Sonoma County Pagan Network
Meeting Minutes for June 8, 2008
2:05 p.m. in Sebastopol, Private Residence

In Attendance: Bruce, Jeanie, Leeanen, Helen, Bill, Edward, (non-board members) Shay, Carmen, Lorka

Opening of Meeting and Blessing - Bruce

Treasurer's Report:

The SCPN monthly bank statement from last month was submitted by Jeanie and viewed by Bruce and Leeanen.

Projected statement indicates we have $2295.00, however, after pay outs for LBAG membership and the PO box and other expenses totaling $372.00 come through in next months statement it is projected that will put us just under the $2000 mark.

A motion was made by Bruce to accept the Treasurers report. The motion was seconded and approved. Bruce signed it and Leeanen received a copy for the records.

Jeanie also announced that she will not be returning as Treasurer next year and asked for a volunteer to be Co-treasurer so she can train the person to take over the position from her after the next election. Edward was asked and he accepted. Bruce made a motion to approve appointing Edward as Co-treasuer. The motion was seconded, voted on and approved.

Secretary Announcement:

The Secretary Leeanen made the announcement that due to changing family and work situations she will not be returning to the board next year as well and asked Helen if she would be willing to take on the position for next year. Helen said she would give the matter some thought before accepting.

Elections: In light of these announcements it was agreed that we need to do more to encourage the membership to participate more and to get new people to run for the board election next year.

Web Mistress Report:

The Web Mistress formally reports that we have 130 people signed up to our general e-list and 23 people signed up the the biz list.

No complaints or problems to report this month.

PR Report:
Shay asked for board approval for Francesca Gentile to do a ritual for Yule 2008. Bruce made a motion to approve. The motion was seconded, voted on and approved.

Fliers for Debora Oak: Shay again asked for better information about Debra's presentation. Bruce said he would again try and contact her for it. Shay also asked us if we would still like fliers made for her presentation. It was decided perhaps there is no need and maybe no time to do that at this point.

Summer Camp Out: Bruce asked for an opinion on a section of the rites he and Helen plan to facilitate. Our opinions were given, some alteration will be made for better flow of the section.

Bruce also told us that he wanted to explain to the members on the list that the pot luck and BBQ and revels after the rites are part of the ritual. We all agreed he should probably do that.

Discussion was made on how to handle the BBQ fires. Helen had driven out to the camp site on Sat. and reminded us that there are no real BBQs furnished for us out there so we need to remind folks to bring their own if they want food cooked over fire. It was also discussed when we should light the coals. Concerns over fire safety were brought up considering if we would be able to see the fires from where we plan to do ritual. It was decide we will have to figure that out when we get there.

Leeanen was reminded to bring a boom box for background music for the ritual. Bruce will furnish 8D cell batteries for it. Bill will bring music CDs.

It was also discussed that it is important to have folks out at the site as soon as possible on Friday to snag the sites we want. Helen will be there and Edward said he be out there too. We will be putting up barriers with signs saying which spots are reserved for our group.

August Fundraiser: We discussed what we could do for activities for our fundraiser scheduled in August. We decided we would have a silent acution and that each of us had to bring items to be donated to the auction and/or to approach venders and retailers for items for the auction. Possible contacts; Crystal Channels in Santa Rosa, The Crystal People in Sebastopol, Purple Sun Candles in Petaluma, Milk and Honey in Sebastopol.

Leeanen offered to make and bring a wand and maybe some books. Edward offered to bring some Oberon statues. Jeanie said she had some things to donate too.

For a theme or presentation it was decided on a Pagan 101 night where we would invite various people from our community to come and speak briefly about their traditions. People being considered are Oberon, Corvus, Raven Tree Singing Woman. A few of our board members offered to speak as well.

LBAG: Leeanen reminded the board that we still have yet to pick an alternate day to replace the date we are giving up in April. Byron had told us that we could pick any first Friday of any month to replace the date lost in April. No decision could be made at the time and the issue was tabled.

Meeting End: 5:05 p.m.