Sonoma County Pagan Network

Board Meeting Minutes

November 23, 2004


1.      CALLED TO ORDER. The meeting of the SCPN Board was called to order on November 23, 2004 at 7:15pm in Santa Rosa, California by Donna. A quorum of members were present.  Members present are: Donna, Juan, Felina, Edward, Shay, Jeaniebyrd, and Katy.  General members present: Cha.


2.      REPORTS.

a.       TREASURER. There are changes since the last meeting.

b.      WEB MISTRESS. Linda was not present. Felina reported that Linda is working on cleaning up the old files on the web server, and has asked for assistance in viewing files to determine if they’re still good or need to be deleted. She’s planning on having a new web site up before the end of the year.

c.       SOCIAL DIRECTOR.  Things in the works include a dinner party at a restaurant sometime in January.  A children’s Spring Equinox celebration. Suggested activities to plan in upcoming months: Orr Hot Springs Trip, spa trip in Petaluma, and a going away party for Joe at the Rose in December.  Donna will check with Paige to see if she’s interested in taking over as the Social Director.  The Yule Celebration planning needs to get underway.  The planning committee will meet November 30, 2004 at 7:00pm at Donna’s house.  Donna and Juan will officiate at the ritual.  There will be a white elephant gift exchange, and donations of toys and food collected.  Members can drop off items for Joe’s care package at the meeting to be shipped to Iraq.

d.      PUBLIC RELATIONS.  She handed out brochures for board members to distribute.  Up coming presentations: January - Many Rivers, February - Magical Herbs, and March - Tantra.



a.       OUTSTANDING MONEYS.  Shay has not had a chance to contact Caroline since the last meeting.  Carried over to next meeting.

b.      DOMAIN NAME TRANSFER.  Carried over.  Felina will do research to present at the next meeting.  Felina confirmed that the billing has been successfully transferred over to her credit card.

c.       NON-PROFIT STATUS.  Carried over to next meeting.  Will invite Dal and general membership to participate in the discussion.  Jeaniebyrd took the corporation papers to look over to see if we’re in compliance with taxes, etc. since they were originally filed and will report back at the next meeting.  She will also talk with a financial planner about getting our own 501(c)(3) status.  Edward will assist her if needed.

d.      BYLAW CHANGES.  The following changes were discussed, motioned, second, and motions voted upon and carried to vote upon after 30 day notice to membership.

1.      ARTICLE 3. MEMBERSHIP AND DUES. SECTION 1. DEFINITION.  A Member shall be defined as a person who has paid yearly membership dues.  Each member shall be eligible to become elected to the Board, have one vote in the affairs of the SCPN, the affairs being defined as the election of the Board of Directors and Officers, the projects and events supported by the SCPN and its members, either as a function of the SCPN or as an umbrella organization under the SCPN.


The SCPN welcomes and embraces children's participation although some events may not be appropriate for children.  It is the expectation that parents are responsible for supervising their children for the safety and respect of all.  Non-emancipated minors sixteen (16) and older may attend with a parent or guardian for their first visit as we would like to meet with them prior to your involvement.

2.      ARTICLE 5. OFFICERS. SECTION 1.  NUMBER OF OFFICERS.  The officers of the corporation shall be a Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer.  The corporation may also have, as determined by the Board of Directors, Assistant Chairperson, Assistant Secretaries, Assistant Treasurers, or other officers.  Any number of officers may be held by the same person except that neither the Secretary nor the Treasurer may serve as the Chairperson. Any appointed Assistant Officers may act as proxy in the absence of the elected officer.

3.      ARTICLE 8. FINANCES. SECTION 3. BANK ACCOUNT.  The SCPN will maintain a bank account with a minimum of three signatories authorized and requiring 2 signature on checks.  One signature must be the Chairperson or Treasurer and the other being an authorized Board Member.

e.       BOARD AND CHAIRPERSON REPLACEMNTS.  Donna was nominated as Chairperson, seconded, accepted, and voted in unanimously.  Juan was nominated as Assistant Chairperson, seconded, accepted, and voted in unanimously.  Cha was nominated as a Board member, seconded, accepted, and voted in unanimously. 



a.       LBAG COMMITTEE MEETING.  Edward attended the last LBAG Committee Meeting.  He gave Byron his name and contact information for the time being and the committee will be mailing out the new membership requirements shortly.  Donna will contact them with the correct board contact information.

b.      ADMINISTRATION FEES.  There was confusion as to whether or not administration fees had been previously approved.  The hall is available to our members for $20 M-F, $85.00 Sa or Sun, or $100 for the full weekend.  A motion was made that we institute a straight across the board, one time administration fee of $15 per hall rental.  The motion was seconded, and voted upon.  The vote was 7 Aye, and 1 Nay (Shay).  Motion carried.

c.       CARE PACKAGE FOR JOE.  Jeaniebyrd is putting together a care package to ship to Joe in Iraq. She’s trying to collect funds to put together a DVD collection to send.  A motion was made to donate $100 towards items for Joe’s care package.  Motion was seconded, voted on, and passed unanimously.

d.      NEW COMMITTEES.  Edward brought up two ideas he’d like to see on the next agenda.  One being a networking committee that works on networking with other pagan groups locally, nationally, and internationally.  Also a bylaws committee that regularly reviews and brings changes to the board for review.  These items will be added to the agenda for the next meeting.


5.      NEXT MEETING: January 2005.  Exact date to be determined at a later date by communications through the biz-list.


Meeting Minutes respectfully submitted by Felina Silvermoon on Monday, November 29, 2004.