Chant Site Links

It's often talked about at several of our gatherings and in e-mails to me about some of the chants we use during our rituals and about where to find chants in general. One of my hopes for the future is to create a chants library for the SCPN. I think it is important to provide the songs and chants used in Pagan rituals to people who want to learn them so that when they go to a public ritual they will know the words and melodies and can join in the fun.

However, until I can get that project started I thought that I would at least provide list of links to sites that have the lyrics and some sound files to many of the more popular chants. (Has music, lyrics and midi sound files) it's a good site for those who can read music. (Lots of lyrics to well known chants and few a sound files) (Has lyics and sound files, some will download to your computer.) (Has lyrics and Midi Files. It's an ok site)

Now if you want to buy CDs with chants and Pagan songs here's the list for you. Features music by Anne Hill plus other Pagan artists. Standard chants sung at many Reclaiming rituals. Loreena McKennitt's Official Web Site Jennifer Berezan Joules Graves Web Site. Combine an amazing voice, topical songwriting, a djembe drum and rhythmic guitar, and you have Joules Graves' brand of "tribal folk."