Sonoma County Pagan Network
Meeting Minutes for Aug. 8, 2010
10:30 a.m. in Sebastopol, Coffee Catz Café

In Attendance: Leah, Billy2Names, Bruce, Leeanen, Oberon. (Helen/Hawk arrived around 10:45.)

10:35 am: Leah called the meeting order and began with a grounding and center with focus on serving our members and the community.

Treasurer's Report: Thermal handed out his report and bank statement for July 6, 2010 for review by the board and to be signed by Leah, a copy was given to the secretary for her files. 

Thermal reports the bank balance to be at $1124.16, pay pal $48.30, cash box at $2297.48 and gift card at $79.72 for total cash assets of $1549.66. 

The report for Aug. 8, 2010 was also given out for review by the board and for Leah to sign however, there was no copy available for the Secretary. Bruce stated he would provide one by next meeting.

The SCPN total assets as of Aug. 8, 2010 are as follows: bank balance $1154.16, cash box $302.63, gift card $63.82, PayPal $48.30, total is $1568.91.

Leah moved to accept the treasurer’s report, motion was seconded and and put to a vote. All in favor to accept the Treasurer's report.

Web Mistress Report: Web Mistress reports that our domain name is going to expire and that board approval is needed to renew it for another year. Leah moved that we renew the domain name. The motion was seconded all present voted in favor. Bruce will make the payment. Bruce reported that he had tried to pay it before but that for some reason the on line system would not allow him to. He stated he would let us know if he continues to have trouble with it.

Members Page: The Web Mistress brought up the fact that our members page has only two current members on the page. The rest of the members listed are folks who have long since moved away or are no longer members. The Web Mistress suggested that the board members at least should be listed on the page and that if anyone did not want their mundane names or photos posted she would use other images and Pagan names instead. The board requested that the Web Mistress send out an e-mail reminder and also a suggestion of what information she wanted to post. The web mistress agreed she would do this.

Helen suggested that we also invite the rest of the membership on the e-list. The Web Mistress agreed but stated it would probably be more of encouragement for others if the board posted also.

Old Business: Domain Name: Leah reports that she has not made a move to purchase the domain name yet because she no more room on her credit card for the purchase but that she will try as soon as she can stating she believes that domain name would suit us better than our current ones.

New Business: 

By Laws Reform Comittee: Leah reports that no progress has been made with the bylaws reform committee. She and Jeanie have not had time to meet yet. Leah states she is aware that time is running out to make the change with regards to the number of board members that can be elected to the board and reported she thought it would be best to set the minimum number of board members to 5 and the maximum number to 7. She stated that with 9 board members that that is roughly half the membership of the SCPN and that seems inappropriate. The rest of the board agreed.

Board elections: Our elections to the board are coming up soon and it was discussed that we need to start looking for possible new board members and to remind the members on the e-list of the upcoming elections and when the nominations open and close. We also need volunteers for election night. The Secretary/Web Mistress said she would post a reminder to the e-list as soon as possible. 

Participation in the SSU Spirituality Fair this year: The question was raised about whether or not we have heard from SSU about being invited to participate in their event this year. It was stated that no one has heard from SSU. Those who participated last year said the event was not as successful as the previous year and they wondered if perhaps that SSU has decided not to hold this year. We know that the event is usually held within the first week of the fall semester and that we should have heard something by now. Leah asked if anyone still had the contact information for the student services rep we had dealt with before. No one was certain if they still had it but Helen said she might still have the letter and would look for it. The secretary said she may still have the e-mail that was sent and that she would look for that also. 

LBAG Meeting: Leah informed us that this Tuesday (Aug. 10, 2010) the LBAG committee is holding a meeting to discuss the annual Open Hall day which will be held Sunday October 23, 2010. She reminded us that would be the day after our Samhain Celebration/Witches Ball and that we will need to clean up really well after the gathering and that we are also expected to man a table and bring food to the Open Hall event. That means we will need volunteers who can attend.

Sandwich Board Sign: Leah brought up that we could use a sign out front to help people coming to our gatherings be able to recognize the building. The sign for the LBAG is not very visible and the building is rather inconspicuous. She thought a sandwich board type sign placed on the sidewalk might make the building more visible. Bruce said he could make the actual sign out of wood. The secretary suggested we ask the owner of Halbe Signs (the person who made our banner) to create a vinyl sign that can be attached to the wooden sign. Leah suggested we have the SCPN logo and words that say "meeting tonight" or a blank space to write on with a dry erase marker so we can change the event as needed. Bruce suggested the size of the sign should be 32" x 48". The secretary said she would contact Ms. Halbe for an estimate.

Upcoming Events:

Bewitched Baazar: Food drives will be held at both our August and September gatherings. We need to remind those attending to bring donations for the Redwood Food Bank and as last year we need to remind everyone that only canned or dry goods items will be excepted (no glass, no home made items and no fresh produce) and that expired food items will just be thrown away.


Divination Night: We need volunteers to do readings for Divination Night. Time to post to the e-list and ask others who might be interested.

Meeting ended at 12:10.