Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for November 11, 2012

10:30 am in Sebastopol, Coffee Cats Café


Present: Helen/Hawk (Pres.), Bruce (Thermal) Willey (Treas.), Oberon Zell (OZ) (Sec’y.), Lilith Berkana De'Anu; Storm Goranson; Benn Reimann; Susan Small (Events Coordinator) on phone. Guest emeritus Leeanen.


Meeting called to order by Helen/Hawk at 11:05 am. Helen has to leave by 11:40. OZ suggests that since we never seem to start before 11:00, perhaps we should change the meeting time to 11:00…


Old Business: Minutes of previous meeting (Oct. 14) read.                       

MOTION: Bruce moves to accept previous Minutes. Lilith 2nd; passed.


Election held Oct. 19: All candidates re-elected; Benn Reinmann was a write in, also elected (now he must join BizList). Bruce has ballots: 14 votes were cast.

(Helen notes that we regard Robert’s Rules of Order to be merely guidelines…)


Old Business/Actions Pending:

·         All present BoD members to post “Why I am on the SCPN BoD—and so can you!” (DONE!).

·         Lilith will send out notice as per motion. (DONE!).

·         OZ will get these minutes out ASAP. (DONE!).

·         Lilith will respond to Leah’s concerns on member list. (DONE!).

·         Bruce will create a P&L statement for end-of-year report. (not yet done)

·         Storm & Bruce will get together for Storm to teach Bruce about Quickbooks. Also OZ. (not yet done)

·         Review & edit new Mission Statement online. (not yet done)

·         Brochure review (Helen): table ‘til next meeting. (not yet done; Leeanen has file)

·         Director’s Insurance. Table ‘til next meeting. Bruce will research cost. (not yet done)


Treasurer’s Report for October (Bruce)


            Total assets as of 10-14-12                                 2254.18


            Bank:                         As of 10-14-12                  1771.96

            10-19-12   Deposit from cashbox        +365       2136.96

            10-29-12   Deposit from cashbox        +579       2715.96

                                              As of 11-11-12                  2715.96


            Cashbox:                   As of 10-14-12                    430.30

            10-14-12     Dues, 2 members                +50         480.30

            10-14-12    Lilith money for nametags   -40         440.30

            10-19-12     Deposit to bank                 -365           75.30

            10-19-12     Donations from readings  +275         350.30

            10-19-12     Dues, 8 members              +240         590.30

            10-19-12     Cauldron donations            +99         689.30

            10-29-12     Deposit to bank                 -579         110.30

            11-2-12       Cauldron donations          +108         218.30

            11-2-12       Dues 2 members                 +60         278.30

            11-2-12       Cauldron donations            +20         298.30

                                              As of 11-11-12                    298.30


            Gift Card:                 As of 10-14-12                      51.92

            11-8-12       Pay Crystaltech                     -7.95      43.97

                                              As of 11-11-12                      43.97


            Paypal:                      As of 10-14-12                      00.00

            10-19-12     Dues one member               +23.50      23.50

                                              As of 11-11-12                      23.50


            Totals:                                                 Bank:       2715.96

                                                                        Cash:         298.30

                                                                        Card:           43.97

                                                                     Paypal:           23.50

                                              As of 11-11-12                  3081.73


Total $3,081.73—largest balance ever! We can buy a PP projector; need to research—one was seen for @$600… (Bruce will research projectors & create budget proposal for next year.

MOTION: OZ moves to accept Treasurer’s Report. Benn 2nd; passed.


Deborah & Tom are offering to donate $10,000/year in Sandra’s name to go for scholarships to Pantheacon. It will be necessary to create an application form. (OZ will offer as model the Scholarship Appl. Form used at Grey School.) Also fund an SCPN hospitality suite at P’con. Helen & Lilith will talk to Glenn. Lilith will look into designing SCPN logo swag items (mugs, etc.) for sale (Zazzle).




Events Calendar (Susan):


Susan reminds us that Bizarre Bazar is next Friday—bring cool magickal stuff to sell!


OZ raises Q re Toys for Tots—too late to plan for this year… Any other drive for donations at other times of year (food, clothes, etc.)? Spring baskets for homeless shelters (Lilith). To be discussed online…


·         Dec. 21. Yule. Shift from Pisces to Aquarius. OZ offers major ritual to be followed by all-night vigil at Raven Haven for those who wish to do so…culminating in sunrise singing of song, “This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” Will adapt ritual based on Bob Dylan song, “Shelter from the Storm.” Will circulate ritual script and recruit people for roles…

Gift exchange—add to flyer of Yule announcement. Limit $10; mark gender- or age-related items.

Decorations—many in storage unit destroyed by mice & thrown out. Thermal will go to unit & measure to buy plastic bins. Ask for donations of decorations: string lights, garlands, etc. Benn: blue tape for walls.

Ritual—OZ get Yule ritual blurb to Susan ASAP!


·         Jan. 18. Melissa—wheat-weaving with theme for Brigid.


·         March 15. Darryl Cherney. Showing and fundraising for Darryl’s movie, “Who Killed Judy Barri?” Suggested donation $10; all donations over base expenses to go to Darryl’s nonprofit.


Other Matters:


Helen leaves 11:40.

Scheduling future BoD meetings—discussion.

MOTION: Bruce moves we gather at 10:30; start meeting at 11:00. Benn 2nd; passed.



·         Bruce will create a P&L statement for end-of-year report.

·         Storm & Bruce will get together for Storm to teach Bruce about Quickbooks. Also OZ.

·         Review & edit new Mission Statement online.

·         Brochure review (Helen): table ‘til next meeting.

·         Director’s Insurance. Table ‘til next meeting. Bruce will research cost.

·         OZ will post to BizList the Scholarship Appl. form used at Grey School, as model for SCPN/P’con.

·         Thermal will go to storage & measure to buy plastic bins to store decorations.

·         OZ will get Yule ritual blurb to Susan ASAP! (DONE)


Meeting adjourned 12:15 pm.


Next meeting: Dec. 9.


Respectfully submitted,

Oberon Zell, Secretary