Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for Jan. 9, 2011

10:30 am in Sebastopol, Coffee Cats Café

In Attendance: Bruce (Thermal) Willey (Treas.), Oberon Zell (OZ) (Sec’y),
Helen/Hawk, Lilith Berkana De' Anu, Leanne Sidhe. Proxy: Bill Dempsey (Prez)
(held by Bruce) 

Old Business: Minutes of previous meeting (Dec. 12, 2010) accepted as

            Hawk has purchased fairy lights. 

            Lilith has acquired vinyl accordion folder for Bylaws & other
important records, etc. 

New Business: 

*    List issues & need for moderator(s): 

Lengthy discussion re: snarkiness on list, need for moderation and rules of
list etiquette. 

ACTIONS: Bruce will arrange to have personal conversation with Richard… 

        Leeanan will repost e-list etiquette rules ASAP. 

Lilith points out that we need a list moderator. Leeanen is the list owner
and webmistress; she agrees to serve as temp. moderator while we seek a
volunteer. Hawk discusses specific parameters of list moderators and
proposes having multiple moderators; Leeanen invites Hawk & Lilith. 

MOTION: Bruce moves to establish multiple moderators for SCPN list(s), with
Hawk & Lilith taking those roles. Leeanen 2nd; passed. 

ACTION: Hawk will post announcement of Moderators and consequences of
violations of list etiquette on behalf of BoD in a separate post from the
rules of list etiquette. 

*    Hawk calls for Grounding – envision a fresh start for the New Year! 

*    Webmistress Report (Leeanen): 

Both lists are set up for Yahoo. 

New Calendar set in place. 

Over 200 members on main list. 

Thank you, Leeanen! 

*    Signboard Report (Bruce): 

Bruce is making a sandwich board to set out on the sidewalk in front of LBAG
to announce SCPN meetings and topics. Denise Halby will be doing SCPN
lettering in vinyl (price quote needed). Sign will be 2-sided. Bruce will
use linoleum of board for dry-erase lettering. 

*    Treasurer’s Report (Bruce): 

Total starting balance:                                     $2,203.53
(+unknown PayPal) 

Total ending balance:                                      $2,194.75
(+unknown PayPal) 

Bank Account:       As of 12/12/10                   1970.11 

                                No change in Dec. 

                                As of 1/9/11                       1,970.11 

Cashbox:                                                           As of
12/12/10          162.50 

            12/12/10        Paid OZ for seal -66.24            96.26 

            12/17/10 Cauldron donations +65.41           161.67 

                                    As of 1/9/11

Gift card:                As of 12/12/10                       22.62 

            1/8/11           Paid Crystaltech -7.95               14.67 

                                    As of 1-9-11

Pay Pal:                  As of 12-12-10                      48.50 

                                    (+unknown in account, still unable to
access account) 

                      Totals:                         Bank          1,970.11 




2,194.75 (+unknown PayPal) 

Discussion: Bruce submits report in electronic format for 1st time; OZ
thanks him! 

Bruce needs to figure out how to log into PayPal. 

Hawk  asks to give previous total starting and ending balance at top of
report (OZ has done so here). 

MOTION: Leeanen moves to accept Treasurer’s Report. Hawk 2nd; passed. 

ACTIONS: Bruce will check on payments due for and .org domains
and other payments (GKG domain registrar). 

Bruce will submit SBE return by Jan. 31. 

        Form 990N is due May 15. Bruce will file online ASAP. 

        Bruce will pay insurance in Feb. 

OZ will bring embossing seal to next meeting. 

*    Calendar items (Lilith): 

It looks like we’ll have a good showing for Jan. meeting with Joanne Marler. 

March: “Chants Encounter” with Morning Glory looks good. 

We have at least 3 opportunities for music concerts. Gwion of N. Bay
Reclaiming teaches drumming classes and will do a drumming workshop for

Lilith spoke with Starhawk at Yule; she may be available this summer (June
or July) and would like to offer her permaculture “Seed Ball” project. 

“Voices of Roma” Romanian Gypsies interested in doing presentation (OZ will
bring Romanian translation of his Grimoire and tell story of how it came to

Volunteers needed for Litha campout; also Samhain and Yule rituals, etc.
Yule 2010 ritual was well-received. 

ACTION: Leeanen requests that Lilith post full 2011 Calendar ASAP (to BoD at
least if not full SCPN list). 

*    Membership Report (Lilith & Bruce): 

Lilith & Bruce are working on updating and restructuring membership

*    Luther Burbank Arts & Garden Center (LBAG) report (Leanen): 

LBAG requires a listing of all our events in 2010. 

ACTION: Hawk will give LBAG contact info to Lilith, who will compile list
and send to LBAG ASAP. 

LBAG requires a list of total paid members as of 12/31. 

ACTION: Bruce will compile info and give to LBAG. 

Meeting adjourned at 12:35 pm.