Notes from SCPN Board Meeting March 5, 2005


Old Business
Reports: Treasurer: Katy
Katy reports that Carolyn paid her debt of $51.00, included with a notarized statement to such, and that the balance of the bank account is around 763.00. RhiannonM handed off the cash box with 138.00 in it back to Katy.

Public Relations: Shay
Shay reports that Evalena Rosa is confirmed for the March meeting and will be doing a presentation on Tantra. She will post this info to the List, and to Wacco, and a reminder was stated that this is a child-free event.

Social Director: Cha has organized an event on ____________ at Goat Rock for a day of beach, chanting, drumming, etc, and will leave as a car pool from the LBAG

New Business

Online Conduct
Domain Name Transfer
April Member Appreciation Night
Summer Solstice Campout
Bylaw Changes
Money Making Ideas
Winter Solstice

It was discussed that Shanti is known to have good public outreach skills, and that Edward was working on contacting her to discuss this, Edward introduced the idea of having several different committees to cover outreach, generating new members, etc.
The feeling of the board was that there are not enough people in the group to have separate committees, and that the board is in fact the committee.

There was discussion regarding the importance of creating a community feeling of belonging on line, including introducing topics for discussion to promote inclusiveness and a feeling of a safe place to share ideas and thoughts. . It was also brought up that it is a good idea to ask “How did you hear about us?” when new members come online to gauge what works for outreach, and what doesn’t.

Leannen identified that the Celtic Music Festival in the Fall would be a good place to leave brochures, and Paige felt that the Fisherman’s Festival in Bodega would be a good place to target as well. How many brochures do we have?

It was also discussed that it would be nice to have representation at Berkeley Pagan Pride in April. Shay will send RhiannonM contact info, so we can set up an information table for the scpn, and RhiannonM will work on having a banner made to carry in the parade

There was discussion regarding the possibility of sending our event info to other groups list serves and calendars, including Wacco and full circle, to improve our exposure to the community. RhiannonM will be sending the full circle contact info to Leannen.

Member Appreciation Night is scheduled for April 15th at the LBAG. Ideas that were brought up and agreed upon were the following:

Maypole dance in the back area, led by RhiannonM
Possibility of Shanti dancing
Possibility of Paige bringing lamb to BBQ, and Katy bringing the SCPN BBQ’r
Paige offered to ask a Celtic singer to come and sing.
Shay asks that members go to local stores and ask for donations of food for the event.
Katy will go to trader Joes and whole earth in Petaluma, RhiannonM will go to whole earth in Santa Rosa.

Shay suggested the idea that the event was in appreciation of the current members, but also to offer membership to new people at half the yearly rate of 12.50 to join.

Katy will bring flowers/plants for decoration.
We would ask Felina to consider singing for us.
Paige needs to network with Byron to figure out how the PA setup works at the LBAG
Cha offered to do divination readings
Silent Auction with donated items, led by Jean. It was discussed that perhaps we could get members to donate things like readings, or a massage by Gretchen.
Shay suggested that we meet again to finalize plans for this event before it occurs, and also suggested making membership cards to hand out at the event.

Shay showed everyone the proposed SCPN letterhead, and the Board approved it for use with no nays.

Juan stated that Earthrite, a county based pagan group, does a public Beltane ritual, and it would be nice to attend their ritual, and invite them to attend our events. RhiannonM will contact them to get info.

Conduct on-line was discussed, including the need to promote an online environment that has no tolerance for threatening behavior. Jeannie brought a copy of online conduct guidelines from reclaiming that were read and discussed by the board. It was decided that the Web Mistress Leannen would condense the info, and publish the info to the list serve on a monthly basis with behavior expectations, and that the Web Mistress has blanket board approval to shut down the list for 24hrs as needed for such behavior, and that to have someone removed from the list would require board approval, this motion was carried by vote by the board.

Summer Solstice Campout was discussed. Cha has made reservations at Doran Campgrounds per the boards request for a campground in Bodega. Paige and Jewell voiced concern regarding the winds that occur at that campground in the summer, and discussion ensued as to what were our requirements for a campground and where did we want to go. Decision made to try to make reservations at Spring Lake, then Doran, the Bodega Dunes. Please note that due to the change in reservations, Cha will incur a seven dollar fee, per site to change reservations, which should be reimbursed to her. Also, the board should reimburse her for making the reservations, and then at the time of the campout, people will pay for their share of the camp sites. Cha incurred a debt of 156.00 for the campsites, plus 28.00 to change the reservations.

Jeannie presented info on the tax status, essentially that the 503C info is out there and being processed, and the tax returns from 2003 have been received and are being processed. She is trying to get the rest of the tax info together to file the 2004 taxes, including an extension in an effort to research how much we need to pay, which must be done by March. RhiannonM agreed to send Jeannie and Shay a membership list, and Katy will share bank statement info with Jeannie to complete her info for taxes.

Discussion regarding upcoming dues and how much we will owe came up, we expect that we will get a notice from the LBAG shortly, and Katy will contact Byron to get that info.

Felina agreed previously to put the cost of the domain name changeover on her credit card, and will need reimbursement for that as well; we expect that to occur in or around June. RhiannonM/Juan will contact her for more specific info regarding when that should occur.

Bylaw Changes-Edward was not here to discuss his concerns, and this was tabled.

Summer Solstice Campout was discussed with the possibility of utilizing specific people to do first aide, with RhiannonM providing first aide equipment, and Jeannie and Rhiannon providing coverage for low level first aide. RhiannonM would like to have someone designated as low-level security, basically to keep us in compliance with park rules and help keep everyone safe. RhiannonM suggested an extra tent be set up, for purposes of firstaide/tryting, or massage as shay suggested.

We would like to have drumming and chanting done, will discuss that more later. Juan and Jewell will be in charge of doing the summer solstice ritual, and we will discuss doing informal classes or presentations at a later date. Info on the campout should also be sent out to other list serves, to bring in more people than just our small group.

Items to be tabled until the next board meeting, or discussed at the next board meeting:

Money making ideas
Summer solstice campout
Membership Appreciation night in April
Update on tax situation
Pagan Questionnaire/Census

Next meeting to be held in the first to second week of April, to be polled and determined on the biz list.