Sonoma County Pagan Network
Meeting Minutes for April 11, 2010
10:30 a.m. in Sebastopol, Coffee Catz Café

In Attendance: Leah, Oberon, Billy2Names, Hawk, Thermal, Jeaniebyrd, non-board member Cougar.  Note: Secretary was absent.  Jeaniebyrd took notes instead, from 10:35am until noon.

10:35 am: Leah called the meeting order and offered an opening blessing for productivity with mindful intent on our service to SCPN and the Pagan community at large.

Announcements: Lynda’s resignation was posted to the bizlist prior to the board meeting.  There was discussion surrounding the community focus of the board and how we all have a relationship with each other and the board.  There was some feeling about how, in the future, it is best for a board member to resign. This may become a part of the Standing Rules to be an adjunct to the By-Laws.

Billy2Names informed the board know of a possible ‘surplus’ing that his workplace is undergoing where some people would be ‘offered’ transfers to locations far outside of Sonoma County.

Thermal delivered the mail to the board.  There was discussion on a letter that was received from a non-member that included a plea for help and/or referral for help.  Jeaniebyrd agreed to reply in kind to direct them to resources that are readily available.

Treasurer's Report: Thermal promised in the future to bring copies of bank statements for the secretary’s files.  Last month’s bank statement and the current month’s bank statements are still needed.

Thermal reports the bank balance at $1124.16, cashbox at $149.27 and gift card at $103.57 for total cash assets of $1425.30. 

The bank account cleared expenses for $250 insurance, $368 board of equalization reimbursement to Jeaniebyrd for sales tax filings from last month’s balance of $1492.16. 

The cashbox received $25 membership fee from Damianna Nightwind and expensed $100 for a new gift card.

The gift card balance of $27.40 was rolled into a new card, minus a $2.95 service fee, and minus an unaccounted $1 amount, and adding $100 from the cashbox.  GKG domain renewals were also paid from the gift card at $19.88 and it is expected that Crystal Tech will be paid today at $7.95.

Paypal balance was not reported however the account has been left untouched for many months and should still retain the same balance that it did previously.  Jeaniebyrd will forward username and password logon information to Thermal.

Motion was given and agreed upon to accept the treasurer’s report.

Web Mistress Report: No Web Mistress report was given.

By-laws Committee: The last committee meeting was held with Leah and Jeaniebyrd in attendance.  The focus of the committee is to streamline and simplify the by-laws and re-word any sections, such as membership dues, which are no longer being pro-rated.  Standing Rules will be presented along with the By-Laws changes, when ready.  The board was informed of a need for books to facilitate the process. Oberon expressed an interest in helping with revisions that his expertise has gained him over the years in other organizations, including: By-Laws structure, conflict of interest, non-discrimination clause, member voting, vendor agreements, etc.

Noon: Jeaniebyrd handed off the secretary function to another person, yet unnamed

Meeting End ???? p.m.      Meeting minutes continued:

Secretary function was handed over to Helen/Hawk with the understanding that Leah would transcribe to email.

Prior to Jeaniebyrd leaving, Cougar began presenting his request for permission to attend our meetings as a priest of Helios, which would include sending positive healing energy to the group and individuals during the meetings. Board members asked questions.

After Jeaniebyrd left, Cougar continued his request, more questions were asked, and then he left so the board could discuss the request. The board's decision is that we will not honor that particular request, but utilize Billy2Names suggestion and offer Cougar the September presentation spot (which was open) instead.  A short break was taken, during the break Cougar was offered the September presentation spot and he accepted.

Vendor's Contract: Leah asked that the board members read the contract within the next week, and discuss the proposed corrections/changes via email with board members only until the contract is acceptable and ready to be approved by the board.  Ideally, the contract will be approved and ready for use by Lilith by May.

2010 Event Calendar:  September date needs to be reconfirmed by Lilith with Cougar.  Holes noted in the calender: details for campout and ritual, who will be doing ritual for Samhain, who is the "special guest" for the bardic circle, and who will be doing ritual for Yule. Leah suggested that everyone keep their eyes and ears open for appropriate persons/groups who may be able to do ritual for Samhain and Yule. Oberon offered that he would check with Morning Glory and their schedule to see if they would be able to do the Samhain ritual. 

Milk and Honey's event: If possible, ask Milk and Honey if they would be willing to have our May event flyer, event calendar, and brochure available during their event as our May presenter is part of their special event.

Also discussed was taking brochures, event calendars, and the April event flyers to the Gaia movie event tonight.

Maypole/Belatine event with Reclaiming:  SCPN will participate in Reclaiming's May Pole ritual by supplying the May Pole, as well as people to call the elements and some other minor roles, and promoting the event on the SCPN list.  Helen/Hawk will announce the request for volunteers on the list and coordinate the volunteers.

Kenny Kline:  Has contact been made with him to regarding the November meeting?  Has he been confirmed as the main entertainment?

Richard Allen Miller:  We need Lilith to open conversation with Richard for a possible presentation in 2011.

2011 Event Calendar:  We would like Lilith to begin booking for 2011.

Copy Costs:  We will reimburse copy costs for flyers and brochures only if a receipt is presented to the Treasurer for reimbursement. 

Meeting ended at 1:50 pm