Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for Jan. 10, 2010

10:45 a.m. in Sebastopol, Coffee Cats Café

In Attendance: Leah, Bruce, Jeanie, Leeanen, Lynda, Oberon, Kat, Bill (Non-board members; Events Coordinator Lilith and Clarence and Thelma)

Meeting called to order at 10:45 am

Opening of Meeting - Leah led with a focused intention and then stated that she and Lynda would have to leave by 12:30. Jeanie also announced that she had to leave at noon.

Treasurer's Report:

Bruce reported that for this month our bank account is at $2202.16, Cash Box is $157.27, Gift-card is at $43.30. Pay Pal $48.30, total assets are $2451.03

All statements were viewed by all the board members present and signed by Leah. Copies were provided to the Secretary Leeanen. 

Bruce also reported that the two presenters from the Asatru group were given $50.00 for travel expenses and that they thanked us but then generously gave it back to us as a donation.

A motion made to accept the Treasurer's report seconded and voted as approved. 

Sellers permit: 

Considering the information gathered at the class that Oberon and Bruce attended we considered getting a sellers permit so the SCPN could sell items for fundraising. The questions are; should we get a sellers permit and should we get a temporary permit or permanent one. Jeanie completed the permanent sellers permit and presented it for signatures along with the pros and cons for temporary vs permanent sellers permits. A question was raised on whether it made sense to hold off on filing for a permit. But since the permit is already needed, there was no reason not to file immediately.

Leah said that the sales tax return is due on January 31 for the previous year, otherwise penalties and fees are imposed.

After some discussion Bill moved that we get the permanent permit and sign it today so we can get the process started. Leah seconded, a vote was cast and all were in favor of signing and filing the permit. The permit was signed by the officers Leah, Bruce and Leeanen. Leeanen then asked if we would have to file again or notify if there was change in the officers. Jeanie suggested we read the literature that went along with the form and it stated that any changes would indeed have to reported.

Our Kinkos Account: 

The SCPN has an account at Kinko's for printing out or brochures and fliers. The account was still under Shay's (the former Event Coordinator ) name. With Shay's passing that of course had to be changed so Jeanie (being former treasurer) went down and changed the account to remove Shay's name and add Lilith's and Bruce's name on the account. Domain name:

Leah reminded us that the domain name will soon come up for renewal on February 2, 2010. We had thought to purchase the domain name because it makes more sense to have it rather than the current We would still keep the current domains but we would have a forwarding to if we can gain ownership of it. 

Leah asked permission of the board to try to buy the domain name should it become available. Leah moved that if Leah is able to purchase the domain name that it should be for a 5 year period, Oberon seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Note: It was reported that one of our secondary domain names link ( no longer works because of the collapse of our former ISP. Leeanen the web mistress is not sure ow to fix it so Jeanie told us se will try to get Richard to fix it wen he has the time.


Leah reminded us that it is time to pay our dues to the LBAG and that this year we owe $460.00. Bruce said he would take care of that when he attends the LBAG meeting. 

The officers on the board also are required to have their contact info on file with LBAG so the officers filed out their info on the form provided to us.

We also need to submit the outline of our schedule for last years events to LBAG.

We need to get the dates for our 2010 gatherings at the LBAG approved. Bruce said that we he take of that also when he attends the meeting. We want to ensure we have conformation in writing in order to avoid the same scheduling snafus we have been having with the LBAG calendar in the past.

Event Coordinator Report:

Vendor Protocols: Lilith requested that we determine a percentage to charge vendors who sell their wares at our events. In the past we had suggested 10% but leah said that may be too much for some. She herself would not be able to sell her merchandise if it was set at 10% of her sales because she already only takes in just 30%. It was then suggested that 5% might be better and it was agreed that might encourage more vendors to sell at our events.

A motion was made to set the fee to 5% of gross sales. The vendors would be responsible for sales tax. The motioned was seconded and the vote was unanimously in favor.

We also decided that there may be certain events when having vendors would not be appropriate such as during rituals. Lilith just wanted to know when she could post that vendors would be welcome or not welcome.

We also decided that we would not charge the 5% fee at our annual Bizarre Bazaar because that event is like a garage or rummage sale and most things sold are used items. Also there is a lot of trading of items between sellers.

Promotion: Lynda has offered to help Lilith by providing a list of places where SCPN can post event info online, on radio shows, in printed papers, etc to expand our promotion.

T-shirts: Helen is also helping Lilith brainstorm about inexpensive options to have T-shirts printed for sale for the camp out event. There is also the possibility of having coffee mugs or other items like mouse pads. Leah had an idea about a web site that would make items for us per order. Lilith also suggested that maybe we have a design contest every year for the design of the T-Shirts to get the community involved. We all thought these were good ideas but more discussion and research would be needed for planning details

Schedule for next year so far:

Jan. Sandy and Deb on the Lost Myths series

Feb. will be the Post Panthea Con report

March: Oberon will be giving a presentation

After that Lilith says she has a large list of folks she can ask to come present that will probably extend even into next year.

Lady Elsbeth as presenter: We are not sure we can accommodate her at the LBAG hall during the time she would be available to speak. Oberon offered that perhaps he would have her come to his home and invite those on our e-list who wished to see her to come to his home then.

Compensation For Our Speakers: 

The question was brought up last meeting as to what we should offer our speakers for travel expenses. Leah suggested that it would be simpler to have a flat rate, and that she would be willing to approve up to $50 per presentation. This was followed by a discussion noting that at some events we would lose money if we offered that much.

Oberon and Bruce both thought it would be best to pay out per mile like .55 cents per mile to cover for the gas. Leah offered that perhaps expenses would include more than just cost of gas such as the costs for printing lecture materials or handouts. She also worried that if a speaker came from too far away it may cost us more than we could afford.

Bruce offered that we don't have to pay out .55 cents that we could offer .20 cents per mile.

It was then suggested that we set a maximum pay out of maybe $25 or $35 dollars based on a .20 cents per mile estimate. 

Leah offered what if the speaker is local would it be fair to only charge those coming from far away? It was then suggested that we set a minimum of $5 per presentation for local speakers.

Finally a motion was made to set a maximum of $35 and a minimum of $5.00 based on a .20 per mile scale. The motion was seconded and the vote was unanimous in favor.

By Laws Changes:

It has been discovered that some of our by laws have become out dated and no longer suit our needs. An example was made of our by laws about prorating membership for the year. With the on-line sign up we now cannot do prorating and it has been determined that we need to change the by law to make it $25 dollars each year due one year from the date of sign up. 

There are others by laws that probably need to be revisited and changed but rather than do it one at a time it was suggested that we form a committee to go over the by laws and see which ones should be changed. Then we will discuss it in a board meeting and make the needed changes presenting them to the membership (as required) in one announcement. Leah, Bruce and Jeanie offered to be on the committee, Bill also offered to help as much as he can.

A motion was made to create the committee including the people who volunteered to be on it, the motion was seconded voted and carried unanimously. The new By-Laws reform committee has now been formed.

Next Board Meeting: Due to the fact that the next date for the board meeting would fall during Valentines Day and also that most of the board would be attending Pantheacon and therefore we would not have a quorum we decided that we would cancel our board meeting for February and wait until March to hold our next meeting.

Payment for Starhawk to present: No new information or conformation from her has been made so the item is tabled.

Allocation of SCPN funds for Board Member Education: Tabled

Meeting Adjourned: at 12:30 p.m.