Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for Nov. 8, 2009

11:00 a.m. in Sebastopol, Coffee Cats Café

In Attendance: Bruce, Jeanie, Leeanen, Helen, Bill, Leah, Oberon, Kat

Opening of Meeting - Leah briefly went over the agenda items before we began.

Membership: Leah reports that we have 23 paid members to date. We discussed that the members must be made aware that the SCPN is only as strong as it's members. We discussed ideas to get the members more involved in helping out with events and ways to promote more of a sense of community and participation.

Treasurer's Report:

The SCPN monthly bank statement from the last three months was submitted by Bruce.

August balance was $1708.97 Gift Card was set up from the old Visa Card in the amount of $72.00 so that we can have a payment method to pay Crystal Tech our ISP, added $18.00 from cash box to total $90.00, Paid $7.95 to Crystal Tech Gift Card total $82.05. Donations and dues paid total $223.72.

August Figures

Bank Assets $1708.97,Cash Box $223.72, Gift Card  $82.05, Total $2014.74

September's Figures

Bank Assets $1808.97, Cash Box $249.12, Gift Card $66.15, Pay Pal $48.30, Total $2172.54

October' Figures

Bank Assets $2093.97, Cash Box $357.24, Checks $95.50, Pay Pal $48.30, Gift Card $66.15, Total $2661.16

All statements viewed by all the board members and signed by Leah. Copies were provided to the Secretary Leeanen. Motion made to accept the Treasurer's report seconded and voted as approved.

Bruce made the request to be reembursed for paying for the reservations for camp sites for our Summer camp out totaling $139.50 Plus office supplies for Treasure's use totaling $23.24. Board motioned and seconded and approved giving Bruce permission to reemburse himself from the cash box.

Board Meetings:

The matter of length and frequency of the board meetings was discussed. It was suggested that perhaps we meet only once every other month and expect our meetings to be longer or to conduct more business on line. Others were opposed to this idea. A poll was taken among the board members present and the consensus was that most of the board members prefer meeting once a month and that for now we continue meeting at Coffee Cats every second Sunday of each month. Arrival time was not agreed upon, some want an early start time, others wanted a later one. Average meeting time has been between 10:30 and 11:30 am. Schedule and location will be subject to change if need be to ensure we have a quorum at each meeting. Meetings will begin as soon as we have a quorum present. Anyone who comes late or leaves early will simply miss that part of the meeting.

SCPN Mission: 

Jeaniebyrd brought up that she feels that the mission of the SCPN with regards to the function of the SCPN within the Pagan community has become unclear. She suggested perhaps asking some of the founding members to give their opinions or to talk about what their reasons were for forming of the organization might help the SCPN regain clarity of the mission and help us to fill the need in the community better.

Kat expressed that we are unbalanced towards having more guest speakers rather than community activity events such as the Bizzar Bazarr and the Bardic Circle night in November.

Oberon suggested that we invite multiple speakers to come and hold open discussions rather than single speaker presentations to come and speak about different beliefs.

It was decided the topic needed more discussion and tabled for another meeting.


It has been made clear due to several scheduling mishaps and double bookings that we need better communication between the SCPN board and the LBAG booking staff. Bruce offered to be the point person for communication  He also wants written conformation from the LBAG of the dates we choose for our monthly gatherings and to be alerted in a timely manner of any changes to the schedule. Bruce also offered to be the second person and begin joining Helen in attending the LBAG meetings. The LBAG requires each group to have 2 representatives at each LBAG meeting.  We have not always been able to comply with this in the past, due to difficulty with the fact that those meetings are held on week days at 1:30 pm and almost all of our members work during the day.

SCPN Gathering Schedule for 2010:

2010 meetings will be as follows:

January 15 - Debora Hill and Sandra Brandenburg – Their book series The Lost Myths Saga or Oberon ?

February 19 - After the Pantheacon Panel/Discussion

March 19 - Debora Hill and Sandra Brandenburg – Their book series The Lost Myths Saga or Oberon ?

April 16 - 

May 21 - 

June 25, 26, 27 - Campout & Solstice ritual at Doran Beach

July 16 - 

August 20 - BBQ & Pagan Bazaar

September 17 - Food Drive +

October 15 - Div Night, Elections, (Silent Auction?)

October 23 - Samhain

November 19 - Bardic Circle & Charity Drive

December 17 - 

November Gathering: 

Lilith expressed concern that she has gotten just a few people to sign up to perform. Oberon offered to contact people he knows to sign up. We also discussed promoting the gathering more as much as we could before the event. We decided it would be best to change the name of the event from Open Mic Night to Bardic Circle. We thought we might get more of a response if we do that.

We also decided to hold our charity drive in November rather than in December because December is too late for the charities to use the stuff they get. Our charity this year with be Love In A Shoe Box (formerly Santa's Shoe Boxes). Leah offered to provide a wish list from the organization of the kids of items they want.

Yule Celebration: 

This years ritual will be facilitated by Bill Rizzo (sp?) who will be performing an Asatru Yule rite. Some concern was expressed about whether or not the rite he plans to perform is a Yule or mid winter rite or whether he intends to do something else. Bruce will contact Bill and find out what the rite entails. 

Oberon offered that in an Asatru rite there is a lot of toasting from the communal cup but with the issue of Swine Flu and the general germ factor we have decided it might be best to ask those coming to the ritual to bring their own ceremonial drinking vessels.

We also have decided to continue our gift exchange game. We will announce that those who would like to participate each bring a gift, so if you bring a gift you will get a gift. We also considered what we might for gifts for any children who might attend we thought it would be best to announce that if those attending bring their children that they bring gifts for the number of children they bring. In general we will announce that all gifts should be gender neutral and "family friendly", (no sex toys or pornography in any form!)

Old Business: domain is still available. Leah asked should we consider purchasing it. Perhaps put a bid of $30.00 on it. The holder's account expires on Feb. 2, 2010 so we could wait until then to see if the holder renews it. The matter has been tabled for further discussion at our January board meeting.

Meeting Adjourned: at 2:00 p.m.