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By Jonathan

Ok, it is late August and I have found myself wondering what happened to the summer. It is not like I woke up this morning and it was June, ate my lunch and suddenly it was July only to wonder why, after my nap it was August. No, I don't think it was that fast…but then again something happened to make the time fly by unnoticed.

Every week I had a great project to do, keeping myself busy and productive. Yep that was the general goal for this summer. I was going to get a hell of a lot of stuff done, and make no mistakes; I had every intension of doing just that. So now where did all that time go? And to make matters worse, someone keeps adding to that list of projects so it seems that nothing has been done. As the entire world knows, I am not a procrastinator! Nope, I would surely have completed at least one of those things on that never-ending list.

Well, I am at a complete lose as to how I have managed to slip through the entire summer without so much as a "wow wasn't that a cool week camping" or a "boy it feels good to get 10 of my projects done". Some how, somewhere my real list got confused with a list of stuff I don't remember setting out to do.

First off, I should share what my original list was:

1. Clean up the back porch so we could have good Sunday morning brunches out side with the plants.
2. Steam clean the carpets in the apartment so company would not feel like they entered a cave
3. Organize my desk so I could find what I needed when I needed it.
4. Clean out the closets…nightmare city!
5. Build new bookshelves for the living room.
6. Read two biographies about women in American History
7. Read a book about the history of the Inca.
8. Go camping in Northern California and hiking too.
9. Shop for a new car.
10. Put in a garden at the winery for growing herbs.
11. Explore more of Sonoma and Mendocino counties.

Ok, so it looks like I should have been able to do all of that and still help cook and clean everyday, right? WRONG! Now lets see the list that actually happened:

1. Went to summer school for history.
2. Fixed the 5 major problems with the existing car.
3. Watered the plants on the back porch, but only if my friend Hal came over and reminded me!
4. Found a cool little rug to put over the big stain on the carpet by the front door, still have to figure out how to hide the stain by the T.V.
5. Threw away the first pile of junk off the desk and hid part of the rest on the old bookshelves in the living room.
6. Threw my old shoes in the closet, think I disturbed what ever was living in there.
7. Saw an article in a magazine about some Inca art. Same mag had an article about Mary Wentworth, (U.S. History reference).
8. I spent two days in Nevada City, CA looking for fossils.
9. Parked next to a brand new Ford Ranger at the grocery store.
10. Drove down a road in Sonoma County called Mendocino Ave. on my way to the farmers market to buy some fresh basil.

So, here I sit wondering what happened to my grand and wonderful summer. And yet, I think I know where it is. I can see on my calendar that it is almost time for Mabon and I know that I will share some homemade wild blackberry jam with friends while telling them, "Oh you should see the grapes this year, we are in the middle of harvest and you can just taste, really taste all that beautiful sunshine that we had. Oh, this rock? Yeah, I got to spend two wonderful days with the love of my life just walking around the woods and creeks in Nevada County holding her hand and looking for rocks…."

It is late afternoon now and I really want to take a nap, I am so tired from working on that damn carpet…but I am afraid that September is just an hour's rest away.

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