Sonoma County Pagan Network
Meeting Minutes for December 9, 2007
in Cotati, Redwood Café

In Attendance: Hawk, Thermal, Jeaniebyrd (with Leeanen's proxy), Kandi, (non-board members) Felina, Shay and Elvira

Thermal: Blessing and called the meeting to order

Thermal: statement of Agenda
Yule PR
Schedule of events for 2008
Other Business

Kandi: Request for contact list (Jeaniebyrd received the list will send it to Kandi by email)

Contact info filled out for Jeaniebyrd, Felina, Leeanen, Thermal, Kandi

Contact info needed for Hawk, Edward, Laurel, Bill


Thermal: Will borrow heaters to have on the patio

A suggestion for a Potluck "Dinner" was unanimously agreed upon.

Possibilities: Alma - Smoked turkey, Hawk - Chicken from the freezer, Madrone/Brian - Mead

Felina: suggested that someone could organize a stone soup where everyone brings an ingredient.

Rites - Alma/Kris

Board requests a copy of the ritual. Hawk - when will ritual begin?
What are the needs that the board can help fulfill?


Shay - red berry bush cuttings, Elvira - holly cuttings, Thermal - bay cuttings, Hawk - Faery lights, Kandi - hurricane lamps & fake green stuff from the cabinet plus tea lights in water or sand

Thermal: will show up at 6pm for setup

Kandi: offered to help with setup and to coordinate the decorations and tables placement with Alma/Kris

COTS Charity

Hawk: Who will take the donations to COTS? How to whoop it up so that people bring stuff?

Presents for kids

Alma did it wonderfully last year. Who will do it this year? Expecting no more than 10 kids. List the age range and either 'boy' or 'girl' on the gift.

Board vote (unanimously) to budget $100 for gifts for kids.

Kandi/Hawk: will carry the idea further and possibly purchase the gifts

Gift Exchange

Gift table on the other side of the kitchen door from the food. People bringing a gift will first select a number from the pool before putting a number on their gift so that they don't end up with their own gift.

Yule PR

Hawk: Will submit a listing to the Press Democrat religious page (minimal announcement)


Jeaniebyrd: 1 paid membership and a paid sponsor membership, otherwise no change to bank and cashbox balances. No new statement to submit.

Discussion about memberships and how to alter membership to renew.

Thermal: Will write a memberships request.

Laurel has the checks, receipt book and cashbox for Yule.

Shay: Receipt and copied keys (5 sets) $19.99.

Felina: Will bring in a receipt for the LBAG refreshments.

Jeaniebyrd: Will ask Laurel for reimbursement check for Shay and for Felina.

Current signors can be Leeanen, Felina, Katt or Jeanie. Awaiting forms for new signors to be added (Laurel, Edward, Thermal).

Schedule of events for 2008

Felina: Dates for 2008 were given to Byron -will call Byron for confirmation.

Felina: Dates for 2009 need to be turned in to the LBAG by May 2009, the Sooner The Better.

We have an extra date in October, as usual.

April is continuing to be a problem with the growers wanting the hall for setup every Friday.

April 2008 date is the 30th, Beltane Eve. Someone needs to get the may pole from Rhiannon.

Shay: Provided dates for the board for 2008.

Discussion of when to have speakers, divination, ritual, fundraisers

Shay: Amrita and Raven (bigblackbird) are possibilities for January and February.

Vote to approve Shay's request to hold sacred space for March healing.

Shay: Someone needs to book the campsite for the June campout.

Other Business

Thermal received the 5 key set copies from Shay plus the receipt for testing them out.

Felina: We need to report to the LBAG our prior year's speakers.

Kandi: Volunteered to report it to herself! (as the new LBAG secretary)

Thermal: Researching insurance from the Herbal Association

Thermal: Adjourn/Ending blessing