List -- Sonoma County Pagan Network Mailing List Etiquette

In order to make our e-list a more efficient, interesting, enlightening and friendly experience the board members of the SCPN and e-list owners and moderators have decided that it would be a good idea to design a set of rules of engagment for communication on the e-list.

The Rules for Engagement are as follows:

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT POLITICAL TOPICS: Because the SCPN has now achieved tax-exempt status as a non-profit, religious-based organization, we now must refrain from certain discussions about politics. Under current U.S. government law, we are now forbidden to make posts to this e-list that can be perceived as an endorsement of any particular political agendas or candidates. We also cannot use this forum to circulate political petitions, to plan or endorse political rallies or demonstrations, or try to influence people's votes for candidates or measures during elections.

Please realize that we must take this matter seriously in order to maintain our tax-exempt status, and we hope that you will be respectful of our position. If anyone chooses to discuss inappropriate political topics on this forum, a warning to cease will be issued by a member of the web staff. If the discussion persists after the warning is issued, it will result in the party or parties being unsubscribed from the e-list.

A post in ALL CAPS implies you are yelling. Trim "tails" in response to others posts to minimize bandwidth usage. Do not send attachments, gif or jpgs, as our email program does not translate the encoding. If you have images you would like others to view, please upload them to a web site and post the URL.

Please do not repost what you read here anywhere else, unless you have the expressed permission of the writer or the if the post is an announcement. (i.e. upcoming classes, events, special bulletin etc.)

Please try to keep your subject headings appropriate to the topic being discussed and change the subject heading if your reply drifts from the original topic. If you are on digest, please change the subject heading from the automatic "list content..." heading to something appropriate to your post. Doing this makes it easier to look up old e-mails by subject in the list archives.

On this list we have people from many diverse traditions and backgrounds. Disagreements are to be expected, however, blatant rudeness, personal attacks, malicious gossip, name calling, threats of harm (magical or physical) and general lack of respect are NOT! If there is use of abusive, derogatory, foul or threatening language being expressed by one or more members on the e-list the web mistress will issue a warning for the offending parties to take their argument off the list. Failure to do so will result in a possible temporary or permanent banning from the e-list.

Also, if there is one person who consistently causes discord and refuses to stop even after they have been warned to do so then he or she will be banned from the list without further notification.

Controversial topics and passionate discussions are welcome, however, we ask that you maintain a tone of respect and use good judgment in your posts. Please be aware that e-mail lacks a great deal of intended meaning compared to face to face communication in the way of voice inflection and tone, facial expression and body language. Please try to clarify your words and meanings. If someone's post angers or confuses you be sure to breathe, center and then ask for clarification if you are not sure.

Remember that you are responsible for your own on line experience and that others may post disturbing material fully within the rules. You may feel the need to reply to a post expressing your own opinion and that is welcome but we do suggest that you respond honestly and with integrity. Screen your own passionate responses for courtesy and fidelity. Perhaps even wait a day and seek for guidance before posting your response.

If you find a particular discussion (or a particular person's) posts too passionate, hurtful, annoying or boring for your taste use the delete key when you see their posts or scroll past their message if you are on digest. Remember you are not required to read or respond to every email.