Sonoma County Pagan Network
Meeting Minutes for March 9, 2008
12:40 p.m. in Cotati, Redwood Café

In Attendance: Bruce, Jeanie, Leeanen, Helen, Bill, Edward and Shay

Opening of Meeting and Blessing - Bruce

Treasurer's Report:

The bill to the LBAG for yearly use of the hall is due and comes to $520.00. Motion made to pay the bill seconded and voted unanimously.

Memberships to date now total 30.

Our current bank balance is $2816.00 and includes deposits from cash donations, and memberships. Expenses include wine for speakers and payments to Network Eleven.

The SCPN monthly bank statement was submitted by Jeanie to the board for conformation. The statement was viewed by all board members present and signed by Bruce. A copy of the statement was to given to Leeanen.

Motion made by Bruce to accept the Treasurers report. Motion was seconded and approved.

Web Mistress Report:

Our domain names registry for .net and .com is about to expire. If the past Felina has been the administrator and owner of our domain names and paid for them as a donation to the SCPN. Felina has decided not to continue being the owner of the domain names that the ownership should be under the SCPN.

I, Leeanen, have agreed to be the administrator and contact person for our domain registrar but I cannot afford to pay for the registration fees out of pocket every year.

It was discussed that funds could be taken out of the SCPN account to pay for the domain registry and that we would have to set up a payment process where GKG could take the payment directly from the SCPN account or a check would be written to them from the account. A motion was made to approve the use of SCPN funds for this purpose the motion was seconded and voted and approved. Leeanen will work on getting the transfer of ownership completed.

PR Report: Shay went over the schedule for the rest of the year and it is as follows:

March - We will have 5 healers come to the SCPN to give individual healing sessions. Healers will be charging a fee for one on one sessions. Free group healing will also be available.

April - Will be our Maypole dance, pot luck feast and costume party. The theme will be Spring. Bruce will provide the Maypole. Agreement reached on spending SCPN funds to buy ribbon for the May Pole. No one had been designated to make the purchase though. Possible small prizes for costume contest discussed but not decided. Drum circle if we can get enough drummers for the May Pole dance, music on CDs provided by Bill. A kava ceremony will be offered by Shay.

May - Steffanie Small will be doing a presentation on reading Astrology charts.

June - is our camp out, Kandi was not present to give us an update on camp out locations.

July - Debra Oak, one of the founding members of Reclaiming will be a guest speaker. Motion made to pay a stipend for Debra's gas expenses. Voted on and approved. Motion carried.

August - is a fundraiser with silent auction and vendors

September - is open but doing a short craft workshop is possible

October - two events Divination Night and then later the Witches Ball Bill volunteered to facilitate the ritual this year.

November - Open Mic Night

December - Yule Celebration

Old Business:

Fundraising: The suggestion was brought up again about publishing a resource guide and charging for listings. The same issue remains of conflict with our 501(c)3 status. We talked about doing more research for the idea to see if there was a way to do this and still be in compliance.

Minutes for February's minutes were approved.

New Business:

Helen suggested that we use part of the time of the March gathering for those who attended Pantheacon to share their experiences if they wished. t was then suggested that maybe for next year our entire March gathering might be used as a forum for those who attended to share their experiences.

Further discussion was made about making contact with other members of other pagan organizations such as COG to come and give presentations to our group. It was agreed we would have to make clear that we cannot pay speakers for giving a presentation.

The discussion moved into the area of in the future going into the possibility of charging admission for certain more popular speakers or events with entertainment and it was decided that perhaps we should think about discussing this option, it's feasibility and staying in compliance of the 501(c)3 status with a professional consultant.

Meeting End: 2:50 p.m.