In Loving Memory of RhiannonM

She was a former Chairperson on the SCPN board of directors, a hospice and emergency nurse in Sonoma County, she was mother to two sons (Kris and Galen), and she was the High Priestess of Coven Amethyst Moonstone, a training coven, in the local area.

Her Wiccan training/initiations were british eclectic, off the DCW lineage, She was also a Solitary Elder at large of the Covenant of the Goddess.

I first met Rhiannon in 2004 at the SCPN. I did a reading for her at Divination Night. She soon took interest in the SCPN and was elected to the board the following year. She became our President/Chairperson. The SCPN was important to her and she wanted to see us succeed and grow as an organization. There was a lot of work to be done back then. I can remember the long "marathon meetings" that were often held at her house. She was always a gracious hostess and made sure that we were comfortable and well fed while we were there. She did her best to keep us focused as we worked on various issues. I have to say I think she was one of the best Chairpersons the SCPN ever had and I am very glad that I got the chance to serve on the board with her.

Rhiannon was also a good friend. She was fun and energetic. I have fond memeories of a day we spent together attending the Rennaisance Faire. Even though I was not one of her students she was very encouraging and supportive of me as I continued on my path as a priestess. We facilitated a few rituals together and she led several for the SCPN while she was a member.

I lost touch with Rhiannon after she left the SCPN. She left wanting to focus her attentions towards becoming more active with Covenant of the Goddess as I recall. There were a few e-mails sent back and forth but soon I didn't hear from her at all. I've missed her and I had been hoping she may return to the SCPN if only for a visit once in a while.

I do not know very much about what happened in her life since she left the SCPN. I do not know what troubles or saddness she was experiencing. I do not know if there was anything I could have done or said that may have been of comfort to her. But what I do know is that she loved the Goddess and loved being a Pagan, a Witch and a Priestess. She dedicated her life to serve Her. And so I must take comfort in knowing that Rhiannon is now in the arms of the Goddess she loved and served. I find I can also take comfort the words of chant that I'm sure Rhiannon must have known too;

"I am a Witch, I am eternal
I am the center, I am the circle.
How I love to know I was before
And I am now
And I will be again,
And I will be again."

So Blessed Be.

- Leeannen Sidhe
Web Mistress of the SCPN