SCPN BoD Minutes 3/13/11

Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for March 13, 2011

10:30 am in Sebastopol, Coffee Cats Café

Present: Bruce (Thermal) Willey (Treas.), Oberon Zell (OZ) (Sec’y), Helen/Hawk, Leannen Sidhe. (By phone: Lilith Berkana De' Anu) 

Old Business: Minutes of previous meeting (Feb. 13, 2011) approved online.

Hawk will take SCPN member list to LBAG on Tues, March 15.

Bruce spent $5.65 to mail insurance (Traveler’s Ins.). OZ moved to reimburse him for this; Leeanen 2nd; PASSED.

Bruce got new gift card ($117.98 now available)

Domain payments due in March.

Hawk needs reimbursement for fairy lights (approx. $25). She also needs reimbursement of $125 for the Midsummer Campout campsites. She'll bring both receipts for re-imbursement to the next meeting.  

OZ will bring embossing seal to next meeting.

New Business: 

SCPN e-list report (Leeanen, owner & Webmistress)

Moderators: Lilith, Leeanen & Hawk. Leeanen advises Hawk on List Admin.

ACTIONS: Leeanen will be shutting down Google list at end of month. All members are being transferred to YahooGroups list (41 are now signed up). Notices are being posted to everyone.


OZ reports that Wendy Rule will not be available to perform on any date that LBAG has open. Rather, she will do a house concert at RavenHaven in June.

OZ heard from Michael Gorman in Sacramento that Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone will be here in June. OZ will contact them to see if we can arrange for them to speak at SCPN in June. (Follow-up: Janet says they will not be able to come to the US this year at all—can’t afford it.)

OZ suggests arranging for screening of “Dancing With Gaia,” a lovely feature documentary by Jo Carson about Fred Adams of Feraferia, and his Vision of Goddess. 

ACTION: OZ will contact Jo Carson to see what arrangements could be made to show "Dancing With Gaia” at an SCPN meeting.

Beltaine: SCPN has a 15-ft. PVC Maypole. Any use for it?

ACTION: Leeanen will research local Maypole/Beltane events available for SCPN members and post on list. (She has some contacts.)

Treasurer’s Report (Bruce):

Bruce got new Office software: “Home & Student.”

Total starting balance: $2,393.97 (+unknown PayPal)

Total ending balance: $2,114.23 (+unknown PayPal)

Bank Account: As of 2/13/11 1,920.11

2/23/11 Deposit from cashbox +$150 2,120.11

3/7/11   Check to Traveler's -$250 1,870.11

As of 3-13-11     $1,870.11

Cashbox: As of 2/13/11   368.64

2/23/11 repay Bruce Willey for taxes -$18 350.64

2/23/11 Deposit to bank -$150 200.64

2/23/11 Purchase Gift Card -$123   77.64

As of 3-13-11      $77.64

Gift card: As of 2/13/11           6.72

2/23/11 Rolled old card into new; showing   26.46

2/23/11 Paid from Cashbox -$123 149.46

2/23/11 Paid for new card -$2.95 146.51

3/8/11   Paid Crystaltech  -$7.95 138.56

3/9/11   Paid GKG (domain names) -$20.58 117.98

As of 3/13/11       117.98

Pay Pal: As of 2/13/11     48.50  

No change in Feb. 

As of 3/13/11     48.50                           

(+unknown in account, still unable to access account)

Totals: As of 2/13/11             $2,393.97





As of 3/13/11    $2,114.23

Calendar items (Lilith):

April: “ADF (A Druid Fellowship)” with Medb Aodhamair

May: “Hieros Gamos: Sacred Union of the Gods & The Godlike” with Francesca Gentillé

June: Wrote to Valerie Voight (Pagan Sing)

Volunteers needed for Litha campout…

July: Sierra and the Corn Dollies (sounds like a rock band…)

August: Gwion of N. Bay Reclaiming – Drumming & food drive (or Sept?)

September: Leeanen talked to Wendy Johnson re: Home Farm/Garden (organic sustainable permaculture). Perhaps she would be available to present at SCPN sometime—September maybe? 

Starhawk would like to offer her permaculture “Seed Ball” project, but she wants $1,500. Thermal bought Starhawk’s 45-min. DVD on Permaculture—her people would be willing to come to SCPN to make a presentation…

October: Samhain – Divination Night – Witches Ball. Volunteers needed for Samhain ritual.

November: “Voices of Roma” Romanian Gypsies (OZ will bring Romanian translation of his Grimoire and tell how it came to be).

December: Yule – Volunteers needed for Yule ritual.

Meeting adjourned 12:22pm.


Leeanen will be shutting down Google list at end of month and will transfer all members to YahooGroups list. She will post notices to everyone.

Hawk will bring receipts for Fairy Lights (@$25) and Midsummer Campout campsites ($125) to the next meeting for re-imbursement. 

OZ will contact Jo Carson ( HYPERLINK "" to see what arrangements could be made to show “Dancing With Gaia” at an SCPN meeting.

OZ will bring embossing seal to next meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Oberon Zell, Secretary