Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for Mar. 14, 2010

10:45 a.m. in Sebastopol, Coffee Cats Café

In Attendance: Leah, Bruce, Jeanie, Leeanen, Helen, Oberon, Kat, Bill (Non-board members; Events Coordinator Lilith and vendor Hamida Judith Dides) Note: Sec. was late arrived at 11:30 a.m. Kat took notes in Leeanen's absence.

Meeting called to order at 10:45 am

Opening of Meeting - Called to order by Leah at roughly 10:40AM, who opened with a blessing for productivity and cooperation.

From Kat's notes:

Board of Equalization and Taxes:

--SCPN has not received anything from the Board of Equalization (BOE); have not gotten any calls or mailed correspondence since filing.

--SCPN will now file sales taxes online every January

--This year's tax return spanned 5 years; $308 was paid in taxes and $60 was paid in consultation fees

--BOE has current SCPN Board officer's list

--Bruce motioned to reimburse Jeanie for tax and consultation fees ($368 in total); motion carries unanimously

--Next topic of discussion: whether to put sales tax money in SCPN savings account or use credit card to pay sales tax

--Sales tax payment dates will be added to important dates list for reference by future Boards

--Leah motions to put sales tax money in savings account; motion carries

Treasurer's Report:

Treasurer's report

--On 1/1/10, there was $2332.16 in SCPN bank account

--There have been 3 transactions this year

--1/5/10: $130 paid to reimburse Bruce and Oberon for non-profit tax course

--2/11/10: $460 paid in LBAG dues

--3/13/10: $250 paid in insurance costs (check hasn't cleared yet)

--The topic of increasing SCPN membership fees was brought up by Oberon, and was added to the April agenda

--At this time, there is $1492.16 in the SCPN bank account

--Cash box petty cash report followed

--1/10/10: $157.27 in cash box

--1/15/10: Received $25, bringing total to $185.27

--2/19/10: Received $15, bringing total to $197.27

--3/13/10: Paid $18.30 out for registered mail to insurance company (so it gets there on time), bringing total to $178.97

--Gift card report followed

--1/10/10: $43.30 on card

--2/8/10: $7.95 paid for domain

--3/8/10: $7.95 paid for domain

--PayPal account: $48.38

--Grand total: $1746.83--Treasurer must still write check for $368 to reimburse Jeanie

--$7.72 paid to renew in 2008

--Secretary Leeannen arrived and took over Board minutes recording

Bruce reported that for this month our bank account is at $1492.16, Cash Box is $178.97, Gift-card is at $27.40. Pay Pal ?, total assets are $1746.83

All statements were viewed by all the board members present and signed by Leah. Copies need to be made to provide to the Secretary Leeanen. 

A motion made to accept the Treasurer's report seconded and voted as approved. 

Sellers permit: 

We now have our sellers permit. The permit packet was given to the Secretary Leeanen to keep in our records. Jeanie retained a copy for her records since she was the one who filed for it. Domain name:

Leah reported that the domain name was renewed on February 1, 2010 by the previous owners. They still are offering it for sale. She asked if we would be willing to make a bid on it and asked what should be the cap  or highest amount we would be willing to spend on obtaining it. The board agreed it would be worth trying to bid on it and it was decided the cap should be set at $100. Leah suggested that she start the bid at $10.00 and go up until the except the bid but tat if it exceeds $100. She stop bidding and we would cease trying to pursue ownership. A motion was made to follow through with the proposed plan, it was seconded and a vote was taken, the motion carried unanimously.

