Minutes for SCPN Board of Directors meeting Nov 13, 2005

Members in attendance:
Juan, Joe, Felina, Paige, Kimberly, Jeanie bird, Donna, Leeanen Sidhe, Brain

Quorum is reached.

Juan gives opening blessing

Old Business:

Approval needed on changes of the By laws. Approved by all members present.

Treasury Report:

1) Filing of new articles in incorporation needs to be voted on by the membership. Vote will take place at Nov SCPN meeting.

2) Filing of new board members (Juan & Joe) to the Sectary of State of California:

Filing SI 100 form 51% percent needed to pass the new articles. Proxy voting will be allowed.

3) Letter for Oberon & Morning-glory.

Letter will be sent out ASAP.

4) Currently there are 23 paid members of the SCPN.

5) Agent for Service:

The SCPN needs a person that the State can contact incases they can not reach anyone on the BOD.

Felina volunteered for position. Felina was approved by the board to take the position.

6) The Bank account has $2081.00 before checks written.

Checks written are:

$20.00 Sec of State

$30.00 Sec of State

$25.00 LBAG clean

We have $88.00 in the cash box.


Donna (for witches ball) $115.00 Approved

LBAG Dues $420.00 due in March

Insurance $150.00 due in May


Donna (food) $86.61

Joe (entertainment) $11.00

Web Report

1) Announcement: BOD member can get a SCPN email address.

2) Request for postings:

Former SCPN member Shanti asked if she could put a SCPN web link on a site that she runs; the site is a grouping of events and pagan friendly stores.
Request Declined- the concern of the BOD is that people posting events and other posting that might cause problems within the SCPN.

3) Request for new page on the website

Members where interested in posting a new page on the SCPN website that highlights the coven in the Greater Sonoma county area. The offer will go out to covens this month.
Request Approved- 6 aye 1 na

4) Request to offer link on SCPN website- If we should offer a link on the SCPN website to the people whom have been
giving out glow stick at our gatherings.

Request Approved

5) Witches Meet-up

Project started by Edward and passed to Donna. This site is where pagans can go find others and meet in public once a month. The site has different resources like polls and picture sites. Leeanen will research different options with our web server for polls and voting via web.

New Business

1) Replacement BOD member

Katy has step down as a member of the SCPN BOD

Paige has been nominated and Approved

2) November Meeting

Next months meeting will be a social gathering with no speaker.

3) Voting on the new Articles of Incorporation will take place at this meeting.

4) Committees

Two Committees are purposed a Social and a Election reform committees. Both Committees will have three members.

Both Committees Approved

Social Committee Members

Election Reform Committee

Election Reform Committee will also be responsible for Code of Conduct.

5) Co- positions

Chairperson Juan request Co-Chair

Felina nominated and Approved

Treasurer Jeanie request Co-position

Leeanen nominated and Approved

6) Politics on E list

There has been a issue with members posting there political information on the SCPN e list. As a group trying to receive Tax exempt status we are not allow to have a political agenda.

Member are welcome to start there own pagan politics yahoo or other group, but can not be posting this on behalf of the SCPN

Juan will write a letter to the membership explaining this ASAP.

7) Vendors at meetings

Vendors will be allowed at all SCPN meeting including sabot gatherings.

We can not charge 10% of what Vendors make, for vending at our meetings.

Both motions approved

8) Pagan Pride

Passed to Social Committee

9) Yule will be held on Dec 16th at 6:30 pm, at the LBAG

Leeanen will be performing ritual.

Food drive donations will be given to COTS

Gift swap will be done, but with the following rules

Nothing over $10

You get what you get (no stealing)

You only get to draw once, if you brought something.