Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for Aug. 10, 2008

12:45 p.m. in Novato, Private Residence

In Attendance: Bruce, Jeanie, Leeanen, Helen, Bill, Edward (non-board members) Leah, Carmen and Lorka

Opening of Meeting and Blessing - Bruce

Treasurer's Report:

The SCPN monthly bank statement from last month was submitted by Jeanie and viewed by all the board members present and Leah. 

Statement indicates our current balance is $1,968.66 after the following expenses; $12.95 to Network Eleven for our web server. Jeanie also told us the the check paid for our PO box had not cleared yet so that expense will appear in next months statement. Jeanie also submitted a copy of our account records for the year so far.

A motion was made by Bruce to accept the Treasurers report. The motion was seconded and approved. Bruce signed the bank statement and Leeanen received copies of the documents for the records.

Web Mistress Report: 

The Web Mistress formerly reports that there are 132 people subscribed to our e-list, 23 members subscribed to our bizlist.

Problem Reported:

Thur. Jul 24 18:09:13 PDT 2008: It was reported by an e-list member that our online donation buttons from PayPal were not working. 

Thur. Jul 24 19:07:46 PDT 2008: I responded on the e-list saying that I would alert our Treasurer and work to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Thur. July 24, 2008 7:31:15 PM PDT: I sent and e-mail to our Treasurer notifying her of the problem. I then looked into seeing if I could just fix the problem myself.

Thur. July 24, 2008 10:28:59 PM PDT: I notified our Treasurer and the e-list that the problem was fixed.

August Fundraiser: 

In preparation for our August fundraiser Jeanie made up bid sheets for the items submitted for our silent auction. She also provided a list of the items so we can keep track of the winning bidder and price for each item. She gave copies to our co-treasurer Edward and to Secretary Leeanen.

Jeanie announced that she will not be able to attend the fundraiser event so the cash box was turned over to Edward. Total in the cash box at the time of transfer was $218.69.

Edward requested that he would like help throughout the evening with the responsibility of running the auction and taking in cash for donations and perhaps memberships. Several of the board members agreed to help.

Leah filled little bags of lavender to be given as freebes to those who sign up and pay for memberships or who make a donation. Leeanen had bags of other herbs too and will make labels with the logo and web address to put on them. Left overs will be taken to the SSU event to hand out as freebies. *(See Below)

Discussion was brought up on a the schedule format for the guest speakers. Helen suggested that an announcement be made before the speakers begin for folks to please lower their noise level and limit their getting up and milling about to between speaker breaks. However, their was some disagreement on when to break between speakers and how long the breaks should be. The concern was how to have enough time for the silent auction & all the speakers.

Succes w/ silent auctions depends on folks having time to float around & get into bidding against each other.  This takes time and mobility. We were concerned that folks getting up and down w/ a circle & speakers would be disrespectful for the speakers. Leah's time-keeper idea would help speakers not lose track of time, since they'd have an update on much left.   

A suggestion was made to have the speakers and audience moved to the stage and dance floor area. Auction items placed on tables around the room and tables set up in the back by the kitchen or outside for folks who want to eat and talk without disrupting the speakers.

Bill agreed to be our MC for the evening to announce the speakers and to keep watch on the time limit for each speaker and to somehow notify the speaker when time was getting close to the end. Leah suggested using cards or sheets of paper to be held up behind the audience so the speakers could see them.

Bill agreed to be our MC for the evening to announce the speakers and to keep watch on the time limit for each speaker and to somehow notify the speaker when time was getting close to the end. Leah suggested using cards or sheets of paper to be held up behind the audience so the speakers could see them.

Several of the auction items were left with Leeanen so that she can bring them to the hall on Friday. Items include: two bottles of wine, Renaissance skirt and vest, a Children's Language book, two $25 gift certificates from Crystal Channels, a set of Bee and Flower soaps, 4 books donated by Leah Ocean, 4 figure stands donated by Edward. (Note: Later Leeanen added to the box a glass top wooden jewelry box and a citrine and quartz crystal wand.)

So far the items we have for the silent Auction include:

SCPN - 2 bottles of wine

Jeanie - Renaissance Faire vest and skirt, set of 4 Bee and Flower soaps, A Children's Language and Learning book

Leah Ocean- Songs for Earthlings by Julie Forest Middleton, 2 Large fully illustrated Goddess books, Spirit Songs and Circle chants book.

