Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for January 12, 2020
Held at a SCPN Board member's residence, Santa Rosa, California

Present:   Bruce /Thermal (Treasurer), Helen / Hawk (President), Ben /Terra (Secretary), Leeanen, Gretchen, Roger & Alyssa-Lucille.

-  Meeting opens @ 3:10 p.m.

-          Ben reads November 2019 Board Meeting minutes and Bruce motions to accept November 2019 Board Meeting minutes, Alyssa-Lucille seconds the motion, unanimously passed.    

·         Treasurer's Report (Bruce):

-          Summary for December (2019):  Treasurer's monthly report for December 2019 states that; as of November 30, 2019 SCPN's total assets were $1123.24 and as of December 31, 2019 SCPN's total assets are $1117.23.

-          Ben motions to accept the December 2019 Treasurer’s Report, Leeanen seconds the motion, unanimously passed.

-          SCPN Board members would like to acknowledge the Treasurer’s ongoing hard work and for putting up with the other sometimes picky SCPN Board members.


·         Web Mistress Report (Leeanen):

-          Web site is functional.

·         Other  Activities:

-           Gretchen would like to acknowledge Helen's great work with the SCPN Facebook page and SCPN Board members would also like to acknowledge Helen's outstanding job as President.

-          Gretchen motions to announce that the SCPN will be able continue operations for at least through the 2020 calendar year, Alyssa-Lucille seconds the motion, unanimously passed. Many thanks to all those who have contributed and donated to the SCPN throughout 2019.


·         Events/Calendar:    

-          January 2020: Gywion to do a presentation on magic & food in conjunction with the release of his new book about magic & food.

-          February 2020: Gretchen will be presenting ‘The Focus Wheel’.

-          March & April 2020: David Gibbons (drumming) and Mark Greene (‘Atheopaganism’) may present for March and April.


·         Action Items (To do list):

-          Leeanen to do a redesign of SCPN business card(s). 

-          Start recruiting Div Night readers in September (2019). Possible locations/events in which to connect with potentially willing readers to donate their time for one evening for the SCPN. Propose to prospective readers that they can use SCPN's Div Night event as a venue in which hand out their business cards or other literature pertaining to their crafts/businesses.

-          Bruce to develop an Excel spread-sheet to record and tally membership information (in reference to the SCPN's '3 point program").

-          The SCPN Board to discuss whether or not to continue SCPN website, or just use Facebook and e-mail.

-          Ben to bring copy of previous month's completed minutes and to do a vote to accept the completed minutes.


Bruce motions to adjourn the SCPN January 2020 Board meeting, Roger seconds the motion, unanimously passed.  SCPN January 2020 Board Meeting adjourns at 4:45 pm.