Sonoma County Pagan Network

                                                 Meeting Minutes for April 13, 2014

                                      Held @ Coffee Cats Café, Sebastopol, California                                                     

Present: Helen/Hawk (President), Bruce Wiley /Thermal (Treasurer), Ben Terra (Secretary), Susan Small, Lilith DeAnu, Leeanen  Sidhe.

-  Meeting opens @ 11:18am

·         Treasurer’s Report (Bruce):

-          Summary: April’s Treasurer’s Report states that; SCPN started with $1866.59 (as of Mar. 19, 2014) and finished the month’s cycle with $1413.23 (as of Apr. 13, 2014).  See posted Treasurer’s Report for a detailed breakdown of expenses, finances and assets for the month of March 19, 2014-April 13 2014.

-          Bruce motions to accept Treasurer’s Report, Lilith 2nd’s motion, unanimously passed.

-          Bruce states that he had made some minor accounting errors (bank & gift card) and has now squared it all up.


·         Events/Calendar (Susan):

-          April 2014: Morpheus (a fairy priestess) is slated to give a presentation on ‘Meeting the Moorigon’; an introduction into a regional Celtic Goddess.

-          May 2014: Jan Ogren will give a presentation-discussion (‘Message in the Mayan Calendar) about her Winter Solstice 2012 to Honduras.

-          June 2014: Cherry Hill Ministries and Macha Nightmare to present the movie ‘Agora” (2009) which discusses the story of Hyptia.

-          July 2014: Open

-          Campout 2014: Scheduled for the end of August @ Doran Beach in Bodega Bay.  Bruce motions to have Susan to attempt to acquire a reservation in June (2014) if possible. Leeanen 2nd’s motion, unanimously passed.




·         Action Items (To do list)J:

-          Bruce to update SCPN Critical Business Calendar and to give to Ben to file. 

-          Consider moving Divination Night next year (2014) to either September or November so that we don’t compete with the Mystic Fair.  (Note: must notify LBAG of change)

-          Shea’s books to be placed or located in the LBAG book shelves – library system.

-          Leeanen and Lilth are to complete the ‘Morning Glory Award’. Ben motions that Leeanen and Lilith be funded up to $50.00 for material costs for putting together the ‘Morning Glory Award’. Bruce 2nd’s motion, unanimously passed.

-          Bruce is to provide membership numbers to Lilith.

-          Susan to reserve Campout campsite for 2014 @ Doran Beach, Bodega Bay.

-          Bruce to pay for renewal of Domain names.

-          Bruce to research what it might cost to increase liability insurance coverage & what the potential increased coverage might provide.

-          Ben to bring copy of previous month’s  completed minutes and to do a vote to accept the completed minuters.

-          Leeanen to update archive of past speakers-events (which stopped in 2010).

-          Leeanen to change Mailing List button on SCPN Website menu options.

-          Leeanen to eliminate members button on SCPN Website menu and to archive members’ page.



    Board meeting adjourns @ 1:52 pm.