Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for April 10, 2011

10:30 am in Sebastopol, Coffee Cats Café


Present: Bill Dempsey (Pres.), Bruce (Thermal) Willey (Treas.), Oberon Zell (OZ) (Sec’y), Helen/Hawk, Leannen Sidhe, Lilith Berkana De'Anu. Guest: Richard Bellamy.

Bill opens meeting at 10:45 with grounding, invoking Kwan Yin. Explains that he must leave by noon.

Old Business:


·      Minutes of previous meeting (March 13, 2011) approved online.


·      Hawk needs reimbursement for the Midsummer Campout campsites. Presents receipts: 3 sites @ $64.50 x 3 = $185.50. 

MOTION: Bruce moves to reimburse Hawk; Bill 2nd; passed.

·      SCPN e-list (Leeanen, owner & Webmistress) Moderators: Lilith, Leeanen & Hawk. Leeanen advises Hawk on List Admin.

ACTION: Leeanen will be shutting down Google list at end of April. All members are being asked to join YahooGroups list. Transferring folks isn't really do-able.


New Business:


·     Treasurer’s Report (Bruce):


Bank account:

                                 As of 3-13-11                 $1870.11

                     No change in March

                                 As of 4-10-11                 $1870.11


Cash Box:

                                 As of 3-13-11                          $    77.64

         3-18-11 +$25 Sarah Paine membership              102.64

         3-18-11 +33.66 cauldron donations                    136.30

         3-18-11         -25 to Artemisia for gas                 111.30

         4-9-11  -4.95 to Bruce repay o.p. postage           106.35

                                 As of 4-10-11              $  106.35


Gift card:

                                 As of 3-13-11              $  117.98

         4-8-11  -7.95 Crystaltech                                    110.03

                                 As of 4-10-11              $  110.03



                                 As of 3-13-11              $    48.50

                     No change in March

As of 4-10-11              $    48.50



                                 As of 3-13-11              $2114.23

                                             Bank:                             1870.11

                                             Cash:                   106.35

                                             Card:                               110.03

                                             Paypal:                              48.50

                                 As of 4-10-11              $2134.99


Bruce says Oberon needs to become a signatory on the SCPN bank account at the Exchange Bank at Mendocino and Steele Lane.

MOTION: Bruce moves to put Oberon on bank account; Lilith 2nd; passed.

ACTION: Oberon needs to go into bank and add his name to account as signatory.


·     List Migration (Richard): Bruce thanks Richard for handling Google list management.

Richard says Helen evidently had no idea that Richard was moderating Google list. Given that this was unclear, understandable confusion arose. Richard didn’t feel move to Yahoo was wise. He feels his concerns and recommendations were dismissed and his offers to continue helping were rebuffed.

Leannen felt more comfortable with Yahoo, and since she was doing the work, she should make the determination; no one realized that Richard was even still involved.

Extensive and intense discussion not deemed appropriate for Minutes.

Bill: If we enlist folks outside the Board to provide services, we should all know who they are and what they do.

Bruce and Hawk extends apology to Richard for the misunderstandings and confusion; accepted.

MOTION: Oberon moves for general apology from BoD to Richard. Bruce & Bill 2nd; passed.

Richard accepts apology. He will see this through, but won’t be continuing consultation his tech consultation and involvement on list. Will help make Excell document available: spreadsheet of Google vs Yahoo users as of April 3 (original deadline for move).

ACTION: Leeanen will extend deadline for everyone to sign onto Yahoo.


·     Litha Campout (Hawk): We have three sites reserved for June 24-26 at Doran Beach. Hawk will be at Witchcamp that weekend. We had about 10 people last year. We decided to formulate the Litha/Midsummer Ritual there at the camp-out with the folks who are there: who does what, specific theme etc.


·     Events:

April: Druids

May: Francesca, Heiros Gamos

June: (Valorie Voight?)

July: Sierra and the Corn Dollies

August: Gwion (drumming)

September: (open)

October: Divination Night and Samhain

November: Voices of Roma

December: Yule


OZ suggests arranging for screening of “Dancing With Gaia,” a lovely feature documentary by Jo Carson about Fred Adams of Feraferia, and his Vision of Goddess.

ACTION: OZ will contact Jo Carson to see what arrangements could be made to show "Dancing With Gaia” at an SCPN meeting.


Lilith says she will need to step down as Events Coordinator at end of year.


Meeting adjourned 12:40 pm.



·         Oberon needs to go into Exchange Bank at Mendocino and Steele Lane and add his name to account as signatory.

·         Leeanen will extend deadline for everyone to sign onto Yahoo to end of April. She will post notices to everyone.

·         OZ will contact Jo Carson ( to see what arrangements could be made to show “Dancing With Gaia” at an SCPN meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Oberon Zell, Secretary