Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for August 12, 2012

10:30 am in Sebastopol, Coffee Cats Café


Present: Helen/Hawk (Pres.), Bruce (Thermal) Willey (Treas.), Oberon Zell (OZ) (Sec’y.), Susan Small (Events Coordinator), Lilith Berkana De'Anu; Storm Goranson


Meeting called to order by Helen/Hawk at 10:54 am.


Old Business: Minutes of previous meeting (July 8) read.

MOTION: Bruce moves to accept previous Minutes, minus red-highlighted parts. Susan 2nd; passed.


Treasurer’s Report for July (Bruce)


                Total assets as of 7-8-12                                       1899.08



                                                                As of 7-8-12               1554.61

                No change in July

                                                                As of 8-12-12            1554.61


                Cash Box:

                                                                As of 7-8-12                 111.24

                7-11-12 Office Depot name tags -15.72              95.52

                7-20-12 Savannah Johnson dues +20                115.52

                7-20-12 Elizabeth Abel  dues +25                        140.52                         

                7-20-12 Cauldron donations +36                         176.52

                                                                As of 8-12-12               176.52


                Gift Card:

                                                                As of 7-8-12                   86.23

                8-8-12  Crystaltech website -7-95                         78.28                                                                                                         

                                                                As of 8-12-12                 78.28



                                                                As of 7-8-12                 147.00

                No change in July

                                                                As of 8-12-12               147.00



                                                                                Bank:           1554.61

                                                                                Cash:              176.52

                                                                                Card:                 78.28

                                                                                Paypal:          147.00

                                                                As of 8-12-12            1956.41


MOTION: Susan moves to accept Treasurer’s Report. OZ 2nd; passed.


Action items pending from last meeting:

·         Bruce will complete process to become PayPal signatory ASAP.

In process—next week Bruce will meet with Jeannie to send relevant documents to Bank. Needs Minutes from last Nov. with new BoD listing. Helen will print those out.


·         Helen will email OZ new version of Bylaws to submit to Sec’y of State via CA Business Portal.

Lilith: two separate items: one gives BoD ability to change Bylaws; other actually does it.

Helen: Send out proposed amendment final wording to all members; new dues contingent upon vote of approval.

2nd half: New dues change from $25 to $30 will go into effect Oct. 1 contingent upon vote of approval for Bylaws change. Leeanen will post new Bylaws immediately upon approval.

Proposed change to Bylaws must be posted 30 days prior to BoD final vote—must be special announcement with actual wording of old and new clauses.

MOTION: Bruce proposes change of motion from July:

1.      Proposal for any dues changes may be made at a BoD meeting no more than one time per calendar year.

2.      Written proposal to be sent to members within 48 hours of that meeting.

3.      Final vote to be held no less than 30 days after written announcement.

4.      Changes to take effect immediately upon passage.

Lilith 2nd; passed.

Helen: Who will send this announcement out? OZ will write up and send to Lilith. Helen will send OZ previous version.


·         Storm will complete next draft of SCPN Juvenile Permission Form.

Storm presents draft; change “Enrollment” to “Permission” Other changes:

Permission Form for Youth under 16.

(Due to legal considerations, if you are under 16 years of age, your parent or guardian must complete and sign this Permission Form. After filling in all the fields below, your parent/guardian must sign where indicated.)

I,______________ [Name of Parent or Guardian], certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of the minor child ______________[Name of Minor] known as ______________. I also certify that I have complete legal authority to grant or deny permission regarding such matters for said minor child. In filling out and executing this Permission Form, I hereby grant my permission for my child to participate in all meetings and presentations of the Sonoma County Pagan Network.


·         Helen will email current SCPN brochure to BoD for review. Bruce & Helen will print up a small number (10-15) of current brochures by next meeting (July 20).

Helen passes out copies of current version of SCPN brochure to all BoD members.

ACTION: Homework: everyone review and propose any changes by next month.


·         Bruce will post proposed new Mission Statement for online round-robin.

Bruce will send a proposed new Mission Statement on the BizList to be discussed online.


·         Lilith will coordinate with Bruce to get green and yellow Avery labels & template for name tags: SCPN logo to indicate members with space for names.

Lilith presents nifty new ID labels; they look fabulous—thank you!


·         Helen will make proposal for changing SCPN BoD meeting dates and times.    

Table until next meeting.


Events Calendar (Susan):


·         Sept. 21. Mabon. Harvest theme. Francesca Gentile offers to present Faerie thingee…?

Seller’s Permit needed for silent auction. OZ suggests doing a flea market instead: “Bizarre Bazar.” Lilith has template


·         Oct. 19. Divination night?


·         Nov. 2. Samhain—Witches Ball. Who will do ritual? Leeanen?


·         Nov. 16. Open…


·         Dec. 21. Yule. Shift from Pisces to Aquarius (Storm suggests Div night). OZ proposes major ritual to be followed by all-night vigil at Raven Haven for those who wish to do so… Will adapt ritual based on Bob Dylan song, “Shelter from the Storm.” Will circulate ritual script and recruit people for roles…


Mailing List (Storm): Needs Mission Statement

Susan will post to Craigslist; Speakers to post to their own lists.

Ask Lorean if she would forward SCPN announcements to Isis Oasis lists…



·         Bruce will complete process to become PayPal signatory ASAP.

·         Helen will email OZ current version of Bylaws.

·         Helen passed out copies of current SCPN brochure to BoD. Everyone review and propose any changes by next month.

·         Bruce will send a proposed new Mission Statement on the BizList to be discussed online.

·         Helen will make proposal for changing SCPN BoD meeting dates and times.   


Meeting adjourned 1:03 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Oberon Zell, Secretary