Sonoma County Pagan Network
Po box 9533
Santa Rosa, CA 95405


Called to order: The meeting of the SCPN Board was called to order on Sunday February 26, 2006 at 6:30pm in Petaluma, CA by Juan Treviño. A quorum of members were present. Board members present were: Juan RhiannonM, Jeanie, Felina, Jewel, Brian, Paige, and Leeanen. Edward absent. Additional Attendees were: Wolf, Spiral, and Bill.


Treasurer’s report: Jeannie and Leeanen report a blanace of $2,016.00 in the account and $69.00 in the cash box. There are 32 members of the SCPN at this time. Leeanan has been added as a signer on the bank account.

Webmistress report: Leeanen signed up for e-list. (Yahoo groups SF Bay Area Pagans to be able to post our events to their calendar for more exposure.) Will post federal guidelines (about discussing politics on our e-lists) to the list with monthly reminders.

Social Report: Motion made to have no social director, motion was seconded and passed by eight in favor none opposed. Plenty of social activities have been regularly scheduled without a social director.
PR Report: Need info from Shay for meetings.

Old business:

SCPN Poll: RhiannonM will bring questions to the board.
501(c)(3) Status: Everything is done, members received copies of the letter from the IRS stating that we have tax exmempt status. Jeannie will be getting all of the books in order, she is working on charity status and we are still collecting receipts for all donations.
Election Reform: Committee consists of Edward, Wolf, Felina, Jeannie, and Jewel. Reform proposal will be presented at the next meeting.
Web Page Add-ons: Do we need blogs, chats, etc.? Planning a poll for services needed in our community. Felina will compile the poll and report back in one to two months.

New business:

Establishing a fund raising committee: Postponed due to Edward’s absence.
Outreach Flyer Approval: Suggested changes were made, and flyer was approved by a vote of eight in favor and none opposed. (Outreach event will be moved to July 21st)
Charity Status: We are now allowed to receive charitable, tax deductible donations. Juan suggested soliciting businesses for donations to be given to the homeless. Board approved.
Politics on the list: All members agreed that it was the safest course of action to have no politics whatsoever on the official list. Committee was formed with Leeanen, Jewel, and RhiannonM to establish a policy for politics on the list. Should any politics come up on list. Members will be given a warning, then removed from the list for a period of time.
Sonoma County Pagan Pride: Discussion held until the next meeting or later.
Groups dynamics: RhiannonM brought up some things she learned at a Pantheacon workshop about group dynamics. Things that were discussed were predators ie. People who abuse their students, or future students, How to identify trolls, How damaging politicing and gossiping can be to our community. RhiannonM posted several links that people can refer to for information about this. We also discussed creating a statement about circle etiquette for sacred space and leaving one’s baggage at the door.
Visions of the future: RhiannonM checked in with all board members on our visions for the future. All agreed that we are moving in the same direction of having a positive effect on the community.
Berkley Pagan Pride: A vote was taken as to whether or not to participate. Eight voted in favor, none opposed. Need to find volunteers to attend and work the booth. Paige agreed to bring a shade tent. Felina to register and reserve a booth space. A check was issued to Felina for the cost of the booth.
Bylaws Reform: Changes were proposed for article eight section five of the bylaws regarding the funds of the SCPN should the SCPN dissolve. Change was made from an earth based organization, to any non-profit. This change needs to be posted to the general list for a period of 1 month.

Announcements: There were no announcements.

Next Meeting: Sunday March 26th, 2006, at 6PM. Location TBA.

Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by Paige Tariq on Sunday March 26, 2006.