DATE:    FEBRUARY 13, 2005

Chairperson present, Secretary:  Katy
Meeting called to order at 2:00 pm.
Directors Present:    Katy, Shay, Edward, Jean
Directors Absent:    Rhiannon, Paige, Juan, Felina, Cha
Quorum not met.

1.    Old Business

   A.    Non-profit and Taxes Status:  Jeaniebyrd

        1.  Return Receipts were returned from the IRS and State.
           Now we wait.  Will take several months.

2.    Reports

       1.  Treasurer:  Katy
           Check from Caroline received and deposited.  
Mailing address for SCPN changed to p.o. box.  Balance showing as
$939.05.  Most likely $763.67 since checks were written to the IRS and
State Tax.
           Check cut to Jean for $10.80 for having purchased two post
office box keys.  Jean request that we use the last four digits on the
zip code to expedite post:  9533-0533

3.    New Business

   A.  Networking/Outreach

       1.  Edward to contact Shanti regarding an outreach committee.    

   B.  Public Relations:  Shay

       1.  Shay to check with Herb Association as to their success
soliciting donations for their member appreciation evening.  We chose
April. Members are free and food will be served.  Non-members would pay
$12.50 and be members for the rest of the year.  

   C.  Letterhead:  Shay

       1.  Shay had four examples for designs.  We chose to modify two
of them into our favorite.  To bring new example to next meeting.

   D.  Conduct On-line:  Edward

       1.  It was agreed that sanctions need to be in place if there is
unacceptable conduct displayed on-line.  The web mistress/master should
know she/he has board support.  


       a.  Announce policies regarding conduct every quarter online:
 statements made do not represent SCPN, etc..
       b.  To shut down list temporarily:  discretion of web person.
 If web person thinks it is necessary to take action on the web, can
ask for board support.  If not received in a timely manner, she/he is
free to take action and expect board support afterwards.  
       c.  In order to remove someone from the list, quorum of board
members needed.
3.    Future Business

   A.  Online Conduct

   B.  Domain Name Transfer

   C.  Bylaw Changes

   D.  Summer Solstice Campout

   E.  Money Making Ideas

   F.  Letterhead

The next  meeting will be in  2005  
Meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

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