Sonoma County Pagan Network

                                                                Meeting Minutes for April 14, 2013                                                                                           Held @ Coffee Cats Café, Sebastopol, California

Present: Helen/Hawk (President), Lilith Berkana De’Anu, Susan, Storm (Board Member), Benn Reimann (acting  Secretary for Oberon Zell who was not present). SCPN Web Mistress Leeanen Sidhe was also present.

-  Meeting opens @ 11:24am

- Not enough board members for a quorum.

·         Treasurer’s Report (Bruce):

-          Helen has treasurer’s report with copies but April’s treasury report will be discussed @ May’s (2013) board meeting.

-          Helen states that treasurer’s report is straight forward. March’s treasury report final amount was $2351.72 and is now $2121.79. Bruce will review April’s treasury report in detail in May’s board meeting.

-          Nametags: Lilith proposes to acquire 160 badges for $28.26 or ˘17.6225 per badge (20 sheets with badges; 8 badges per sheet). Also a suggestion is made that permanent badges be made for regular members that can be kept together when events are completed (for board members). Approximately 25 badges would be used per event (i.e.  160 badges would last approximately 6 months). Also Lilith will investigate the cost of permanent badges.


·         Events/Calendar (Susan):

-          Darryl Cherney’s presentation in March had a low turnout. Better targeting or marketing? Maybe better communication in connecting  paganism and environmentalism.

-          A suggestion was put forth to contact Druid priest (‘Jesse’) for a return/event.  Apparently Jesse was open to returning to the SCPN.

-          Starhawk’s film ‘Permaculture’ to shown at SCPN’s April event.

-          Leeanen & Benn’s presentation on ‘Closer to Gaia through Container gardening’ scheduled for May’s SCPN event (May 17).

-          June’s annual campout is not scheduled. Helen will try to reschedule a campout later in the summer.

-          Helen proposes to do a class on how to facilitate a ritual (as a workshop) and connect the workshop with summer solstice. Also a proposal to invite someone who would like to do something for summer solstice in July.

-          Also a proposal to contact Norma on seeing in she would be interested in doing an event on altar building.

-          Also a suggestion in contacting Robert Russell (a pagan chaplain) and Patrick McConnell on doing something on Asatru’ .



Board meeting adjourned @ 1:24pm.