Sonoma County Pagan Network

Board Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2004


1.     CALL TO ORDER.  The meeting of the SCPN Board was called to order on November 7, 2004 at 5:20pm in Petaluma, California by Donna. A quorum of members were present.  Members present are: RhiannonM, Juan, Page, Felina, Edward, Shay, Jeaniebyrd, and Katy.  General members present: Gretchen.


2.     MEETING MINUTES APPROVED.  Prior meeting minutes were previously approved.  Discussion took place regarding changing the bylaws (Article 4 Directors. Section 8 Meetings.) to reflect the current method of approval for meeting minutes.  Motion was made and seconded to change the bylaws removing #2 from the required meeting subjects and adding it to the Secretary’s duties in Article 5 Officers, Section 6 Duties of Secretary. Wording to be: “Email meeting minutes to Biz List for approval by board members.  When a quorum (five [5] members) has approved place the minutes on the web page.”  Vote taken: Unanimous approval of motion.


3.     REPORTS.

a.       TREASURER.  Keys were officially handed over the keys to LBAG to interim chair, Donna. As of Samhain $1200.12 balance.  Deposited all moneys in cash box of $360.25.  Balance was $1560.37. Approximately $200 was made from divination night. Moneys were paid $102.13 to Shay for the brochures.  $46.91 to Katy for Samhain celebration prizes.  $8.90 to Linda for Samhain decorations. A total paid of $157.94.  New balance is $1402.43.  Carried over to next meeting Jeaniebyrd and Katy to meet to change the financial system.  Corvus still have signing power and the account needs to be changed over since he’s not on the board or the current Treasurer.

b.      WEB PAGE BILLING.  The billing for the web hosting was discussed.  A credit card is needed for monthly automatic billing of $8.95. Felina offered to put the billing on her credit card since she’s helping the web mistress and has access to the web page administration. Motion was made and seconded to change the billing to Felina’s credit card.  Vote was unanimous in favor of changing the billing.

c.       WEB PAGE.  Linda was not present.  Felina reported that Linda shared all the administration information with her and Edward. Felina went ahead and added the Agenda to the web page for the meeting. 

d.      SOCIAL DIRECTOR.  Nothing new currently.  She is having a housewarming party on November 20. Nothing new is being planned until after the holidays and the Yule gathering.  Clarification was asked for regarding the roles of the social director and the public relations person.  The social director plans social gatherings, and the Public Relations person coordinates the speakers and presentations.  Announcements to the list should be made by the chairperson of the subcommittee for that event.

e.       PUBLIC RELATIONS.  Handed out a list of duties she performs.  Asked if she should be announcing the speakers at the monthly meetings. She reported on finding speakers - After a meeting takes place she contacts the speakers for the next meeting asking for the introduction information for the next meeting.  She tries to get flyers out and requested help in passing out materials.  Juan and Jeaniebyrd offered to help distribute materials. In January there is a tea tasting planned. Shay forwards the information to Linda to put on the web page. Donna made the recommendation that at the meetings the SCPN call the meeting to order then hand off the floor to Shay to make the introductions to the speaker.

1.      RUMMAGE SALE.  Nothing really to report.

2.      LBAG COMMITTEE. The next meeting is November 16th at 1:30pm. Edward was asked and agreed to attend as representative of SCPN, the secondary attendees will either be Donna or Paige.  The more activities we can participate in as a group the more favorable the impression with the LBAG board. 



a.       OUTSTANDING MONEYS.  Caroline cannot come up with the receipts for money she says she paid. It would cost more money to take her to court than it’s worth.  Shay will contact her one last time to offer her a lower final payment of 50% the balance owed.

b.      DOMAIN NAME TRANSFER.  Juan spoke with Jonathan regarding the web page domain name.  The site is still registered to Jonathan and would cost $50 to transfer to another person’s name.  It will be up for renewal in June 2005 and if we wait until then we can just purchase it outright and not worry about transferring.  Felina will look into obtaining as well when she researches alternative web hosting companies and report at the next meeting.

c.       NON-PROFIT STATUS.  Carried over to the next meeting.

d.      BUSINESS MEMBERSHIPS.  Carried over to the next meeting.



a.       ELECTING A NEW CHAIRPERSON.  Donna agreed to be the interim chairperson until the next board meeting which has been set for Tuesday, November 23rd at 6:30pm at her house in Santa Rosa.  There was a motion, second, and unanimous vote supporting this decision. Posts requesting new members and a volunteer for chairperson will be posted on the web lists.

b.      MISSION STATEMENT.  Carried over to the next meeting.

c.       BY-LAWS AND ROLES OF BOARD MEMBERS.  Carried over to the next meeting, this will be the main focus of the meeting.

d.      SAMHAIN CONGRATULATIONS.  Thanks were expressed by all members for the lovely Samhain gathering and celebration.  Pictures were taken by Felina and will be posted to the web page soon.

e.       BUDGET FOR FUTURE EVENTS.  Was not addressed at this time. The members did not feel this was an issue.

f.        MEMBERSHIP LIST.  Felina will work with the treasurers to come up with a working members list.

g.       E-LISTS.  Discussion was had regarding the use of the elist and biz-elist. It was agreed that discussions regarding the administration and business side of SCPN should remain on the biz-elist and not spill over to the main list.  Every person is welcome to join the biz-list and encouraged to do so if they want to be kept informed as to the inner workings of this corporation.

h.       CHILDREN POLICY.  The topic of children’s participation and involvement was discussed at length.  A philosophy and guideline regarding children was proposed, and voted on.  It shall be posted to the web page and to the list that “The SCPN welcomes and embraces children’s participation although some events are not appropriate for children. It is the expectation that parents are responsible for supervising their children for the safety and respect of all. Minors 16 and older may attend with a parent or guardian for their first visit as we would like to meet with parents prior to your involvement.


6.     ANNOUNCEMENTS.  Donna is having her housewarming party on the 20th and will email out invitations and directions.


7.     NEXT MEETING.  Tuesday, November 23, 2003 at Donna’s house in Santa Rosa.  Directions to be emailed soon.


Meeting Minutes respectfully submitted by Felina Silvermoon on Sunday, November 28, 2004.