Sonoma County Pagan Network
Meeting Minutes for Sept 12, 2010
10:30 a.m. in Sebastopol, Coffee Catz Café

In Attendance: Leah, Oberon, Hawk, Thermal, Jeaniebyrd.  Note: Secretary was absent.  Jeaniebyrd took notes instead, from 10:45am until 12:10pm.

10:45 am: Leah called the meeting order and offered an opening blessing for joy and pleasure in our work for the highest good on our service to SCPN and the Pagan community at large.

Announcements: In an e-mail posted to the SCPN bizlist dated Sep. 12, 20010 Subject: Proposal for help with event arranging and posting Lilith expressed the need asking for shared help for the next few months. She will still be arranging events and presenters for the remainder of this year, and plans to resume all duties after the first.  There was discussion surrounding the appointed position and how this will be best handled.

Thermal delivered the mail to the board.  There was discussion on the timing for filing with the secretary of state and it was noted that this is already on the Critical Business listing that was created by Leah and Jeanie.  Another handout was scheduled for the next business meeting.  Prior to that, Jeaniebyrd will email it to Leah.

Treasurer's Report: Thermal had copies of bank statements for the secretary’s files.  

Thermal reports the bank balance is $1154.16, unchanged from last month, the gift card is $46.87, down from 67.82 after paying $9.54 to gkg for and $7.95 to crystal tech.  Total cash assets of $1551.73. 

Paypal balance was not reported however the account has been left untouched for many months and should still retain the same balance that it did previously.

Motion was given and agreed upon to accept the treasurer’s report.

Web Mistress Report: No Web Mistress report was given as she was absent.

By-laws Committee: The last committee meeting was held with Leah and Jeaniebyrd in attendance.  The focus of the committee is to streamline and simplify the by-laws and re-word any sections, such as membership dues, which are no longer being pro-rated.  Standing Rules will be presented along with the By-Laws changes, when ready.  The board was informed of a need for books to facilitate the process. The committee has 2 more scheduled meetings before the revisions will be presented to the board.

LBAG 10/24 silent auction fundraiser: Jeaniebyrd is contributing a sushi box and will be reimbursed for items purchased.  Helen will contribute 3 dozen polenta hourdouvers, and someone else (Leah?) will contribute 6 dozen fruit bites.  Thermal, Hawk and Oberon agreed to be present at the fundraiser to represent SCPN.  Fliers were discussed and Oberon offered to bring 'What is Paganism'.  Motion was carried to cover expenses for gift baskets. 

Elections were discussed, and the need to post to the general list.  The web mistress usually does this however Mercury has been in retrograde.  The chairperson agreed to post the information in her stead.

October divination night discussion of who to invite for divining.  Everyone agreed to contact someone.  This has typically been a big event for SCPN.

November gathering will not be a bardic event and instead will be a meet & great with informal circle (or not), show and tell, what magic we are doing.  There was full agreement on this idea.

September contact with Cougar was not made.  There was discussion on how to handle this.

Meeting End 12:10 p.m.