Sonoma County Pagan Network
Meeting Minutes for June 13, 2010
10:00 a.m. in Sebastopol, Coffee Catz Café

In Attendance: Jeanie, Billy2Names, Bruce, Leeanen, Kat, non-board member Lilith. (Helen/Hawk arrived around 10:30 and Oberon arrived later.)

10:15 am: Jeanie subbed for Leah as Chair and called the meeting order and began with a blessing of gratitude for all the work we have done and do for the community.

Treasurer's Report: Thermal handed out copies of bank statements and his report for the present board members to look at and for the secretary’s files. 

Thermal reports the bank balance at $1124.16, pay pal $48.30, cash box at $208.27 and gift card at $79.72 for total cash assets of $1460.45. 

Jeanie moved to accept the treasurer’s report, motion was seconded and and put to a vote. All in favor to accept the Treasurer's report

Web Mistress Report: Web Mistress reports that the web site has been updated with respect to upcoming events up to July. She also reports that she added a link the In Service of the Community page with a link to Pagans in the military web site.

Old Business: 

Letter - Jeanie showed us a letter the the SCPN had received from a woman wanting to know more about our group and wanting to make contact with other "like minded" folk meaning Pagans. Attached was Jeanie's response to her explaining a little about our group and inviting her to come to our gatherings.

Event Calendar for 2010: Jeanie asked Lilith about the event calendar for this year, whether or not if it's full, do we have every date booked. Lilith reported that we do have a full calendar Cougar responded saying he will do his presentation in September and will provide details to Lilith. Francessca Gentile responded saying she is willing to do our Yule ritual for us. Leeanen had offered that she will lead Samhain ritual. For November's Bard Circle Night we will need to start lining up talent but we do have someone coming as a special guest performer. August is the Bizarre Bazaar, Kat suggests that we set up tables to eat out of doors on the patio this year. Other suggestions were to decorate gazeebo and tree with lights. Bruce says he will need help and relief with keeping track of the sales and donations for this event because he needs to also have time to keep an eye on the BBQ outside. Leeanen offered to speak to her fiancé Benn to see if he may be willing to come help with the BBQ. We The (board members) also offered to perhaps man the greeting table in turns so that everyone has a chance for a break.

Solstice Camp Out: A question was brought up about people bringing RVs. We have no RV camp sites reserved so we are unclear as to what the park policy might be. Leeanen said that all the information including contact info for the park is listed on the web page so if anyone wants to find out they can call the park.

Event Calendar for 2011: Bruce says he ran into a friend Chris Casswell of Casswell Harps and spoke to him about perhaps giving a performance for the SCPN next year. He is willing to do this but he wants half the take of what we make in ticket sales. Jeanie wasn't sure it is a good idea for one we aren't sure want attendance might be for such an event and also she was unsure about whether or not that would violate our 501(c)3 status. According to what Bruce and Oberon had learned at the lecture they attended earlier this year selling tickets for concerts is fine as long as we don't go above a certain dollar amount witch is very high. We all considered that attendance might still be an issue. Bruce said he would talk to Chris further about it.

Participation in the the InterFaith event next year: Do we want to have an official presence at the event? It was decided that we would post the event to our main e-list for individuals to attend if they wish but because we have no one willing or able to be a official presence at the event we would not participate.

Event Coordinator Report: Lilith requested that perhaps we could keep the event flier tweaking to a minimum. Too many suggestions for changes are being made too close to the event date which leaves little time for printing the fliers. A suggestion was made to set a "respond by" date for all suggestions. If you want to make a suggestion for a change then you must do so by a certain date otherwise it goes to be printed as is.

Lilith also suggested that we might want to add color to our fliers, just one color might make the fliers stand out more. Someone suggested printing fliers on colored paper. Lilith said printing on colored paper sometimes detracts from the readability of the flier. Leeanen and others agreed. Jeanie wondered how much more the cost would be to add a color Lilith said she could ask Kinko's and find out. 

Lilith also brought up that Cerridwen Falling Star still would like for us to book the hall for an extra event for her in late September for a Japanese Moon Ceremony. Info on availability and the cost of renting the hall in late September for her has not yet been done.

Lilith wanted suggestions on what to say or how to notify the vendors about the new rules we adopted regarding the vendor contract. She will draft and e-mail and post it for review before she sends it to the vendors.

New Business: At our May event many of the board members were not present and most of the responsibility of getting the hall ready for our guest speaker fell to Kat. Kat expressed that she felt as though the responsibility was sort of dumped on her without even asking her if it was ok before hand. Even though Leeanen decided to and was able to show up to help out at the event Kat didn't know she was gong to attend and had to call for outside help. Kat feels we need better communication as to who will be attending each gathering and who can come and help. Also that we need to not dump the responsibility on one person without their consent. The board apologized to Kat and agreed that we need a better plan. 

It was decided that perhaps we should use our board meetings as a means of taking attendance as to who will be at the next gathering and who can help. If you raise your hand at the board meeting saying you will be there then you understand that your are making a commitment to be there at the gathering. Leeanen brought up that some times someone with full intention to attend might not be able to make it at the last minute. In that case it was suggested that if someone cannot make it that they notify the board as soon as possible of the change.

Update of Board Contact List & Key List: The above discussion then moved on to whether or not everyone has an updated version of the board contact list. It was realized that not everyone has an updated list. Leeanen brought up that we also should have an updated list of who has keys to the LBAG. When the remodel for the LBAG was completed the board was issued new keys each with a number. A list should be maintained as to who has what key. For every lost key it would cost $50 to replace the key. Also each time we have elections and/or there is a change in the board members then we need to update the list. it was decided Leeanen would maintain copies of the lists.

Board Elections: Lilith brought up that our board elections are coming up soon and that we need to start early asking help from our members. That brought us into discussing what can we put forth as a benefit of becoming a member of the SCPN. Admission to events without "guilt" of making donations, the right to vote in board elections and the right to run for board positions were some of the things mentioned. T-shirts were brought up again as in getting a T-shirt free with membership but we have no T-shirts to give out at the moment.

Press Democrat Articles On Religion: Oberon reported that he contacted the editor at the PD about doing an interview for the paper and the editor was interested. Oberon sent him information about the SCPN but has received no further communication. It was also made note of the their was no feature in the Sunday paper. Oberon wonders if perhaps the article series may have been canceled. Helen mentioned that appearance of such articles has been sporadic anyway and that they have not appeared each Sunday. It was decide we should just wait and see what happens.

Meeting ended at 12:00 noon.