Sonoma County Pagan Network
Meeting Minutes for May 4, 2008
1:00 p.m. in Cotati, Redwood Café

In Attendance: Bruce, Jeanie, Leeanen, Helen, Bill, Edward, (non-board members) Shay and Ophelia

Opening of Meeting and Blessing - Bruce

Treasurer's Report:

The SCPN monthly bank statement was not available as our meeting was moved up a week before we normally receive it. Instead a brief overview of the projected statement was submitted by Jeanie and viewed by Bruce and Leeanen.

Projected statement is as follows: Payment out to Network even for $12.95 for web site and e-list server.

Donations to the SCPN totaling $56.72 and one membership at $25.00 totaling $81.72. The amount in our cash box now totals $205.38 and account balance should be $2815.61

Jeanie submitted a copy of our electronic filing with the IRS of form 990-N. This is a new requirement that the SCPN must file every year before May with the IRS in order to be in good standing with the IRS. The account has been set up for us by Jeanie and the responsibility for filing every year will fall to whoever is our treasurer in the coming years.

Jeanie sites two errors in our accounts receivable earlier this year with the misplacement of Royce's membership which has since been found and one other unknown membership. Jeanie will try and find out who the other person is to correct the record.

Jeanie notes that there was a $20 donation made for the camp out.

Motion made by Bruce to accept the Treasurers report. Motion was seconded and approved. Bruce signed it and Leeanen received it for records.

Web Mistress Report:

The Web Mistress formally reports that we have 133 people signed up to our general e-list and 23 people signed up the the biz list.

No complaints or problems to report this month.

PR Report:
Shay reports she still has not heard from Francesca Gentile about speaking in September. The suggestion to hold a "Town Hall" style meeting in September should Francesca not be available to speak was discussed and it was thought to be a good idea. More discussion on it will follow pending hearing from Francesca.

North Bay Pagan Resource Guide 2009: Shay and Leeanen have decided to publish the resource guide outside of the SCPN but have asked the SCPN if the organization would be willing to be listed as one of the guides sponsors with no cost to the SCPN. Bruce made a motion to accept the offer the motion was seconded voted on and passed unanimously.

PR Committee: It was discussed as to whether the PR committee should be reactivated. Due to recent events and the withdrawal of the interested party a motion was made to formally acknowledge the effective dissolution of the PR Committee that was formed in 2004. The motion was seconded and voted on and it was formally agreed we would acknowledge the committees dissolution.

A new solution to the some of the complaints raised about having one person be in charge of PR and acquiring speakers is to invite any of our members to suggest potential presenters and speakers. However, anyone submitting suggestions will need to provide the name of the speaker, current contact information to get in touch with them and brief background as well as potential topics of discussion to Shay or to any of the board members for review. Speakers or presenters will be accepted at the board's discretion.

It was also discussed that find guest speakers should be done at any available opportunity when any of us are at other Pagan gatherings or events. We should take our brochures introduce ourselves and collect business cards to other contact information from potential future speakers.

Fliers for Debora Oak: Shay asked for better information about Debra's presentation. Bruce said he would try and contact her for it. Shay also asked us if we would like fliers made for her presentation it was agreed that fliers should be made and posted as soon as we get new info for them.

Summer Camp Out: We now have 4 reservations at Bodega Dunes at the total cost of $226.05 Helen and Bruce were reimbursed for the cost of reserving the sites. the check was signed by Jeanie and Leeanen and given to Helen. They have also agreed to be the first at the camp sites to claim the spots and set up base camp. Bruce will get some barriers to mark off the camp sites when they arrive and post a sign on the bulletin board by the ranger's check in station to let everyone know which camp sites to go to. They will also try to inform the rangers to direct campers where to find us.

Our Banner is still in Rhiannon's possession and we will try and make contact with her to get back so we can put it up at the camp site.

The ritual will be held on Sat. with arrival time scheduled for 2:00 p.m. and ritual time at around 2:30 - 3:00 p.m.. It will be be facilitated by Thermal and Hawk. Pot luck and BBQ supper to follow.

Leeanen is to bring a boom box for background music for the ritual.

Notice to be posted on the e-list and on fliers needs to be revised eliminating references to last year's site at Doran and to playing on the beach as we will not be within walking distance of the beach this year.

Emphasis on RSVP to let us know how many folks are coming.

LBAG: It was discussed as to whether we would would allow the the garden clubs to have the dates in April for their shows like we did this year and it was agreed that it would be in our best interest to accommodate the garden clubs opting to hold a Beltane or May Eve gathering on a Saturday at a public park or private residence and taking another double booking for whatever other available moth might be on the calendar for us. A motion was made it was seconded and voted that we would do this. Leeanen is to contact Byron and let him know of our decision and to reschedule.

Secretary's note: at around 5:00 p.m. Leeanen called Byron and told him of our decision and he was very glad to hear of it he also told us that we could pick any first Friday of any month to replace the date lost in April.

Old Business:

Board decision making procedure: Helen made the observation that the board's decision to go glean and sober brought up some issues about our decision making process. It was suggested that it seemed to a few of the members that the decision came from out of the blue and that there was no prior discussion about the issue and no mention of it to the membership and that is why it seemed to be a somewhat totalitarian decision. Jeanie disagreed saying there had been discussion about this for some time that solutions to the issue had been thought up and implemented but none of them had been very effective which is what led to us making the final decision in the first place. Several people agreed with this point saying that this was something that we as the board had to make the decision on because it was an issue that directly affected us that we would be responsible for and not the members. Helen tried to make the point that it wasn't so much the clean and sober decision as that in the future we perhaps should find a way to let the membership know that issues that have such an impact or that could be a point of contention should be presented to the membership that the board is discussing them. No solutions or suggestions were made or discussed. The issue was tabled.

New Business:

Keys: It has been brought to our attention that copies need to be made of the our kitchen cabinet key at the LBAG.

Attention for announcements at our gatherings: It was suggested we need a better way to get folks attention to listen to our announcements at the our gatherings. the suggestions were made to use passing the shhh, tambourine or gong or to use toning. it was decided we would try using toning.

Speaker Gifts: Ok to give the bottle of wine in the cupboard to or next guest speaker? it was decided that as long as it wasn't opened at the gathering and the speaker was of age then it would be ok.

Voting: The IRV issue was again discussed. Edward brought a handout suggesting it could used as template for adding the text into our by-laws. The issue was brought up that if we adopt this method of voting there will need to be an ongoing explanatory issue to the membership and to the subsequent board members in yeas to come that the IRV is in place and how to use it and how to explain the method to the voting membership. A motion was made to continue considering making the IRV change to our voting procedure when or if it is needed.

Edward suggested that in our current situation we at least need to decide on a tie breaking procedure should there be a tie in any our elections. this was agreed that it is a more immediate requirements that IRV and Helen agreed to work with Edward on writing the wording for the change in the section on voting in our by-laws

Meeting End 3:15 p.m.