Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for November 13, 2011

10:30 am in Sebastopol , Coffee Cats Café

Present: Bruce (Thermal) Willey (Treas.), Storm Goranson (acting Sec'y), Lilith Berkana De'Anu, Susan Small (Events Coordinator), Leeannen

Meeting opens at 10:35.

New Business:

·    Seat New Board:

As per the BOD election results from the October 21, 2011, SCPN meeting, the following people have been appointed to the SCPN Board of Directors:

·        President: Helen/Hawk

·        Secretary: Oberon Zell (Oz)

·        Treasurer: Bruce Willey (Thermal)

·        General Members: Lilith Berkana De'Anu, Susan Small (Events Coordinator) and Storm Goranson

 MOTION:  Lilith moved to accept New Board Members. Thermal 2nd; passed.

Treasurer's Report, Nov. 13, 2011(Bruce):

Bank Account:

                                                                  As of 10-9-11              1209.61

                  No change in October

                                                                  As of 11-13-11            1209.61

Cash Box:

                                                                  As of 10-9-11              155.43

      10-9-11 +50              Oberon and Morning Glory dues             205.43

      10-15-11 +50 Linda Johnson +Ben Reimann dues                    255.43

      10-15-11 +25 Sabrina dues                                                     280.43

      10-15-11 +25 Bill O'ryan-Dempsey dues                                 305.43

      10-15-11 +66.03 Cauldron donations                                      371.46

      10-21-11 +25 Lilith D'Anu dues                                               396.46

      10-21-11 +25 Helen/Hawk dues                                              421.16

      10-21-11 +25 Eric Perkins dues                                               446.46

      10-21-11 +171.71 Cauldron and readings                                618.17

                                                                  As of 11-13-11            618.17


                                                                  As of 10-9-11              52.79

      11-8-11 -7.95             Pay Crystaltech                                     44.84

                                                                  As of 11-13-11            44.84


                                                                  As of 10-9-11              122.00

                  No change in October              As of 11-13-11            122.00

Totals:                                                        As of 10-9-11             1539.83

                                                                  Bank:                           1209.61

                                                                  Cash:                              618.17

                                                                  Gift card:                          44.84

                                                                  Paypal:                           122.00

                                                                  As of 11-13-11            1994.62

For comparison, our total on 11-14-10 was 2172.83, so we showed an operating loss of 178.21 For the 2010-2011 board's tenure.

     MOTION: Lilith moves to accept Treasurer's Report, Susan 2nd; passed.

·        Thermal will update the signatory card at the Bank.

·        Susan submitted receipts for reimbursement for Samhain decorations in the amount of $23.00

 Website Report (Leeannen)

·        The SCPN is no longer using Google email list tools. All communications, calendar etc are managed through the Yahoo! Groups page.

·        The calendar is published three months in advance.

·        The SCPN Biz List  is open to anyone who is interested in following BOD activity and discussions, preview BOD meeting minutes before revisions/approval

Events Calendar (Susan):

·        December 16: Yule Reclaiming Style. People who show up will make up the ritual. A Bardic Circle of Yule/Pagan stories, chanting, invocations, music & drumming.  Bill as having a Feast Day with Yule Ritual. Ask everyone to bring a dish to share at pot luck that "without this dish it wouldn't be ????."

·        January 20: Joan Marler presents the life and work of Marija Gimbutas

·        February 17: SCPN date conflicts with Pantheacon

Gift for Scott Trees

·        Thermal and Hawk will donate what seems appropriate and bring a receipt to the board (no more than $50)

Meeting adjourned 12:02 pm.


·        Bruce will update signature card at the Bank

·        Leeannen and Susan will work together to keep website and Yahoo! groups page up to date.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Small, Events Coordinator