Gift Card: Bruce reported that our gift card has nearly run out and asked permission to either renew the old on or get a new one and to take $100 dollars from the cash box to do so. He also would take the remaining $27.40 from the old card and add it to the new one making the card total $127.40. Leah worried if that would be enough to cover the cost of bidding on the domain name. It was considered to make the card for $200. Oberon asked why we needed to have the gift card in the first place and Jeanie explained it was because certain companies such as our current ISP Crystal Tech will not take any other method of payment except from a credit card. The gift card is used as a credit card. Leah offered to pay for the bidding on the SCPN domain name out pocket as long as she could be reimbursed for the expense should she actually purchase it. The board agreed that she would be reimbursed so Leah motioned that we allow Bruce to take $100 from the cash box and to add the remaining $27.40 from the old card to get a new card totaling $127.40. The motion was seconded the vote was taken to motion carried.


Leah requested that after Helen attends the upcoming LBAG meeting on Tuesday if she would be willing to submit a report to the board of what was discussed at the meeting. She sited it would be helpful to know what was talked about and what news there might be. Helen agreed that she would do that.

SCPN Library: Leah also asked if Helen would make a request at the LBAG meeting to add to their next meetings agenda whether or not it would be possible to have our own locking book case in the LBAG to contain the books and elemental staffs that Shay left to us. She added that if for some reason that is not feasible then to ask if we could at least have space for the books in the LBAGs existing library and tat we wold find an alternative place to store the staffs. Helen agreed that she wold bring this up to the LBAG board.

Helen and Bruce informed us that Bruce would not be able to attend the next board meeting because of jury duty and she asked if there would be anyone willing to take his place at the meeting reminding us that technically we are supposed to have two representatives from each group at the meetings. No one on the board is able to attend however Leah said that she might be able to attend if the meeting did not go past 4:00 p.m. Helen said that in recent meetings that have not lasted that long and that if she need to leave early it would be fine, Leah said that she would consider going.

Workshop Notes: 

Leah made a request of Bruce and Oberon that they make copies of their notes from the workshop that they took on non profit tax exempt organizations. Oberon said that he had taken more notes than what have already been provided and would be willing to make copies of them but said there was little more than what was already given that would really pertain to the SCPN. Leah said she would just like to have them anyway because both she and Jeanie were interested in reading them. Oberon said if they wished he would provide copies.

Event Coordinator Report:

Vendors: Vendor Hamida Dides attended and brought examples of her wares to show us. She is requesting permission to sell her wares at our gatherings. Hamida's mechendise is herbal balms, lotions, soaps, bath salts, aromatherapy products and cordials. Bruce expressed concern about her wares and the liability issue of having her or anyone who sells ingestable or topically appliable goods which may cause irritations, allergic reactions or other ill effects. He also has concern about the cordials because their alcoholic content. Leah echoed that sentiment saying it goes against our "no alcohol" policy. Lilith pointed out that she has put language in the vendors contract stating that the SCPN holds no liability for the products that a vendor sells that the responsibility of liability rests with the vendor. Bruce was still concerned saying he didn't feel comfortable with any product that isn't FDA approved. Jeanie pointed out that many products and additives that are FDA approved and included in commercial products still cause adverse reactions in many people including herself.  

Hamida wanted us to have the time to continue our discussion and get back to her when we had come to an agreement. Not wanting to take up more of her time (since she had already been so patient waiting at our meeting) Leah told her we should have a decision by the end of the meeting. Hamida then left leaving her contact info. 

The issue came down to if we choose to be extremely exclusive on the products we choose to allow to be sold it might make it too difficult for vendors and we may end up having very few or perhaps no vendors at all. Bruce suggested that we speak to a lawyer about the liability but stated that it may cost us about $200 for a lawyer to consult us on this issue. Oberon pointed out that many herbalists sell at farmers markets, festivals and other events do not have FDA approval of their products and yet these venues still allow the sale of such items. He suggested that before we pay for a lawyer that Bruce do some research and ask Ancient Ways and other organizations that allow these products to be sold what sort of insurance they have against such liability. Leah suggested that we take a vote to either approve or not approve Hamida being a vendor for now and that Bruce should go ahead and do the research. A motion was made to except Hamida as a vendor. The motion was seconded and the vote was unanimous to accept her.

