Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for Sept. 14, 2008

12:00 p.m. in Santa Rosa, Private Residence

In Attendance: Jeanie, Leeanen, Helen, Bill, Edward (non-board members) Leah, Margaret, Carmen and Lorka

Note: Edward had to leave before the meeting was adjourned and gave his proxy vote to Jeanie.

Opening of Meeting - Leeanen

Treasurer's Report:

The SCPN monthly bank statement from last month was submitted by Jeanie and viewed by all the board members and by Leah and Margaret. 

Statement indicates our current balance is $1,889.99 after the following expenses; $12.95 to Network Eleven for our web server, $ 58.00 our P.O. box, and $7.72 for our domain registry with GKG. Jeanie also submitted a copy of our account records for the year so far.

In Bruce's absence Leeanen signed the bank statement. A copy will be provided for the records at next meeting.

Jeanie also provided copies of the letter from the US Treasury that proves our 501(c)3 status. This letter is for us to show to any contributors of donations to prove we are a non-profit and that donations made to our organization can be written off as a deduction.

October Elections: 

It was brought up that we will need people who are not on the ballot for the board of directors to help count votes on Divination Night. Carmen volunteered to help count votes. It was suggested that maybe Kandi, since she is not seeking re-election, might help out too if she will be at the gathering that night. It was suggested that we ask on the e-list for volunteers because we need at least two people to count votes.

Leeanen offered to make up the ballots after the nominations close on Oct. 1st. She will then give the PDF file to Leah to have them printed.

Divination Night: 

Shay had given Leeanen her PR report in an e-mail to read at the meeting. *Shay writes that there is so far only one person who has volunteered to read this year for Divination Night. It was suggested that we look at the list of who read for us last year and try to contact them to see if they would read again this year. Jeanie had a list of the readers from last year. Appeals will be made on the e-list for more volunteers also.

It was agreed readings will remain at $5.00 suggested donation per reading. Proceeds to go to the SCPN.

*Secretary's note: Shay informed me later in an e-mail that the person who had offered to read now realizes she has a schedule conflict and cannot read for us after all so we now have NO readers signed up.

Witches Ball and Ritual: 

Bill will be doing ritual for Samhain. Leeanen, Jeanie, Helen and Leah will help facilitate.

It was decided to have a witch's hat contest. We discussed the thought of catagories & prizes with the one suggestion of lovely certificates stating the fact of "Best Hat" or "Spookiest" or "X" (whatever catagories).  Leeanan pointed out the fact that she IS a graphic artist and would be willing to make such. Prizes would be a special certificate made up by Leeanen for the best of each category. Other prizes might be considered. Categories will be decided at the next meeting. 

Yule Gathering: It was confirmed that Helen would lead the Yule ritual. Leeanen and Bill offered to help facilitate. More discussion will follow at a later date.


The LBAG 50th year party is coming up on October 26th and the SCPN will be expected to participate in the prep, and the actual event. There will be more info at the LBAG meeting this Tuesday. The SCPN is going to be asked for a donation for the silent auction, and food. Some sort of finger food? They are talking about having tables set up where each group will be able to have info out. They are going to have wine tasting, silent auctions, and more. This is going to be a big deal. 

Leeanen offered to donate a wood and glass jewelry box for the auction.

We will also need to ask for volunteers to help out for the event which may be kind of tough because it will come the day after our own Witches Ball. 

It was also suggested that decorations for our witches ball be kept simple, no glitter or confetti or anything difficult to clean up after wards and that everyone who brings decorations please bring them home again with you that night. We need to leave the hall as clean as possible for the LBAG party the next day.

Old Business:

Board Meeting Venue:

Leah learned that the downtown Santa Rosa public library meeting room is not available on Sundays because it is the only branch open on Sundays and they are understaffed. Another alternative suggested was checking with SSU to see if they had rooms for us to use. 

It was also suggested we look into seeing how much it would cost us to rent the LBAG hall for the 2nd Sunday of every month. Leeanen will try and contact Byron to ask.

Extra Gathering Date: 

For our gathering schedule next year 2009 we decided to give up our April gathering date to allow the LBAG flower clubs to have that date for their plant sales. As compensation we were told we could reschedule for another date anytime on the LBAG calendar. It was suggested that we try for a date in August or Sept. to hold a special town hall style gathering for those SCPN interested in hearing about or discussing SCPN policies and elections. Other possibilities were discussed. *Leeanen will contact Byron about the available dates.

*Secretary's note: Tues. September 16th at about 12:55 p.m. Leeanen called Byron's number and was told by Byron's wife that he was not available to come to the phone. However, she said that Bryon has not filled out the calendar yet for 2009. Leeanen asked about the cost of scheduling extra dates for the board meetings at the hall and was told that in the past it had been a cost of $20.00 for every extra date scheduled but she was not sure if that was the current rate. Leeanen left her contact info and was told it may not be until next week that Byron returns her call.

Meeting End 1:30 p.m.