Sonoma County Pagan Network

                            Meeting Minutes for October 12, 2014

Held @ Coffee Cats Café, Sebastopol, California

Present: Helen/Hawk (President), Ben Terra (Secretary), Storm, Susan Small, Lilith DeAnu & Leeanen Sidhe.

-  Meeting opens @ 11:17 am

·         Treasurer’s Report (Bruce):

-          Summary:  October Treasurer's Report (2014) states that; SCPN started with $1044.68 (as of September 14, 2014) and finished the month's cycle with $1435.81 (as of October 12, 2014).  See posted Treasurer's Report for a detailed breakdown of expenses, finances and assets for the month/period of September 14, 2014 ? October 12, 2014.

-          Ben motions to accept Treasurer's Report for July 2014, Leeanen 2nd's motion, unanimously passed.

-          Leeanen motions to accept September's (2014) revised minutes, Susan 2nd's motion, unanimously passed.


·         Events/Calendar (Susan):

-          October 17: "Feast of our Ancestors" and SCPN elections to be held.

-          October 24: Samhain ritual and Witches Ball.

-          SCPN board has decided to cancel this year’s Mystic Fair event.

-          November 2014: Artemsia is scheduled to teach songs for the upcoming Yule celebration/event in December.

-          January 2015: Phoenix & Root may revisit the SCPN to hold (another) "Goddess of the Month" presentation.

-          Irissonya may conduct a presentation in early 2015 on planning & conducting rituals.


·         Action Items (To do list)J:

-          Bruce to update SCPN Critical Business Calendar and to give to Ben to file. 

-          Shay's books to be placed or located in the LBAG book shelves library system.

-          Bruce to research what it might cost to increase liability insurance coverage & what the potential increased coverage might provide.

-          Leeanen to update archive of past speakers-events (which stopped in 2010).

-          Status of Susan's LBAG key; replace?

-          Helen to inquire about LBag keys.

-          Bruce to give Ben Oberon's secretary box.

-          Ben to bring copy of previous month's completed minutes and to do a vote to accept the completed minutes.



   Board meeting adjourns @ 2:00 pm.