Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for January 13, 2013

Held @ Coffee Cats Café, Sebastopol, California

Present: Helen/Hawk (President), Bruce (Thermal) Willey (Treasurer), Lilith Berkana De’Anu, Susan Small (Event Coordinator), Storm (Board Member), Benn (Terra) Reimann (acting  Secretary for Oberon Zell who was not present). SCPN Web Mistress Leeanen Sidhe was also present. 

-  Meeting opens @ 11:24am

- Helen proposes Motion; that December minutes not to be reviewed due to Oberon Zell not being present & copies of December’s minutes will be handed out @ next month’s meeting (February). Motion accepted; Seconded by Bruce-Passed.

Treasurer’s Report (Bruce):

-Bank Account: As of 12-9-12;   $2715.96

12-26-12; Deposit from cashbox   $592.00

12-27-12; Cashier’s check to Best Buy to purchase

    Projector & sound system -$1076.99

As of 1-13-13;   $2230.97

-Cashbox: As of 12-9-12; $434.07

12-21-12; Cauldron donations + $185.00

12-21-12; Katrina membership +$30.00

12-21-12; Isira membership + $30.00

12-21-12; Cauldron donations + $41.10

12-21-12; Oberon Zell gas stipend -$25.00

12-26-12; Deposit to bank -$592.00

1-13-13; Cauldron fairy +$19.72

As of 1-13-13; $122.89

-Gift Card: As of 12-9-12; $36.02

1-8-13; Pay Crystaltech -$7.95

As of 1-13-13; $28.07

-Paypal: As of 12-9-12; $23.50

No change in December

As of 1-13-13; $23.50

-Totals: Bank; $2230.97

Cashbox; $122.89

Giftcard; $28.07

Paypal; $23.50

As of 1-13-13; $2405.43                             -Note; Last year at this time SCPN had $2194.75

-Treasurer’s Report Notes from SCPN Board Meeting 1-13-13:

Last year (2012) is the best year financially for the SCPN that Bruce can recall.    Projector and sound system were purchased and the SCPN budget still over $200 ahead of last year’s budget at this time.

Bruce spent a little over the $1000.00 mandated figure for the projector-sound system ($76.99). Bruce (also) acquired a warranty (2 year) for the projector-sound system which can be renewed if desired.

Also Bruce had to acquire a different cable for the audio-projector—laptop link. Bruce spent $11.36 for ‘VGA Cable’ (from his own funds). Lilith proposes Motion to reimburse Bruce $11.36 from SCPN funds, Seconded by Susan, Passed. 

Storm asks why 2012 was such a good year financially. Lilith suggests that more members were acquired and contributed, especially via the ‘Meet Up’ internet networking site. Yule was especially successful in contributions in which Oberon ‘s ritual drew in more people. Research and tracking is suggested to perhaps understand better what draws in more participation.

Bruce suggests generating ‘panel’ events, inviting different people/leaders from different (Pagan) traditions to ‘panel’ style discussions and/or interactions.

Storm proposes Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report. Seconded by Lilith; Passed.

Security @ the LBAG:

-Discussion about where to keep newly purchased projector & sound system.

Bruce & Helen discuss break-ins SCPN storage room lock –box and kitchen storage including the cutting off of padlocks.

Helen states that she will bring this up with LBAG management in upcoming annual meeting with LBAG.

SCPN Board universally agrees in reluctance in keeping newly purchased projector – sound system stored at LBAG.

Bruce suggests in keeping projector-sound system at his and Helen’s residence and Bruce offers to construct an encompassing (travel) box for all projector equipment.

Storm proposes Motion to permit Bruce and Helen to retain projector equipment at their residence. Seconded by Benn; Passed.

Any borrowing of projector equipment by SCPN members to be subject to SCPN Board approval.

SCPN Board decides to do an LBAG key inventory so that all SCPN Board members can be given a key to ensure access to the LBAG when some SCPN Board members may not be available to open LBAG on any given month/event.

Events/Calendar (Susan):

-January (2013) events/activities:

The showing of the DVD ‘Descent of Inanna’ by Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller.

Conrad Bishop as undergone open-heart surgery  and donations to accepted for Conrad.

-February (2013) events/activities:

February LBAG opening on Feb. 15 coincides with Pantheacon occurring on the same weekend. Who will be available to open LBAG and what kind of event to occur on February 15?

Lilith, Benn, Leeanen & Storm (?) will be in Sonoma County area. Lilith has LBAG keys. Post on e-list of what to do; suggestions?! Need to let Susan know so that she can post-announce on calendar (food/theme).

Bruce proposes Motion to allocate $25.00 gas stipend for LBAG opening/event on February 15 for Lilith, Benn & Leeanen. Seconded by Susan; Passed.


-March (2013) events/activities: 

Daryl Cheney’s Foundation and his production ‘Who Killed Judi Bari?’ Susan to let Daryl know that any money over the $50.00 requirement of the SCPN (SCPN operating cost of LBAG usage) to be donated to Daryl’s foundation.

-April (2013) events/activities:

Susan will need help due to April surgery (yikes!).

Leeanen & Benn to be slated for April’s SCPN event (Sustainable Container Gardening or ‘Pot Gardening’).


Susan approached by Jammie Hansen (of the ‘Argus Courier’ who is apparently doing a piece on the SCPN)) to interviewed on how the SCPN has impacted her (Susan) life.

Bruce proposes to show the video ‘Permaculture’ by Starhawk.  A documentary on earth activism, gardening, community activism & sustainable lifestyle (environmental ism Paganism).

Bruce volunteers to start to put together a (discussion) panel with various different Pagan traditions.

Membership (Lilith):

Lilith reports that there are 25 SCPN members who are paid up for 2013.

LBAG annual meeting  on Tuesday, January 15 (2013) @ 1:00-!:30pm. Helen set to attend meeting with written report to be submitted to LBAG Association  (including SCPN membership, events, calendar with activities/descriptions  of 2012). Post on SCPN’s e-list.

Other Issues/Items:

Discussion regarding ‘trophy’ for Morning Glory (“World’s Greatest Priestess”). Storm suggests something more “personal”. Leeanen suggests a pillow.

Storm & Lilith agree to do more research into something and will get back to SCPN Board on this issue.

Storm & Bruce will converse further (on-line) about using ‘Quickbooks” program for SCPN financial records.

SCPN Board Meeting comes to a close @ 1:52pm