Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for Nov. 14, 2010

10:30 am in Sebastopol, Coffee Cats Café

In Attendance: Bill Dempsey (Chair), Leeanen Sidh, Helen/Hawk, Bruce Willey (Treas.), Lilith De’Anu, Oberon Zell (OZ) (Sec’y). non-BoD guests: Jeanie Brennan, Leah Ocean, Raven Playfaire

Opening of Meeting: SCPN Critical Business Calendar passed out as agenda, which will follow item-by item:

Old Business: None

New Business: 

Update Board Members Contact Sheet: Done; see attached.

Review SCPN ByLaws revisions: 

Jeanie & Leah summarized changes:

Cleaned up prorated memberships for compliance;

Changed member of BoD members to 5-7;

Added conflict of interest clause to “Duties” (4.4.f)

Cleaned up and clarified wording throughout.

Jeanie & Leah turned over all documents, records, info, permits, etc. Bill received them for safekeeping.

MOTION: Bruce moved to approve all Bylaws changes. Lilith 2nd; passed.

MOTION: OZ moved to commend Leah & Jeanie for compiling revisions. Lilth 2nd; passed.

MOTION: Bruce moves to write formal letters of thanks to Jeanie & Leah. Bill 2nd; passed. Lilith will compose first draft, then circulate for round-robin input.

ACTION TAKEN: Jeanie emailed OZ electronic copy of revised Minutes. OZ cleaned up copy to print out and bring to SCPN meeting on 11/19. Needs signatures of all Officers, then will mail in to Sec’y of State.

Update Secretary of State with any changes to Officers: 

Sec’y (OZ) must file Statement of Information Filing with new BoD Officers as of Nov. 30  HYPERLINK "" #C2477644 

ACTION TAKEN: OZ has gone to  HYPERLINK "" and completed on-line filing. Also noted that Agent of Service was still listed Edward Mendoza, so changed this to Oberon Zell, Sec’y. Cost $20. Paid OZ personal credit card; will submit receipt to Treasurer at meeting on 11/19 for reimbursement.

Update State Board of Equalization with any changes to Officers: 

Sec’y (OZ) must update SBE with new BoD Officers as of Nov. 1. #JH 101-348545.

ACTION TAKEN: OZ has gone to  HYPERLINK ""; printed out and filled in form BOE-245-COR-1. Will bring to SCPN meeting on 11/19. Needs signatures of all Officers, then will mail in.

Letterhead & Embossing Seal: 

OZ will create SCPN letterhead for official letters. OZ will also have embossing seal made at Office Depot. Leeanan will provide graphic (done!). Incorporation date 12/13/2002. $50 ceiling—pay cash, keep receipt, get reimbursed later.

ACTION TAKEN: Leeanan provided graphic in electronic format. OZ took disk to Office Depot and ordered embossing seal, paying up front. The total cost with tax came to $66.24. It should be ready in a week or so.

Update LBAGC Corresponding Secretary with SCPN Officers and LBAG reps information: 

Bruce & Helen/Hawk are official SCPN reps to LBAGC.

ACTION: Helen/Hawk will update LBAGC with new Officers at next LBAGC meeting on Wed. 11/7

Update business accounts as needed (remove non-Board members, update Officers):

FedEx signors (current: Bruce, Treasurer; Lilith, Public Relations)

Exchange Bank signors (current: Bruce, Jeanie, Leeanen, BillyD, Leah)

HYPERLINK "" recipients (current: Bruce, Jeanie, Leah, Richard)

MOTION: Leeanan moves to accept Helen/Hawk as signatory on SCPN account at Exchange Bank (Steele & Range branch). Lilith 2nd; passed.

MOTION: Leeanan moves to change recipients on  HYPERLINK "" to include all current BoD members. Lilith 2nd; passed.

Jeanie (#33) and Leah (#29) turned in their keys to LBAGC and PO Box 9533 (Montgomery Village PO). Keys reassigned to: OZ (#33) and Lilith (#29). NOTE: Kat Atwood still has key #31, which will go to Helen/Hawk.


Board appoints an Events Coordinator:

MOTION: Bruce nominates Lilith Events Coordinator. Leannan 2nd; passed.

Lilith presents new receipt book for memberships. Ideas for 2011 events:

Francesca (Jan?)

Morning Glory – Chants Encounters (March)

Norma – Altar making

Cerridwen – Book release for “Red as Blood, White as Bone 2”

Sierra – Corn dolls

Medb – ADF Druid thingee

Myrrh – Starhawk

Oberon – Church of All Worlds: history & influences on modern Pagan movement

Richard Allen Miller – Herbs & Alchemy

Wendy Johnson – “Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate”

Helen/Hawk – Cultural stuff that influenced us: movies, comic strips, songs, TV shows…

Trade brochures w. North Bay Reclaiming

Get FaceBook page for SCPN

Yule – OZ & Lilith – CAW pageant ritual?

Treasurer’s Report:

Bank Account: As of 10/10/10 1154.16

10/25 $667 deposit from cash 1821.16

10/29 $170 deposit from cash 1991.16

As of 11/14/10 1991.16

Cash Box: As of 10/10/10 $334.71

See detailed accounting for Oct.

-$46.04 expenses for Oct.

To review & report: +? From dues & fundraisers

-$837.00 deposits to bank _______


Gift card: As of 10/10/10     38.52

10/8/10 -$7.95 paid Crystal Tech     30.57    

PayPal:       $48.30 + unknown dues added to report

TOTALS 11/14/10

Bank: $1991.16

Cash:       102.80

Card:             30.57

PayPal:       48.30

$1172.83 known, + unknown PayPal

MOTION: OZ moves to accept Treasurer’s Report. Bill 2nd; passed.

Board requests Board member to be Membership Coordinator; Secretary is ultimately responsible.

Lilith offers to take on job of Membership Coordinator. 

MOTION: OZ eagerly moves to accept Lilith as Membership Coordinator. Bill 2nd; passed.

(QUESTION: How many paid members do we have at this time?)

Webmistress Report:

Leeanan is Webmistress – will transfer from Google Groups to YahooGroups and calendar.

Meeting adjourned at 1:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Oberon Zell, Secretary