Sonoma County Pagan Network
Meeting Minutes for May 17, 2010
10:30 a.m. in Sebastopol, Coffee Catz Café

In Attendance: Leah, Oberon, Billy2Names, Helen/Hawk, Thermal, Leeanen, non-board member Lilith.

10:55 am: Leah called the meeting order and offered an opening blessing for productivity with mindful intent on our service to SCPN and the Pagan community at large.

Treasurer's Report: Thermal handed out copies of bank statements and his report for the present board members to look at and for the secretary’s files. He also provided last month’s bank statement and report.

Thermal reports the bank balance at $1124.16, pay pal $48.30, cash box at $268.27 and gift card at $87.67 for total cash assets of $1528.40. 

There was some confusion about how Thermal arrived at the total for cash assets. Leah made a request to Thermal if he would, in the future, write his report in way that was less confusing. Thermal agreed he would try.

Leah moved to accept the treasurer’s report, motion was seconded and and put to a vote. All in favor to accept the Treasurer's report

Web Mistress Report: No Web Mistress report was given.

Vendor's Contract: After reading the contract that Lilith wrote to issue to our vendors to sign there were some issues that arose for some of the board members. While Jeanie was not present she had expressed her concerns about the contract to Leah and Leah told the board about them. Jeanie's concern was that the contract as written did not serve those vendors who might not be able to attend every gathering and also who might not be able to attend a board meeting to have their wares pre-approved by the board. Leah then expressed her own issues with the contract saying she did not like the idea of having a jurying process for vendors wares. She stated she felt it seems "elitist" and is not fair to those who may not be able to come to a board meeting for pre-approval it also seems unfair to ask vendors to have to come to a board meeting to get their wares approved because they often have to wait a long time while we get other board business taken care of before we can get to reviewing their wares.

Leah proposed that we write a simpler, one page contract, that we would just have on hand at our gatherings. That way they can be read and signed by a vendor at a gathering. She also suggested that we include language in the contract stating that the board reserves the right to refuse a vendor from selling either all or some of the wares at a gathering if the board members present find that items brought for sale are inappropriate. The contract would also state that the board members present at a gathering have the right to say that no wares may be sold at a particular gathering.

Thermal expressed concerned that such a contract might leave it too open with regards to the kind of wares being sold. Leah emphasized that the language of the contract would clearly state that the board members who are present at a gathering would have final say as to what items would and would not be sold.

Helen brought up the point that different people might have different ideas of what is acceptable/apropreate and what is not. Oberon added to that comment pointing out that some of the wares being sold such as statues and figures or art work prints depict nudity and some folks might not consider that to be family appropriate while others may just consider it art. Lilith pointed out that such images are part of Pagan culture. The consensus among the board is that as long as images are not out right pornographic and are depicted in the context of Pagan culture and spirituality then they should be fine.

Helen also acknowledged and praised Lilith for the work she had done producing the current contract. The rest of the board joined in that. It was decided the original contract would be kept in our records. The Secretary agreed to put her copy in the records.

All board members present agreed that the issues Leah's brought forth were valid and that her suggestion to simplify the contract is a good one. Leah offered to revise the current contract and to submit her revisions on line to the board for review and approval so that we could get this done before our next gathering. The board agreed.

Leah also made the motion to board to discontinue the vendor jurying process. The motion was seconded a unanimous vote to discontinue the vendor jurying process carried.

The issue was raised about perhaps our being required by the Board of Equalization to collect vendor licenses resale numbers. It was also bought up that we need to check to make sure whether or not vendors are responsible for turning in sales tax for their items. Leah offered to call the BOE to find out.

May 21st Gathering:  All but two board members are to be out of town during our next gathering in May 21st. Therefore it was asked who would be available to open the LBAG for our speaker, set up and clean up. Leeanen had not planned on attending. Helen told us that she understood Katt (not present at the board meeting) had said she did plan on attending but she does not have a key. Helen offered to lend her key to Katt but there was an issue being able to get it to her in time as Helen and Thermal were planning on leaving by Tues. Leeanen said that under the circumstances she might be willing to go to the gathering just to have another board member present and just in case there would be no one else with keys present.

It was also mentioned there was need to pass the money cauldron to Katt so we could have something to collect donations.

June Camp Out: Thermal and Helen already made reservations for camp sites at Doran Park. The camp out will be held the last weekend of June on the 25th, 26th and 27th. We got those dates because Solstice/Father's Day weekend was not available.  It was suggested that in the future we have it the last weekend of June/the weekend following Solstice/Father's Day weekend/ since there has been a positive response from people who have other commitments on Solstice/Father's Day weekend. Bill offered to do the rites for the camp out ritual and made a request that it be posted to the e-list that those attending should bring wind toys such as pin wheels or streamers.

SCPN Gathering at LBAG June 18th: We will be meeting at he LBAG in June also. Anne Hill will be our guest speaker on the topic of Dreams as Oracles. Note to send out a reminder on the e-list to everyone about the event.

Event Coordinator Report: Lilith expressed a need for help with making up and posting the fliers. She is feeling overwhelmed and suggested that we might just post our events at a glance fliers rather than making new ones each month. Leah pointed out that most businesses that we post our fliers to do take them down each month so if we were to just post our events at a glance we would still have to keep reposting them each month. Plus the events at a glance does not give much detail of the events and some people do want see details of an event before they decide to attend. It was suggested that perhaps we continue with the half page fliers but also put one line at the bottom announcing what the following months gathering would be, no more than guest speaker and topic or ritual and theme and the date of the event. Lilith agreed and Leeanen offered to help in designing the fliers if it was needed.

Lilth also brought up that Cerridwen Falling Star wanted for us to book the hall for an extra event for her in late September for a Japanese Moon Ceremony. It was decided we would have to look into the availability and the cost of renting the hall in late September for her.

Lilith also got a message from Francesca Gentile in which she wondered why she had not been asked to be a speaker this year. Lilith realized we had filled up our calendar for the guest speakers and that the only two remaining dates that were not planned were for Samahin ritual and Yule ritual. We suggested offering to Francesca to lead the rites for one of those dates. Leeanen also offered that she would lead the rites for what ever date was not picked by Francesca thus filling out the event calendar for 2010.

Press Democrat Articles On Religion: Oberon brought a copy of the PD and showed us that there was to be a year long feature in each Sunday edition on different faiths practiced in Sonoma County. Oberon suggested that we contact the PD and offer to have the SCPN featured as a hub of the Pagan faith in our community. Oberon offered to write a letter to the paper on our behalf and be the contact person if we agreed. After some discussion the board agreed it would be a good idea. Thermal made a motion to allow Oberon to contact the PD on our behalf it was seconded and the motion carried.

Meeting ended at 12:00 noon.