Sonoma County Pagan Network
Meeting Minutes for Oct. 10, 2010
10:50 a.m. in Sebastopol, Coffee Catz Café

In Attendance: Leah, Hawk, Thermal, Jeaniebyrd, Leeanen, Non-Board member Event Coordinator Lilith

10:50 am: Leah called the meeting order and offered an opening blessing our work for the highest good on our service to SCPN and the Pagan community at large.

Web Mistress Report: The Web Mistress reports that the page for our event calendar seems to have disappeared. There was no notice from their server and Leeanen was having trouble trying to find out what happened. ID of event calendar server is unknown. Google groups does not have the ability to create a group calendar. Leeanen had set up an event calendar on the Yahoo E-groups North Bay Pagans but that would require everyone who wanted access to view the calendar to also join North Bay Pagans. For now Leeanen is posting our events on the index page of the SCPN web site as far as she info for. Currently we have up to the November gathering listed. Leah suggested giving up on the old event calendar and finding a new event calendar somewhere else on the web. Leeanen agreed.

Lilith asked if there was anyway to know how many people are signed up to the Google e-groups. Leeanen said that all she would have to do is check the members list to see how many are signed up. However, that is no guarantee that those signed up are seeing our postings. People may choose not to receive e-mails and simply read the posts on line or they may have the postings being directed to the junk mail or spam boxes.

Treasurer's Report: Thermal reports the bank balance is $1154.16, unchanged from last month, the gift card is $38.52, down from 46.87 after paying $9.54 to gkg for and $7.95 to crystal tech. Paypal balance $48.30. Total cash assets of $1575.69. 

Motion was given and agreed upon to accept the treasurer’s report.

Leeanen made a request for copies of the reports that she did not collect. Bruce asked her to give him a list of what she needed and he would provide copies.

By-laws Committee: Leah and Jeaniebyrd submitted their revisions to the board. They submitted a document that had the changes marked in green text. They went over the new changes with the board to make sure everything was clear and offer a chance for questions about the changes. 

There were questions and some suggestions/concerns about Article 5 Section 7 with regards to the Treasurer's duties.Helen suggested that perhaps more time might be needed for the Treasurer to notify and provide information about any membership transaction. The time set is within 24 hrs. of the transaction first being made. Helen suggested that maybe 72 hrs. might be more doable. Leah stated that setting the time at 24 hours gives a sense of immediacy that will hopefully encourage the Treasurer to get the information documented and reported as soon as possible rather than waiting and allowing too much time to pass before the transaction is reported. No one else seemed to disagree with the time limit very strongly so the change was left as is.

Copies of the document were passed around and Jeanie said she would provide a digital copy to the web mistress for her to post to the web site and notify the members on the e-list that it is there for the members to review for the next 30 days. After 30 days the Board will vote on the Bylaws. If the Board votes for the changes, the changes will become effective and the new Bylaws will be in place. The Web mistress said she would post the document and notify the members. Jeanie will also provide a hard copy of the document to be shown at our up coming gatherings for members to review.

Helen moved that we the board thank Jeanie and Leah for their service to the board and for all the work they have done on the by-laws and also for the work they have done in years past. All were in favor.

LBAG 10/24 silent auction fundraiser: Jeaniebyrd brought the sushi box to be handed off to those who will be volunteering at the LBAG fundraiser and she was reimbursed for items purchased. Helen confirmed she will contribute 3 dozen polenta hourdouvers. Thermal also confirmed he would be there. Oberon was not present to confirm he would be at the fundraiser to represent SCPN. Lilith offered to possibly volunteer to sit at the SCPN booth provided she s not too tired from the Samhain celebration and that she can get a ride.

Elections: The Web Mistress will post to the general list another reminder about elections. The web mistress also agreed to create new ballots for the election. She will send a digital copy to the board for review and then send a copy of the digital file to be printed to Leah so she can make and provide copies for the election.

October Divination Night: Lilith reports we have five confirmed readers for Divination Night including our Web Mistress Leeanen, Gretchen, Cougar, Ashara and perhaps Lilith.

Bid sheets for the silent auction are needed. Items for the auction have been donated by Sierra, Bruce, Jeanie, Lilith, Leah and possibly Oberon.

Samhain Witches Ball: Leeanen offered to purchase prizes for the Witches/Wizard's hat contest. She brought the See's Candy ad for the board to look at to decide which items to buy and she asked that she be reimbursed for the purchase. It was decided that she should purchase three (3) of the Halloween Cat Box gifts for $5.25 ea. The Board agreed that she should be reimbursed for the purchase. (After the meeting the Treasurer gave Leeanen $25.00 from the cash box to buy the items Leeanen agreed to pay back the difference and provide a receipt.)

November Gathering: Helen moved that we should agree on the change of theme for November's Gathering from being a Meet and Greet with a "show and tell what magic are you doing?" theme to being an informal dinner at which we invite students and teachers, groups, groves and covens from the community to attend and talk about themselves and to meet perhaps making connections. The board agreed.  

Meeting End 12:15 p.m.  (After the meeting was formerly adjourned, Helen, Bruce, Lilith and Leeanen stayed behind to discuss the details of the Samhain gathering such as decorations, altars and ritual details.)