Sonoma County Pagan Network
Meeting Minutes for November 11, 2007
12:30 p.m. in Cotati, Redwood Café

In Attendance: Bruce, Jeanie, Leeanen, Laurel, Helen, Kandi, Bill, Edward and Shay

Opening of Meeting and Blessing - Bruce

Announcements or News - Helen

RJ Stewart is coming to our area! Having heard him play/sing.......I urge y'all to go to the Friday night concert. A SCPN field trip?

December 7/8/9, Sebastapol & Santa Rosa, CA.

Friday 7th: Evening concert of magical songs and instrumental music at Many Rivers Books, Sebastapol, CA. Phone: (707) 829-8871.

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th: Workshop in Santa Rosa. and
Contact Farida:

Treasurer's Report: Jeanie has e-mailed an overview of her report to the main e-list to be added to the minutes. It reads as follows:

Our current bank balance is $2566.95 and includes deposits from the fundraiser of $288 Divinations, $11 Cash Donations, $360 Memberships (SCPN retains about $70), $507 Silent Auction and expenses from food, drinks and Network Eleven totaling $270.92. I have a copy to give to Leeanen and the original statements for Leeanen or Bruce to initial.

If we include the 9 memberships that may expire if they are not paid soon, then there are now at 28 members. This is because many memberships just expired in September and so we are now in the process of creating our new membership base for the new wheel of the year.

Membership: A suggestion was made to send out reminders to those members who memberships have expired. Bill offers to call those members listed from a past membership list to remind them see if anyone is interested in renewing. Edward offers to send letters to those from the same list and suggests we also include a notice of upcoming events along with the mailed reminder. Jeanie offers envelopes and a form letter for Edward to use.

A motion made by Bruce to allow Edward SCPN funds for postage, Helen seconds motion. Motion carries.

The SCPN monthly bank statement was submitted by Jeanie to the board for conformation. The statement was viewed by all board members and signed by Bruce and Leeanen.

Motion made by Bruce to accept the Treasurers report. Motion was seconded and approved.

Web Mistress Report: Web Mistress Reports that there are currently 137 subscribers to the main SCPN list serve. No other issues at this time.

Web Mistress has a suggestion for this and the coming year on encouraging volunteers and more member participation, voting and scouting out nominees for next years board. Plans to make an announcement to the members at the November gathering.

The suggestion was made send a periodic e-mail to the main list serve to tell the subscribers about the biz-list serve how to subscribe to it and what it is about.

Another suggestion was made to use the general e-list as a way to get the subscribers to send their contact info for purposes only for the SCPN's use and not to be published or given to other forums or organizations. Purposes include asking for volunteers and membership followups. Suggestions were accepted and will be implemented by the Web Mistress.

PR Report: Quick rundown of November's gathering. Royce will be the MC. All people wishing to perform that night are to contact Shay and provide a brief description of themselves and their performance. There are already several people signed up.

Schedule for this years speakers so far will be provided soon. More discussion on finalizing schedule is needed.

LBAG News: Kandi has been nominated and will probably be elected to serve on the LBAG committee. Congratulations Kandi! However, she cannot make the next meeting meeting in November. She also informs us that because she is on the board she cannot be counted as one of the representatives for the SCPN at future LBAG meetings. We still need two (2) volunteers willing to sit in at the LBAG meetings.

Shay volunteered to go to this next meeting and bring refreshments. Edward also volunteered to be the second representative and said he would try to make as many of the meetings throughout the year as he can.

Old Business:

Insurance Issue: We still have not a found a solution to be able to afford insurance coverage at the hall. Suggestion was made to raise the membership fee from $25 per year to $30. In the past this has not been a popular suggestion. Issued was tabled until a later date.

Fundraising: Suggestion was to hold another Divination Night in April or sometime Mid year to raise more funds possibly also a solution to our insurance cost. This year our April gathering will be moved to April 30th. The concern was conflict with other Beltane celebrations going on at the same time and may not be successful. Issue was also raised that in the past Spring Time Divination Nights have not been as successful as the October one. Issue was tabled for further consideration.

New Business:

Keys - Suggestion is made that all members of the board should have their own set of keys to the LBAG hall. Each member should at the very least have two keys, one for the door and one for the kitchen cabinet. A full set of keys seems to consist of 5 keys, kitchen door, kitchen cabinet, side gate, closet cupboard, and one unknown?

To the date the following people have key sets:
Felina (Felina will turn her keys in.)

People who need keys:

Noise Issue: Some complaints were made about the noise level at Divination Night. Complaints were that it interfered with the readings and was an annoyance. Suggestions were to; separate readers rather than having them so close at common tables, set up a "quiet room" the closet, have a "monitor" to keep the energy in the room more quiet. Discussion tabled to be taken up next year before the next Divination Night.

Yule Plans:

1) Donations will go to COTS this year. On line wish list from the COTS web site will be copied and posted to the e-list by the Web Mistress. We need more promotion this year for the food drive.

2) Ritual this year will be a collaborative effort by Shay and Leeanen. Other volunteers will be recruited later as needed.

3) Decorations and set up? The decision was made to keep it simple this year. We will use what we have possibly get Katt and Brian to bring back our Yule Tree? This year there will be a pot luck supper.

4) Gift exchange. Bring a gift get a gift, No gift above $10 dollars we will use the matching numbers system just like last year.

Meeting End 2:30 p.m.