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Starla's Musings
By Starla (who else?)

Reading Lacrima's musings refreshes longings of my own. I am so looking forward to the Trinity Stomp and at the same time I know I will come home with a yearning to be back in the mountain air and with the memories of country living stronger than ever.

Since planning this trip I have been dwelling in that place of childhood memories that will ever be a part of me. I so much want my son to be able to grow up living in and with nature the way I did. As children, my best friend and I lived for summer and the wanderings and explorations. We were gone from morning to dusk. The creeks and deer trails were our playgrounds. Our curfew was when the sun reached the tip of the mountain on it's daily descent. There was no deer trail within miles that we didn't boony crash through. We slid down the steeper paths and poison oak was just a part of life.

I know I look at those times through the nostalgia of rose colored glasses, but I also know that those memories would never have happened if I had been raised in the city. I think sometimes of just packing up and going but I know the realities of being a single Mom are going to keep me in the city longer than I wish and my son's experience of nature will be on weekend jaunts. But oh how I long for nature's sustenance. I keep thinking I will never find a person to share my life with living in a small town, but how do I know that if I met a city dweller he would want to move? I think it's time to ask the Goddess which path is the right for me. For now I guess it will be living in the city and dreaming of quiet mountain stillness and fairy folk waiting to welcome me home.

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