Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for November 10, 2013

Held @ Coffee Cats Café, Sebastopol, California

Present: Helen/Hawk (President), Bruce Wiley /Thermal (Treasurer), Ben Terra (Secretary), Susan Small,   Leeanen Sidhe (Web Mistress) and Lilith DeAnu who was also present via phone conference.

-  Meeting opens @ 11:19am

- General outline of board meeting; Statement/declaration of election results held on October 18, Treasurer’s report, communication within the board member body, upcoming events and Yule.

·         Election results (Held October 18 @ the LBAG):

SCPN membership elected the following members to the board for the 2013-2014 year;

President- Helen/Hawk, Treasurer-Bruce Wiley (Thermal), Secretary- Ben Terra

General Board members elected include; Susan Small, Leeanen Sidhe, Lilith DeAnu & Storm (a total of 7 board members).

·         Treasurer’s Report (Bruce):

-          Summary: October’s report (for November 10th board meeting); SCPN started with $1945.27 (Oct. 17, 2013) and finished the month’s cycle with $1977.32 (as of Nov. 10, 2013).  See posted Treasurer’s Report for a detailed breakdown of finances and assets.

-          Susan motions to accept Treasurer’s Report, Bruce 2nd’s motion, passed.

-          Note:  Bruce to take money from Paypal to SCPN bank account (Action Item or AI).

-          Note: Bruce to donate $50.00 to the online pagan publication ‘Wild Hunt’; (Bruce motions donation, Lilth 2nd’s motion, passed- Action Item or AI).


·         Events/Calendar (Susan):

-           Helen to give a presentation on ‘Daily Practice’ for November’s event (on Friday, Nov 15).

-          December’s event; Leeanen will lead a ritual for Yule titled ‘Driving out the Darkness’ (Friday, Dec. 20). The SCPN will be doing a food drive @ Yule which will subsequently be donated to the Redwood Empire Food Bank (please donate only canned food and/or dried boxed goods; no fresh food, glass containers or homemade foods can be accepted). A gift exchange will also be held during Yule (please spend no more than $10-$15 on a gift or make a homemade gift. Choose or make a gift you yourself might wish to receive). A potluck feast will also be a part of the evening’s festivities.

-          January’s (2014) event is tentatively earmarked for Norma who will give a presentation on wand making or making a Bridget’s cross.

-          Jo Pettit may do a presentation for February’s event.







·         Action Items (To do list)J:

-          Bruce to deposit Paypal Account funds into SCPN Bank Account.

-          Leeanen to adjust code on Paypall to reflect change in the cost of annual SCPN dues.

-          Bruce to pay the State of California $50.00 (by Nov. 18, 2013) for cost of SCPN to submit SI-100 Form.

-          Bruce to donate $50.00 to the ‘Wild Hunt’.

-          Pepple Purchase’-Susan

-          Continued refinement of Yule event.


  Board meeting adjourns @ 1:40 pm.