Sonoma County Pagan Network

Meeting Minutes for July 20, 2008

1:40 p.m. in Monte Rio, Private Residence

In Attendance: Bruce, Jeanie, Leeanen, Helen, Bill, Kandi (non-board members) Shay, Leah

Opening of Meeting and Blessing - Bruce

Treasurer's Report:

Jeanie reports that the issue with our Pay Pal account has been resolved and our account continued to function without interruption thoroughout the resolving of the issue. The issue was as follows: Paypal needed documentation on our 501c3.  Jeanie faxed it to their account review department.

The SCPN monthly bank statement from last month was submitted by Jeanie and viewed by Bruce and Leeanen. 

Statement indicates our current balance is $1,981.61 after the following expenses; $75.00 for LBAG building improvement, $226.05 reimbursement to Bruce and Helen for 4 campsites at Doran for our summer camp out plus cost for ribbons and the maypole for our April gathering, $12.95 to Network Eleven for our web server.

Jeanie also submitted our Profit and Loss Budget for 2008. This year in revenue we have received $243.00 in membership dues and $178 in donations totaling $421 dollars. Expenses we paid out; $336 for Hall supplies, $595 LBAG dues, $97 dollars on the web site and promotions, $63 in business fees totaling $1,091 dollars. That puts us at -$670 for the year in revenue.

Jeanie also submitted a copy of our account records for the year so far.

A motion was made by Bruce to accept the Treasurers report. The motion was seconded and approved. Bruce signed the bank statment and Leeanen received copies of all documents for the records.

Web Mistress Report: 

The Web Mistress formally reports that we have about 130 people signed up to our general e-list and 23 people signed up the the biz list.

The registration for domain name was paid off by Jeanie using the SCPN account at  the cost of $7.95.

August Fundraiser: 

Title for our August event suggested by Bruce - "Windows Into The Realms (of Pagnism)"

So far the items we have for the silent Auction include:

Donation from SCPN - 2 bottles of wine

From Jeanie, Renaissance Faire vest and skirt

Donations from Leah Ocean- Songs for Earthlings by Julie Forest Middleton, 2 Large fully illustrated Goddess books  

Crystal Channels 2 $25 gift certificates

Leeanen (Leeanen's Wands) will make and bring a wand and donate a small wood and glass jewelry box.

Kandi will make some hand made candles.

Shay will bring a gift basket of cordials.

Edward will bring statues from Oberon and Morning Glory. 

Amrita and Oberon will also contribute. More info on what pending.

A suggestion was made to appeal to the members on the e-list for donations.

Speakers lined-up so far:

Shay asked Clarence, at Helen's suggestion, but have not heard from him.

Francesca Gentille as speaker on - Middle Eastern Temple - Sacred Sexuality or - Native European Shamanism

Oberon and family on - The Church of All Worlds

Richard Hart ~ Corylus - tradition is druidic in nature, also a member of the Rosicrusian Order

Amrita - Eclectic Wicca

Vendors so far:

Oberon and Family

More vendors are welcome. Please contact Shay if you wish to vend at this event.

Food Bank Donations:

It was decided that Food Bank collections will be moved to our September gathering. It was suggested that we obtain a food donation barrel from Redwood Food Bank not only for our own use but also to have available in the LBAG hall for the other groups to use should they wish to during their own meetings. Kandi and Helen will bring it up at the next LBAG meeting.


Nominations for board candidates will open on Sept. 1st. So far we have the following people who have volunteered to run again in the election as board candidates or run as candidates for the first time:

Bruce/ Thermal running for Chairman

Edward running for Treasurer

Helen running for board member and considering running for Secretary position (unless someone else volunteers)

Bill running for board member

Jeanie running for board member but not seeking to run as Treasurer again

Leah running for board member for the first time

We are seeking to fill up to 9 board positions and, in accordance with our by-laws, we may have no less the 5 board members. An announcement is to be made to the general list about board elections, positions and to ask for more volunteers to step up to be on the board.

LBAG: Leeanen reminded the board that we still have yet to pick an alternate day to replace the date we are giving up in April. We will be asking Bryon what dates are left to choose from before we make a decision.

Old Business:

Approval on the last two board meeting minutes was requested by the Secretary. The board voted on and approved minutes from our May and June meetings.

New Business:

Pagan Resource Guide?:

Clarity needed for the Pagan Resource Guide on the e-mail sent by Shay mentioning the the SCPN as a "sponsor" and asking if there are any businesses or organizations wanting to be listed in the guide. Worries about how the word "sponsor" may be perceived by the IRS and regarding our tax exempt status were expressed by several board members. The point was made moot due the fact that were not enough businesses or other organizations wanting to be listed in the guide. The idea has been scrapped all together, the Resource Guide will not be published this year.

Yearly Board Member Chores:

It was suggested that a yearly to "do list" should be made up to remind the board members of business tasks that must be accomplished throughout each year such as domain registry renewals dates, LBAG schedule dates, Federal tax filing, etc. It was also suggested that the list be made available on line so it is never lost and can be referred to easily.

Board Meeting Venue:

It was suggested we look into the possibility of using the Santa Rosa Public Library conference rooms as an alternative meeting place to hold our board meetings. The idea being that perhaps a public venue might be more inviting to general board members to attend rather than at private residences. The Redwood Café as a venue has fallen out of favor as a meeting place due to the crowd and noise issue.

Introductions At Our Gatherings:

Helen made the suggestion before and was reminded at our last meeting by one of our members that it might be a good idea for us to start our monthly gatherings with a short go around in a circle for everyone present to introduce themselves to help bring a better sense of community and make newcomers feel more welcome. There was also discussed the idea that guidelines for introductions be explained in brief right after our announcements. Anyone wishing not to introduce themselves to the group would be given the option to pass as we go around the circle.

Minister of Information?:

It was also suggested that our gatherings we have a person or persons from the board who are clearly identified as someone that new comers can go to for information, questions or help if they need to. A suggestion was to have a badge or tag that reads "Minister Of Information" or to wear a funny hat.

Hat Contest at Samhain:

The discussion of having a hat contest at Samhain grew from the idea of wearing funny hats. Details will be discussed further closer to Samhain.

SSU Spiritual Fair August 27 at the Rhonert Park Campus:

The SCPN was sent a letter inviting us to attend and set up a table with informational materials. We decided that we would attend this event and several of the board volunteered to be present at the event to help set up and man the booth on that date and location above mentioned between 11 a.m. and 1p.m.

We will be bringing our calendar of events up until Yule 2008, brochures and other handout materials. 

We will make another attempt to get our banner back from Rhiannon. The idea was discussed on whether we should have a new one made possibly out of vinyl or laminated paper. Leeanen will ask her sign maker friend about cost for a vinyl one, also someone else volunteered to go ask Kinkos about prices for laminated paper one.

Meeting End 5:50 p.m.