting with the exception of single space between paragraphs and DO NOT send attachments. Please send your submissions in plain text in e-mail. Also if you have images that you would like to go along with your article please use .GIF or .JPG files only.

By submitting an article to the Sonoma County Pagan Network, you agree to lend us perpetual use of the work. You will receive credit for your work, and retain all rights for future use and/or publication of your intellectual property. All submissions must include your full name and valid e-mail address. However, if you would rather be identified on the web site by anything other than your full name please let us know.

We understand that it is your creative energy that brought your work into the world, therefore, we want to properly identify the author of each work, but expect quotes images from others be properly attributed to the author.

Sonoma County Pagan Network disclaims ownership of your submissions, but have use granted by the author for publication and distribution via electronic and print media. Compensation is only in the form of publication and proper credit to the author

Thank you (in advance!) for letting us put your work on our web site.

Send submissions by clicking on the witch making her offering below.

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