Suggested Speakers: 

Lilith reported that she spoke to Wendy Johnson and she is booked for the rest of 2010 so she may be scheduled 2011. Also Lilith spoke with Cougar. She told us that he has requested to be a presenter and also has offered his services as an "energy channeler" during rituals. Lilith suggested that we tell him to come and speak to the board to better describe what he does and what he might want to talk about if he were to give a presentation. The board agreed.

Oberon had two presenters Kenny Kline a Pagan musician who has performed with Anne Hill. It was suggested that he might be available for November for our Bardic Circle night. Because of low turn out during our usual format for Bardic Circle we considered turning it into a concert night with just one performer rather than having the membership or others sign up for amateur performances. After some discussion we agreed that if Kenny is available and wants to come in November we could work out an agreement with him to compensate him with a percentage from the door charge.

Oberon also suggested Richard Miller as a speaker. Oberon provided background materials on both Richard Miller and Kenny Kline. Lilith informed us that conformation from Kenny not withstanding our event calendar for the year of 2010 is now filled. HTe board agreed that we would contact Richard Miller to possibly speak in 2011.

Schedule for this year has been filled so far as follows:

Jan. - Sandy and Deb on the Lost Myths series

Feb. 19 - will be the Post Panthea Con report

March 19 - Oberon will be giving a presentation on mythical beasts

April 16 - Cerridwen Fallingstar will talk about reincarnation

May 21 - DeAnna L’am will give her presentation Reversing the Curse empowering parents and their children durng the transition into adulthood.

June - Camp out

July 16 - Storm Faerywolf

August 20 - Bizzar Bazarr

Sept 17 - Bill Shelbrick to speak and present about the Asatru tradition

Oct. 15 -  Divination Night and Witches Ball (confirmation still needed for Witches Ball)

Nov. 19 - ? Possibly Kenny Kline

Dec. 17 - Yule

By Laws Comittee:

It has been reported by the members of the By-Laws reform committee that they have not had a chance to meet yet due to the Pantheacon but they will contact each other to set a meeting date as soon as they can.

Next Years Pantheacon recap: Every year we traditionally hold a gathering in which those who attended the Con give a little report on they saw and learned at the various worksops. it's just an overview of what one might see and experience should they attend Pantheacon. THe first years we did this attendance was high and there seemed to be great interest but in just a few years attendance of this gathering has declined. Helen asked Kat and Leeanen why they didn't feel inclined or interested in coming to the gathering for the sake of feed back. Kat stated that the topic was not of real interest to her because she had not attended Pantheacon and felt she had no reference. She gave the analogy of going to a book club meeting without having read the book. Leeanen stated that she rarely has the time or the finances to go to Pantheacon so attending the gathering of the Pan Con recap is of little interest to her. Leah said she found the Pantheacon recap to be very informative and that attending encouraged her to go to Pantheacon the following year. Katt had a suggestion that perhaps we could combine the recap with a craft (making stuff) night to make it more appealing to those who might not be interested in Pan Con. More discussion might be needed to decide whether or not to continue having the Pantheacon as a topic for February 2011.

May Pole and Reclaiming: Helen told us that Reclaiming is having a May Pole Dance and ritual at Regal Park and she suggested that the SCPN join with Reclaiming for the event. She and Bruce and Lynda are also members of Reclaiming and will be helping out with the dance and ritual and they asked if there were any others from the SCPN board who might like to help out and get involved with the ritual. Leah said she would not be able to attend because she had a prior committment. No one else on the board seemed to be available either. Leah expressed a concern about how much committment Reclaiming might be wanting or expecting from the SCPN and she also expressed that she would like to see more representation from the SCPN at least one other person from the board besides Helen, Bruce and Lynda. Helen explained a little bout how the ritual planning meetings work but was not certain about how much involvement reclaiming would expect from the SCPN. She told us she would ask and get back to us.

Meeting Adjourned: at 1:00 p.m.