Sonoma County Pagan Network
Meeting Minutes for February 10, 2008
1:00 p.m. in Cotati, Redwood Café

In Attendance: Hawk, Thermal, Jeaniebyrd, Leeanen, Kandi, non-board member Shay

Opening of Meeting and Blessing by Thermal

Announcements: Thermal brings up discussion about proposing a rule concerning contesting decisions about board approval. The rule being that once the board has ruled on a matter or made an approval on something then persons contesting that decision must bring their complaints or disagreements to the next board meeting before the whole board. Hawk disagreed with the policy stating she thinks it's too broad a rule. Other members voiced possible problems with such a rule. After some discussion it was decide the issue should be tabled.

PR Report: February Raven PlayFaire will give her presentation. It was stated that most of the board will be attending Pantheacon and there was a question as to who would be available to open the doors. Shay and Leeanen will be attendance and will come early to open the doors.

Shay brought her list of vendor healers and presenters for the gathering in March and also went over the basic plan for the evening. Vendors and healers will set up out side. Vendors have a voluntary option to make as much as 15% donations of their profits from the evening. There will be an initial group healing of creating and holding sacred space and then people will break up into smaller groups to experience various methods of healing. The board members looked over the list and gave the approval for the format of the evening.

Shay handed out SCPN brochures to those who would be going to the Panthecon to place on the media tables there.

Schedule for the rest of this years events was discussed and the events are as follows:
April - Spring costume party, May pole dance and feast
May - Stephanie Small will do a presentation on Astrology
June - is the summer camp out. (Decision on location was not made, Kandi volunteered to research camp sites.) (The ritual may be lead by Francesca Gentille or Thermal depending on Francesca's preference and availability.)
July - is still open. (Thermal and others attending Panthecon will scout for possible presenters.)
August - fundraiser with silent auction and vendors.
September - is open
October - Divination Night and Witches Ball to be held on the 25th, ritual facilitator to be determined.
November - is the popular open mic night
December - is our annual Yule Celebration, ritual facilitator to be determined.

Treasurer's Report: Jeanie asked that we close out the books for the 2007 year. She took in receipts for donations and for approved reimbursements to Helen for purchase of children's gifts for our Yule celebration and to Shay for purchase of wine for our guest speakers gift.

Jeanie also informed us of a new law proposed by the IRS pension protection law that now requires the SCPN to now file a 10-990 form or file electronically. It has been stated that should we fail to file (three) 3 years in a row our 501(c) 3 status will be revoked. So we need to be mindful of this new law and remember to file with the IRS from now on.

Not much change to the bank balance from last meeting which was $2566.95. The original statement was brought and each board member present had a chance to look at it. However, no copy was available to be signed off on.

Jeanie provided a form to the Secretary Leenanen Sidhe to fill out for the LBAG for the purposes of LBAG membership billing information to be provided details the number of extra meetings or special events and the number of members we had as of Dec. 31, 2007. Leeanen agreed to fill out the form and return it to the address on the form.

There are currently 28 paid members.

Jeanie also announced the resignation of our co-treasurer Laurel who stated she resigned for personal reasons. A replacement for co-treasurer will be sought.

Web Mistress Report: No Web Mistress report was given.

Old Business:

Insurance Issue: Thermal contacted State Farm but was not successful in getting any information. He still plans to try and contact Gene (Geffnie?) (connections with the Sonoma Herbal Association) to see if he can get info on who provides their insurance. So far attempts at contact with him have not been successful. Further exploration in talking with other LBAG members to see if there might be a solution found in joining together for insurance coverage. Kandi offers to make further efforts to contact other insurance companies.

Change to by-laws: The change proposed to first the sentence of Article 4, Section 1. of our by-laws to read as follows: "The Corporation shall have a number of board members to be no less than 5 members." Was shown to the membership on November 16th, 2007 and has been voted on and approved unanimously by a full quorum of the Board of Directors.

Meeting End 2:30 p.m.