Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for Oct. 12, 2008

11:30 p.m. in Sebastopol, East West Café

In Attendance: Bruce, Jeanie, Leeanen, Helen, Bill, Kandi (non-board members) Leah

Opening of Meeting - Bruce

Treasurer's Report:

The SCPN monthly bank statement from last month was submitted by Jeanie and viewed by all the board members and by Leah. 

Statement indicates our current balance is $2446.32 after the following expenses; $12.95 to Network Eleven for our web server, and following deposits; Donations$122.28, $75.00 from cash box, Silent Auction $372.00. Jeanie also submitted a copy of our account records for the year so far. A copy was given to Leeanen.

Bruce and Leeanen signed the bank statement. A copy was given to Helen.

Motion made to accept the Treasurer's report seconded and voted as approved

October Elections: 

Leeanen made up the ballots for the elections and e-mailed the PDF file to Leah to have them printed. A printed copy was passed around to the board members for approval. There was a question whether Ophelia who is on the ballot for general board member has renewed her membership. Jeanie will contact her about paying her membership fee before the election. Pending that stipulation a motion was made and seconded, a vote was taken and the ballot was approved.

It was decided that we need to find someone other than Carmen (Edward's wife) to count the ballots because of potential conflict of interest since Edward is on the ballot. It was decided that no one who is related to any of the board members should be allowed to count the ballots. Kandi stated that if she was at the meeting, she would count the votes since she is not on the ballot.  If she is not at the meeting, it was decided the best thing to do would be to ask people at the gathering at random if they would mind helping to count the votes.

Divination Night: 

Shay had provided a list of confirmed readers for Divination Night. The list was very short so Leeanen offered to read again this year.

Bruce will try and borrow outdoor heaters from Wolfe again this year to put on the patio for people who may want to sit outside. He will try to borrow them for Witches' Ball night too.

Witches Ball and Ritual: 

Bill will be providing music for the Witches ball as well as leading the ritual and asked if we might help with setting up the main altar so he can set up the sound system. We agreed to help.

Shay will be doing the Remembrance altar and Leeanen was going to do the Beloved Dead altar but then there was question as to what was the real difference between the to two altars. Leeanen decided doing the Releasing altar might be better so we don't have two altars that serve basically the same function.

Secretary's note: After some consideration and a realization of some miscommunication during the board meeting due to the background noise factor and because it was requested in e-mails Leeanen has decided do the Beloved Dead altar and maybe in addition the Releasing altar as well.

It was decided that rather than certificates as prizes, Leeanen would go and buy 3 large Trader Joe's Chocolate bars to give as 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the witch's hat contest. 

Decorations will be simple, pumpkins and/or already carved jack o lanterns, autumn leaf garlands, strings of lights around the food tables.


Bruce and Helen volunteered to be at the SCPN table during the LBAG bash on the 26th. Leeanen will bring the banner with her to the Witches Ball and Helen or Bruce will take it to use at the table the next afternoon. Bruce and Helen also requested a batch of our general fliers and event schedule to to hand out to people.

Bruce was to pick up the gift basket for the auction from Shay after the board meeting.

Old Business:

Board Meeting Venue:

We are still searching for a public place that is in a centralized location to where the board members live so we can hold our board meetings. Cafés and restaurants are proving to be too loud and crowded to be able to hold an effective meeting and meetings at private residences hold_their own problems as well.

Leah suggested running and ad to appeal to a business or pubic institution to ask if there might be one out there willing to lend us a meeting space offering it as a write off donation to the SCPN.

The SSU library is still an option.

Extra Gathering Date: 

We finally decided on a date for extra meeting. We have decided to have on June 12th one week before our summer camp out so that we can hold a gathering for those who may not want to or are unable to camp with us, and also to promote and give out information about the camp out.

We also confirmed that for 2009 we were taking the third Friday of each month, excepting April and June, and the Saturday prior to Samhain (Oct. 24, 2009).

New Business: 

Jeanie called Edward to ask if he will be at Divination Night and if he will remember to bring the cash box. He was also asked if he would like to have a key to our P.O. box since he will be taking over as treasurer. Jeanie told us that he responded yes to both questions.

Helping Oberon:

Helen made the suggestion that she would like for the SCPN to be able to rally or organize help for one of our community members who has recently under gone cancer surgery. As much as the board members of the SCPN would like to help out our by-laws clearly state:





In no way shall the income or assets of the SCPN be to benefit of any member of the SCPN, excepting that the Board of Directors shall have the right to reimburse individuals for authorized service to the SCPN.

This applies to services and goods too, not only monetary help and this law has been imposed upon us in order to comply with and to keep our 501(c)3 standing by the IRS. It was expressed that this seems counter to our main purpose or goal as an organization and it was agreed that this was the case, however, we realize that we cannot break this law without serious consequence. So it was suggested that the topic be discussed outside the confines of the SCPN Board meeting. A motion was made to adjourn the meeting seconded and carried.

Meeting End 1:30 p.m.