Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for June 9, 2013

11:00 am in Sebastopol, Coffee Cats Café


Present: Helen/Hawk (President), Oberon Zell (Secretary), Lilith Berkana De'Anu, Storm, Benn (Terra) Reimann. Absent: Susan Small (Event Coordinator).


Meeting called to order by Helen/Hawk at 11:22am.



·         Calendar

·         Morning Glory Award.

·         CUUPS.

·         Start times for BoD meetings.


Old Business:

Minutes of May 19 meeting read.

Treasurer’s report questions will need to wait until Bruce will be here.

Helen proposes to set aside May Minutes until next meeting (July 14) when Bruce will be here.


Treasurer's Report for May (Bruce):


            Total assets as of 5-19-13                                               2095.00


            Bank:                          As of 5-19-13                              1834.97

                        No change in May

                                                As of 6-9-13                                1834.97


            Cashbox:                     As of 5-19-13                                135.87

                        5-17-13 Cauldron donations +67.52                     203.39

                        5-17-13 Ben & Leeanen stipend -25                     178.39

                                                As of 6-9-13                                  178.39


            Gift Card:                   As of 5-19-13                                100.66

                        6-8-13 Pay Crystaltech                 -7.95                  92.71

                                                As of 6-9-13         92.71


            Paypal:                        As of 5-19-13                                  23.50

                                No change in May                                              

                                                As of 6-9-13                                    23.50


            Totals:                                                 Bank:                   1834.97

                                                                        Cash:                     178.39

                                                                        Card:                                       92.71

                                                                        Paypal:                    23.50

                                                As of 6-9-13                                2129.57


            Received P.O. Box bill, 78.00 to pay this month.

            Received new insurance contract, will review against old.

            Received state board of equalization notice; they owe us $12.20, will request refund.


MOTION: OZ moves to accept Treasurer’s Report. Lilith 2nd; passed.

Old Business:


·         Great turnout (@60) for Benn & Leeanen’s May 17 presentation on organic gardening and Biodynamics.

·         Discuss dismal turnout for Darryl’s movie in March. Why? Comments—perceived as old stuff.

·         Need to reach out to younger crowd. Maybe have Sharon Knight concert, Thorn Coyle, belly dancers… Susan will post a poll on Meetup.

·         “The Show Must Go On” annual award “for service above and beyond,” with the first one to be awarded to Morning Glory. Lilith will create text and design award via Zazzle; get quote on plaque (limit: $50).

·         Quickbooks (Storm) Looking for discount Quickbooks app.


New Business:


·         CUUPS (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans). OZ reports on organizational meeting at Santa Rosa UU church last week. Considerable interest among UU people. Next meeting Wed. June 19 at 6:30pm at UU church in SR. OZ recommends that SCPN BoD members attend; invite all SCPN members to join.

·         Mystic Fair on Oct. 17 (the day after our Div Nite on the 18th). OZ recommends that SCPN have a table there ($75), offer readings, merchandise, swag. 8:00am setup—hours 10-5.

MOTION: OZ moves to authorize SCPN to spend $75 to reserve booth at Mystic Fair (deadline 8/21). Storm 2nd; passed. Susan will make arrangements: use SCPN PayPal; reach out to SCPN readers and others to help staff table.

·         OZ recommends inviting Cat & Nagasiva Yronwode to do a presentation on Hoodoo…

·         Lilith says her friend Doug Esperson can present on Quantum Magick, etc.

·         BoD meeting time: 10:30 socialize; 11:00 call to order.




·         June 21 (Litha) Norma Robbins will do workshop on altar building (she creates them for Goddess fairs, Harmony Festival, etc.) Slight materials fee. Leeanen will do Litha ritual; theme: “Amor Omnia Vincent.”


·         July 19 (TBA)




·         “Dia de los Muertes & Samhain—Together Again?” Bruce will talk to Anna in Mexican community and Sonoma Wine Shop (Gus Dizerega will arrange meeting). Gus will create writeup.

·         Lilith will announce Zazzle swag with SCPN logo on SCPN list, using design with circular letting around logo (SCPN website URL will be small or absent).

·         Directors’ Insurance: Storm will study our current insurance policy and make recommendations.

·         “The Show Must Go On” annual award “for service above and beyond,” with the first one to be awarded to Morning Glory. Lilith will create text and design award via Zazzle; get quote on plaque (limit: $50).

·         Quickbooks: Storm looking for discount Quickbooks app.

·         Brochure: Hawk will make her changes in brochure, put it online, and bring it to next BoD meeting.

·         Hawk will talk to Glenn about an SCPN hospitality suite at P’con next year.

·         Pagan movie nights at Raven Haven on the first Friday of each month, at 8:00 (after dinner; SCPN cleanup). People should bring snacks/drinks to share. However, due to MG’s illness, the June movie night had to be cancelled. OZ & MG will come up with a new schedule and short list of possible movies.

·         Outreach to younger crowd; Susan will post a poll on Meetup.


Next meeting: July 14.


Mischief managed; meeting adjourned 1:34 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Oberon Zell, Secretary