Sonoma County Pagan network
Board Meeting
June 1,2005 750 pm

Members present: RhiannonM, Juan Trevino, JeannieByrd, Paige, Edward, Katy

Members not present: Cha, Felina, Shay

We have a voting quorum.

Blessing done before meeting started

Thanks and appreciation given to each board member for service to the SCPN

Cha’s resignation

Due to Chas concern about time and energy and distance issues, she would like to resign from the board, we called her on the cell phone, we let her know that we didn’t accept her resignation, let her know that we all wanted her on the board, and let her discuss her concerns, she had concerns about not being able to attend all of the board meetings, as well as the monthly meetings, and do social events. The board agrees that we have Cha stay on the board, and fulfill as much as she can while still coming from point of balance.
We also identified the need to pick up the phone and actually talk to each other verbally when we feel overwhelmed, to share the load. As well, when unable to attend a meeting, it is acceptable to send someone else with your proxy. Cha brought up issues of coven vs. solitaries and her perceived needs of solitaries in the community. She discussed her ideas for future social functions. She also felt that because of the large solitary population we have, we should do more rituals, as well as classes. She brought up the point that some people are not connected to the list serve, and we need to do more flyers, or something to get the info out into the community to increase community participation. She discussed the importance of putting information regarding events on the calendar. Jeannie suggested placing a copy of the calendar on the table at monthly scheduled events, to give advance notice to members of planned events. We had discussion about the fact that this group’s prime focus is not to produce rituals more than two times per year. Cha agrees to stay on the board, within the limits she can attend, and continue to function as social director.

In further discussion, it was identified that we need to put a poll/questionnaire out to the community to identify what our members feel that they need from us. We agreed that we need to do a poll, to be worked on later in the year.

The decision to put together a poll and put it out in the community within the next year was made by Katy, seconded by Edward, and carried with a yes unanimous vote.

Reports from the treasurer
For the end of April, we have 1606.81
JeannieByrd will be added as a signer on a the checking account
Anticipated Bills for the next 3 months are 156.00 to repay Cha for the summer solstice Camp site, The Post Office Box fees are due in August, we agreed to pay the fee in July and JeannieByrd will check on the fees. We decided that it was better to pay for the P.O. Box year by the year, Edward makes that motion, Paige seconds it, and the motion carries unanimously. JeannieByrd will report back what the anticipated fee is. It was also identified that Felina pays 8.95 per month for network 11, and Jeannie states that between membership fees, insurance, expenses, taxes, etc, we have paid out approximately $3000.00 in the last year.

It was identified that there were a few items left from the fundraiser in April that still need to be paid for and picked up. There are a few items left; some of them were gift certificates that are outdated now,

Summer Solstice Campout

We anticipated that for summer solstice, we will recoup some of the camp site fees then. With 4 camp sites reserved for 2 nights, we can accommodate 32 people. We expect approximately 24 people at this time; some of these people will be day trippers only. Jeannie will set up a tent to leave up, Paige states that she will set up a tent with a weighted cooler to claim some of the sites. We agreed that $5.00 per person for the weekend, with a disclaimer that if someone can’t pay they are still welcome to come anyway.

RhiannonM felt it would be nice to schedule workshops and more ritual time in the future for this event, but for this event we will have one summer solstice ritual performed by Juan and Jewel. Juan feels that when we plan more than that, it gets too convoluted. RhiannonM pointed out that when we plan on a small scale that that is what we get. And that there are people who take time out of their schedule to come to a pagan campout with expectations of doing more than just camping, and it was identified that what the board wants is not necessarily what the community we serve needs and we need to be aware of this. It was identified that we need to start planning for this event next year much earlier. Paige will be in charge of collecting money at the campout, and she will come out early on Friday morning to claim the campsites and set up tents. Jeannie also will come out to help clean up sites and get them ready. Paige suggested setting up tents in a circle and bringing wind breaks.

Domain name change
Felina called at home by cell on speaker phone
She stated that it expires on Friday night, and she plans on getting online to purchase the domain name, she thinks it will cost aprx. $12.95 per month, with the agreement that it is more appropriate to use the .org site. Felina agrees to deal with it, then report back to the board and keep us apprised.

Public Relations: Shay not present-RhiannonM will email her for the plans for the summer for public relations.
Summer Solstice will need to be added to the scpn calendar, and the regular monthly meeting will be cancelled. Shay will also need to reprint brochures, it was last done in Nov. of 2004 and she paid $100.00 then. It was discussed that the brochure needs to be changed to reflect the LBAG address, and take away the $25.00 membership fee registration part. It was also felt that it needs to reflect that it is free to attend and membership is not mandatory. Brochure makeover needs to be put on the next meeting agenda.

Meeting ended at 1050 pm,
Next meeting date will be set up on the Bizlist
Meeting Notes transcribed by RhiannonM 09-29-2005