Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for January 12, 2014
Held @ Coffee Cats Café, Sebastopol, California

Present: Helen/Hawk (President), Bruce Wiley /Thermal (Treasurer), Ben Terra (Secretary), Susan Small via audio link through Helen’s phone.

-  Meeting opens @ 11:30am

Treasurer’s Report (Bruce):
- Summary: November’s Treasurer’s Report states that; SCPN started with $1927.64 (as of Dec. 8, 2013) and finished the month’s cycle with $1927.64 (as of Jan. 12, 2014).  See posted Treasurer’s Report for a detailed breakdown of expenses, finances and assets for the month of November 2013.

- Ben motions to accept Treasurer’s Report, Helen 2nd’s motion, unanimously passed.


Events/Calendar (Susan):

- January?s (2014) event is tentatively earmarked for Norma or Susan. Also Celeste of Moonlight Ministries slated to do an approximately 20 minute presentation on Moonlight Ministries? community activism in Sonoma County (e.g. Russian River clean-up events).

-Jan Phoenix and Root may give a presentation about ‘Goddess of the Month Workshop’ which is currently being conducted in the East Bay and now starting in Cotati.



Action Items (To do list)J:

-          Bruce to deposit Paypal Account funds into SCPN Bank Account.

-          Bruce to update SCPN Critical Business Calendar and to give to Ben to file. 

-          Consider moving Divination Night next year (2014) to either September or November so that we don’t compete with the Mystic Fair.  (Note: must notify LBAG of change)

-          Shea’s books to be placed or located in the LBAG book shelves – library system.


    Board meeting adjourns @ 12.00 pm.