Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for June 11, 2017
Held @ Lilith De Anu's residence, Santa Rosa, California                                                    

Present: Helen/Hawk (President), Bruce Willey /Thermal (Treasurer), Ben Terra (Secretary), Leeanen Sidhe, Lilith De Anu and Jeannie Armstrong.

-  Meeting opens @ 12:00 pm

-  Ben reads May 2017 SCPN Board Meeting Minutes and Bruce motions to accept the May 2017 SCPN Board Meeting Minutes, Jeannie 2nds motion, unanimously passed.  

·         Treasurer's Report (Bruce):

-          Summary for  May (2017) - June (2017):  Treasurer's monthly report for June 2017 states that; SCPN started with $1093.63 (as of May 14, 2017) and finished the monthly cycle with $1223.44 (as of June 11, 2017). See posted Treasurer's Report for a detailed breakdown of expenses, finances and assets for the month/period of May 14, 2017 - June 11, 2017.

-          Note:  SCPN's annual fee of $305.00 to the LBAG is still pending.

-          Leeanen motions to accept May 2017 - June 2017 Treasurer?s Report, Jeannie 2nds motion, unanimously passed.

-          Leeanen motions to allow Bruce to spend/pay $90.00 for the SCPNs annual P.O. Box fee, Ben 2nds motion, unanimously passed.      


·         Other  Activities:

-          SCPN Board's monthly meeting will now be held at Lilith De Anu's residence unless otherwise noted, in which case the SCPN will meet at the Coffee Catz in Sebastopol. Paid SCPN members are free to join SCPN Board meetings at Lilith's and non-members can join as a guest of active SCPN Board members.

-          Treasurer's financial monthly report will now be done from the first of the month to the first of the following month and not from one monthly board meeting to the next. This will result in a possibility of financial activity that may be conducted in the early part of any given month and not be shown in the same months Treasurer's report which concludes at the change of the two adjacent months but be shown in the subsequent month. The Treasurer will make a note of any financial activity that occurs from the first of the month to the date of the subsequent SCPN Board meeting in the Treasurer's report at the aforementioned monthly SCPN Board meeting.

-           Lilith motions to allow the SCPN to apply for 501(c)3 Nonprofit License version of the Pro Calendar App from WordPress with the intent to loan the App to the LBAG for its use on the LBAG’s new website. Bruce 2nds motion, unanimously passed.

-          Bruce motions to a one increment increase in SCPN annual membership fees (as opposed to multiple increases), Jeannie 2nds motion, unanimously passed.     


·         Events/Calendar:

-          June 2017: A presentation on EMDR therapy (Eye, movement, desensitization, reprocessing); dealing with traumatic events in one’s life.

-          July 2017: Cauldron of the Celts.

-          August 2017: Solstice to give a presentation on her new book "Nontheistic Paganism".

-          August 11-13, 2017: The annual SCPN Campout at Doran Beach Park in Bodega Bay. Earliest arrival time is 2 p.m. on Friday, August 11 and departure time in 12 p.m. noon on Sunday, August 13. Sites are D & E in Miwok Campground.

-          September 2017: Phoenix to give a presentation on making "Traveling Alters".

-          SCPN has secured October 27, 2017 as its 2nd event in October (with/at the LBAG) which will be the date for the SCPNs annual Witches Ball. SCPN will conduct a samhain orientated event on SCPN's 1st event for October (October 20th).

-          November 2017: Divination night.

-          December 2017: YuleTide gathering and feast.

-          January 2018: Jeannie Armstrong to give a presentation on "Christo-Paganism".


·         Action Items (To do list):

-          Shay's books to be placed or located in the LBAG book shelves / library system.  

-          Lilith to send Anna-Lisa the business card art design.

-          SCPN Board to continue discussion on allowing SCPN annual membership fees to be offered in a payment plan for SCPN members who might be economically challenged.

-          Discuss researching accepting payments via smart-phones using an app that is a credit card reader.

-          Discuss how to expand membership.

-          Discuss the possibility of implementing the ability to make cauldron donations electronically. 

-          Revisit the issue of purchasing $35.00 gadget "Chromecast" that makes the SCPN projector compatible with contemporary electronic device(s).

-          Reconnoiter Doran Beach-Park for RV sites for potential SCPN usage/reservations in future SCPN campouts. 

-          Ben to bring copy of previous months completed minutes and to do a vote to accept the completed minutes.


SCPN Board meeting adjourns at 4:30 pm.

(The SCPN Board Treasurer, Secratary and Staff apologize for the poor readability of the Treasurer's report. We are having technical difficulties with our imagaing devices.)