Sonoma County Pagan Network
Meeting Minutes for April 13, 2008
12:30 p.m. in Cotati, Redwood Café

In Attendance: Bruce, Jeanie, Leeanen, Helen, Bill, Edward, Kandi and Felina

Opening of Meeting and Blessing - Bruce

Treasurer's Report:

Our current bank balance is $2828.00 and includes deposits from cash donations. Expenses include payments to Network Eleven.

The SCPN monthly bank statement was submitted by Jeanie to the board for conformation. The statement was viewed by all board members present and signed by Bruce and Bill and Leeanen. A copy of the statement was to given to Leeanen.

Motion made by Bruce to accept the Treasurers report. Motion was seconded and approved.

Web Mistress Report:

The Web Mistress formally reports that we have 128 people signed up to our general e-list and 25 people signed up the the biz list.

Domain name transfer for, .net and .com was successful. (Thank you Felina)

Our April event has been posted to Witchvox, SF Bay Area Pagans, Tribe, North Bay Pagans and up to our own calendar and announcement page. Full Circle Events calendar site is currently down.

No complaints or problems to report this month.

PR Report: No PR Report

April Gathering: the May Pole has been made but ribbons are still needed to attach. it was agreed that we would need two dozen ribbons at no less that 18 feet long. We also decided the we should spend no more than $50 on ribbon. Helen agreed to get the ribbons for us a the cheapest available source she can find.

Bruce cannot be there early to dig the hole to plant the may pole as planned. It was suggested that perhaps he can get permission to dig the hole the weekend before and put a barrier on top of it until our gathering. Edward offered to arrive early plant the pole for us.

Reminders must go out to let people know of our change in our usual schedule that the next gathering is on Wed. the 30th and not on the 3rd Friday of the month. A suggestion was made to make and place a sign on the door of the LBAG to let people know and also to post it to our e-list.

Summer Camp Out: Helen and Bruce have made two reservations at Bodega Dunes at the cost of $62.00 It was decided that perhaps one more reservation should be made to ensure we have enough camp sites. Helen and Bruce will be reembursed for the cost of reserving he sites. They have also agreed to be the first at the camp sites to claim the spots and set up base camp.

It was also decided that we would not charge campers admission to come camp with us to help cover the cost of the reservations. All campers will have to pay for out of pocket is for parking and a fee if they choose to bring pets.

LBAG: The LBAG has reported that they have gone over budget for the building improvements by $5,000.00 and are asking the member groups to ask for donations from their members of about $2.00 each to help cover the cost. We discussed chipping in $75.00 from SCPN coffers. A motion was made, seconded voted on and approved unanimously. A check was made out on the spot and signed by our Treasurer and Secretary and given to Kandi so she can give it to the LBAG president.

Old Business:

Insurance: We have been told that the LBAG will no longer carry insurance for us we will now have to pay for our own insurance coverage. The SCPN is now the only group in the LBAG membership to not have insurance. The insurance cost for such coverage is prohibitive. We are not making enough money per year with memberships and donations to afford such. Right now the total amount of money we have in the SCPN bank account is about $2800. We also have to pay a yearly fee for our membership to the LBAG so we can use the meeting hall as well as the cost for running the web site and domain registration. Out of every $25 dollars for membership the SCPN only gets about $5.00 the rest goes to the LBAG.

We have been trying to find a company that will provide insurance minimum requirement that we can afford without having to raise the membership fees. We feel that raising the membership might put access to the SCPN out of reach for many of our current members. So far we have not been successful. Bill will look into getting us put on his insurance, other options are still being sought.

New Business:

Keys: New door keys were issued to the members of the board. We are told by the LBAG committee that if these keys are lost it will cost $50. to replace it.

One of the issues that was discussed at the last LBAG meeting was that before so many copies of the old front door keys were made and are floating around out there. The LBAG wants to make sure that this time there is only a certain amount of keys issued and that every key is accounted for.

It was discussed whether or not a person who is not on the board should be given a key to the LBAG. It was decided that since Shay is our PR person and is usually one of the first people to arrive at the LBAG to open the doors and set up it makes sense that she should have a key. A motion was made and seconded to give Shay a key. The vote passed with 6 in favor 1 opposed. Edward has agreed to give up his key to Shay so that another copy does not have to made.

Donations: Helen suggested that we have "magical money cauldron/can" charged with a spell re-enforcing the Rule of Three.
Helen believes this might encourage more donations. The idea was accepted and it was suggested that we charge the money cauldron at Beltane.

Alcohol Ban: It was discussed that there may be good reason to ban the consumption of alcohol at our gatherings. The concerns being primarily one of liability that should anyone come to one of gatherings and leave intoxicated and get into an accident that SCPN could be held liable. Another concern was that there are some people who have been attending our gatherings who are recovering alcoholics, abstainers and under the legal drinking age who could feel left out from ritual when passing the chalice if alcohol is used. After much discussion a motion was made seconded and voted on and it was unanimously passed that SCPN events held at the LBAG hall shall be clean and sober events and that alcohol or any intoxicants may no longer be brought by members or guests. Announcement of the new policy will be posted by the Web Mistress.

Speaker Reimbursement and Gifts: It was discussed that giving wine as a gift to our all guest speakers may not be appropriate as some of our speakers have told us they do not drink and the gift of wine was not appreciated. In leu of wine we were thinking about gift certificates or in the case of folks coming from long distances that we give a stipend to cover their travel expenses. The issue was tabled for our next meeting.

Voting: The IRV issue was briefly reviewed and it was tabled for further discussion.

By Laws: A planned review of the by laws by the board had to be tabled due to lack of time.

Meeting End 2:45 p.m.