Crystal Channels - 2 $25 gift certificates

Leeanen (Leeanen's Wands) a citrine and quartz crystal wand and a small wood and glass jewelry box.

Kandi - hand made candles.

Shay- a gift basket of cordials, a Longest Night Torch.

Edward - 3 wood and one brass figurine stands. 

Helen - a portable altar

Margaret Panely - 2 hours of career counseling.

Amrita and Oberon will also contribute. More info pending.

*SSU Spirituality Fair: August 27th we (the SCPN) are signed up to have a table at this event at the SSU campus in Cotati between 11a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Details on who can come help man the table and when still need to be worked out. Approval of our handout will have to be done through e-mail because our Event Coordinator Shay was not present. 

SCPN board decided that Denise Halbe of Halbe Signs, a freelance contractor, should be given the job to make our new SCPN banner to be used at the SSU event and other future events. In comparison against Kinko's, she gave us the best quality and most cost effective bid ($65.00) to do the project. A motion was made, seconded and passed with unanimous vote to give her the contract. 

(Secretary's note: Leeanen contacted Ms. Halbe at 6:41 notify her of our decision and at 6:43 p.m. she also sent the graphic file to her via e-mail so she can begin work.)

September Gathering: Our guest speaker Francessca Gentile made a change to the content of her presentation for the evening and it was suggested that we talk to her about how she might want to integrate our plan for incorporating a food drive into the presentation. It was decided that since she will be present at our August gathering as well that we should ask her in person then.

Witches Ball and Ritual: We affirmed that Bill would be doing ritual for Samhain. Bill also asked if he could ask for us help with facilitating and several of us agreed to help.

Yule Gathering: Francessca Gentile was scheduled to lead a ritual for us at Yule but discovered she has a conflict with that time and had to cancel. It was discussed who would do a ritual instead. Helen had a story she wanted to try and base a ritual around, Leeanen offered to help make plans, Bill also offered to help. More discussion will follow at a later date.

Old Business:

Board Meeting Venue:

At our last board meeting it was suggested we look into the possibility of using the Santa Rosa Public Library conference rooms as an alternative meeting place to hold our board meetings. Leah Ocean contacted the Santa Rosa Library and learned that the conference room could be booked and it is also free to non profits. However, the meeting would have to take place during Library hours and that Library presentations take priority over any other group that wants to use the space. Availability might be limited also. She reports; Library meeting rooms are available to non-profits for free.  There are 9 or 10 branches that have meeting rooms, however only the downtown Santa Rosa library is open on Sunday (from 2-6).  An application needs to be filled out to reserve the room.

Donation Sign:

The new sign board to put next to our donation cauldron is in progress.

New Business:

Nonprofit Contest Opportunity:

Leah discovered that Friedman Bros. Home Improvement Store has a contest drawing the Nonprofit "Special Delivery" which awards the winner of each drawing $500. The limit is one entry per costumer per visit and the Non-profit must prove their 501(c)3 status and be located in Sonoma, Lake or Medocino counties. The winner must also provide information about the nonprofit and give and interview to be featured in the Press Democrat Community section. Leah asked us if we would want to have that much publicity if we do indeed enter and win. it was decided since this is an on going thing that we would wait until we see an example of the ad or article in the PD so we have an idea of what the article might have to contain. If we do decide to do this Edward agreed to be our spokes person.

Community Rituals:

It has been brought up that perhaps the SCPN should hold rituals out side of the LBAG hall and schedule because there has been interest from the community to see this happen.

Leah brought up the concern of liability and also there has been some disagreement that the SCPN would then be putting itself in the category of being a Coven or a "church" if we do this. The decision was that if those of us from the board or the membership or anyone on our e-list would like to host/ess of lead or participate in creating public rituals it should be done on a private basis and not under the direction or affiliation of the SCPN but that such a private ritual or gathering could be of course announced on our e-list if the host/ess wishes.

"Pagany"  Instruction before monthly gatherings?: 

Helen suggested that perhaps one hour before the main presentation of our monthly gatherings we hold instructional discussions on basic, pagan 101 type topics for those who might be interested. We all thought that might be a good idea. Due to time constraints on our meeting further discussion will be tabled until next meeting.

Meeting End 3:06 p.m.